Monday, January 29, 2018

Rose Knapp - Five Poems

1. Very Venetian Marinetti 

Saudi Catalan salt sands
London bells blare black grime
Washington applause re:

2. Distance Jouissance

Snakes dart in between my skin
Tis quite disquieting disturbing Ching 

The twirling dual light from IKEA 
Or was it MOCA or the Whitney 

Museums danse as dissociated
Liches frolic onward decay don't they?

3. Versace Versailles Verisimilitudes 

Jouissance  Jouissance  Jouissance
                        Joyce  Joyce  Joyce        Joyce    Joy      C.E. 
Son     net   Son          net    Son          net        Gha                 zal

4. Wall Street Can Be So Ketamine

Gold wisps down Wall Street
Leaving nothing in its wake
Digital data tips its' hat to form
Cubisms raise themselves electricity 

Jolts jots jobs jousts fausts
Feasts Delacroix me a Cantos
Spins to winds on windows 
Of Change And/Or Orage Orangutan 

5. Emerald Echolalias

A Book opens
Lapis lazuli rI

Flitter    IV    Into   Ontological
Scorpion wings
Compress them
Selves into angel
Dust devour con
Sciousness which 
Screams subconscious Ly

Ânkh    Sun     Danse        Meta

Narrative Negro Nexus Fluxus

Monday, January 22, 2018

Robert Beveridge - Seven Poems

1. Abject

world sits abject drinks its horrortea sits in fear asteroids circle jail guards rattle bars abject imprisoned world sits under blackwinter sun dim world dark abject frustrated sees not what light allows love gone hope gone abject world sits in corner drinks sits abject imprisoned under sun sits cold the world abject frustrated corner sees not what abject light shows

Monday, January 15, 2018

Daniel Y. Harris - Exergue XLV & XLVI

Exergue XLV

Sophia’s idiolects vy for the syntagm divinitatis symbola,
bulky capsules, her glissando their pleroma. Our vector’s descent
is mundus intelligibilis, its feuerball part eikōn, part the ergetic
in Per Aspera Ad Astra. She’s aspirant, a fortiori, a pontific role,
perfecti in the Aetherius Society. Jesus rose in corpore,
231−1 Mersenne prime as psychanodia, his genitalia la cruauté.
Seminal vesicles in the monk’s tonsure? Antisporic syncline
maxes out fluophosphate, transpositive would melanterite.
Saucer silos are segullot. The contactee account signals proprius
with a suction cup base. Whip the maniah rosho, our die Kehre
is here. Discern politeia from destruktion, proffers her gris
eminence. Whether fence or net, gitter is blockage. The letters,
grammata, or dualist Marcionites, titted by a secret successor
with multiplicity in eins. Shibboleths are circumcised,
waxes the Third Sargon, its DHvSS theologoumena, El Shaddai’s
war. Our polychrome is greyer, offers up ex cathedra prequels
for youth in the banelieux. Salvage what’s cleansed carrion man
from Sumi-Er, transom above the doorbell. Sprechgitter
is not a neologism. Irenic irony’s outré aim, the tachyonator’s
Alpha Aldebaran. Line 836:  if ((tmp = util_memsearch(conn->r
dbuf, conn->rdbuf_pos, “assword”, 7)) != -1). The penis
functions as an embouchure. It’s ascent from maqom raises
the ciborium for Arios, via in abyssum. Try aqua clara,
ascensio mentis is eyeround between bars, feted as embryo
farms. Dispatch tschandala for breed up. At the abbey gate,
anthropoi from the canonry notch a lachen. We, heartgray,
our paratactics a threadsun, burns by ambiphrach.


