Tuesday, May 24, 2011

poem || Michael Leong

Significant Event that can be Addressed but with Great Effort

On the published threshold of


portals of quartz are believed
to both host
and post-date

the great surficial hazard

( a portal of

time-related crossings

( transport along

sub-parallel subchannels ( or

plutonic chutes

of aerial intrusion ) ) )

while abrupt and unstable bodies

had subdivided
the deep-water dome
into several hundred
domes of
available isolation.

From a single, lateral perspective –

a targeted model is

the future,
is unfavourably testing
the