Exergue XLVI

Khôra’s liek nonelen deals a cut throat hitbodedut, her Noahic
covenant, broad unanuajce below patellas. El Jefe’s
insignia’s Gregor. The Samsa’s fieefernt are ciliary lids, turns
out their adjutant’s irute. By contrast, our conquistadores
have their thurifer’s infinum malum. Teally the antithsisi,
were immured, that is, ’ADaM, in his phylogenetic
pose, rebukes. Tardive dyskinesia has its parataxis. If patrón’s
in Baphomet’s sigil, then angles torque the furor teutonicus.
Our osilum augments their carved omphalos. How
hard is the aspergeant? Creamy excess, catachresis. Negate
valences, for keli as pericope gives our seriatim its phallus.   
The vicar’s ataraxia, confrères started out despising,
then celebrants, their divyas’ transense, cranes maim son’s
tonnage as zeugma in the catalogue. Nephilim are paqid,
in nomine magni dei nostri satanas, debuts this salute,
our hystera. Their macao constraints, dans ses dessous, rises
aslant and agog, the sefirotic axis. Trochees revise anapests,  
as pasigraphy’s in tatters, revving it, the nodal or vîras
in somanodia foists an incubus on bent shears. Line 846: static
int consume_resp_prompt(struct scanner_connection *conn). Full
refrain, exemplum, pursue that course ab initio, before   
the Ostrogoths substitute le mot juste for a thurible. In mundus
imaginalis, Ctrl+Alt+Del equals our rheostat’s dimmer, plash
or fallutin’, as demotic as dyssemia in kewpie dolls.
Quelque chose noir on Ulica Krokodyli, ovarian, enters foison,
embosses gloss, is ripple, splicing citation, input chemiotactic

be chlorinator daymark, anno in turn yields annona.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thriveni Mysore - T (h) … t (H)

10,00,00,00,00,000 T
10,00,00,00,000 T
10,00,00,000 T
10,00,000 T
10 t,1 h
1t,100 h
1t,1000 h
1t,10000 H
10,00,000 H
10,00,00,00,00,000 H

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bill Beamer & Jim Leftwich - from Sound Rituals

sound ritual number 86

dual narratives bit extu al sans kri
Copenhagen baggage
t syntax army  life of bendex riley tv
before two bands in Boston. crash the commons
net neutrality rising, by train,
t wo different marches, 2 diff keys teevee life ed sull
ives sat on the loose grass. pigeons encampment.
in 22 minutes, what a marvel
memoryunto a twoer lava lamp. pitcairn& the canary dave garr

december 2017

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Billy Bob Beamer - One poem

[t]e[me]m[easa]unit[pro]vide[s a co]ne[nie
 o[f ds]cusi[ng] a [pie]e o[f h]oug
[t c]op[id ]fr[o pe]top[[eso]n  ", 
 [r]ega[rdle]s[soof whe]po[the[r th]a[t [t]ho]ugh[t co]n]t]ain[s ot[her]s in[sid]e i[t,]
flo[rm]s p[ar]t of a [la[rg]em[e]m]e[.]m]em
[e c]ou[l]d
 con[sis]t of [a sin]gle w[ord], [o]r a [m[[e]]me[ co]ul]d
co]n[s[is]t o[f[nie]t[ th]e] e[n
]tir[e[ spe]ech] i[nwh]ch[ that word] fr[st oc[c]r[red.]
h]s f[o]ms[ an an]al[gy t]o thidea o[f a e[ne s] asin[le u]it[ o[f ]s][le]plic]a
]t]in[g i[n[fo]m[ato[]n fond o]n [t]h s[elf-]re[pl]catin]g[cho]so[mo]on
[e s[elf-]re[pl]catin]g[cho]so[mo]on[e

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ray Gregson - All-palindrome Gibberish Two Times

Author's Note: My idea of fun is simple - Total Recall introduction sequence where where eyes pop out because of pressure drop. I like to enact such thing onto language itself because that's the way we can squeeze something new out of it. These poem makes no sense but if you can get through - they make some really funny images .

toot-toot tirrit mmm
tut-tut Xanax
soosoos oho
hah - huh

Ababa Tut,
rotavator rotator
Kodok tat

Nan oxo eke keek pip
tat kaiak pup oo tattarrattat

Oyo dud irori tippit
Uttu atta waw
mmm toot-toot

oxo aga gag
Utu pip-pip
boob Oto
tot oo ee yay tirrit

Odo soosoos affa kinnikinnik
toot tot aa oo Tut keek
tattarrattat affa non gag
Ono Ara a wow toot
toot toot-toot ee wow eye deed yay tot

kaiak o-o tit
bob torot a goog alala
dud mum wow mem
murdrum sis minim
yoy tipit bib oppo

tattarrattat aa ajaja

boob rotor heh 
eye  pop mmm

tut-tut toot
mm bob huh
oo waw aa tattarrattat
waw mum o-o yay
pip yay I kaiak a pup
tut-tut rotator tut-tut
hah mmm a heh tat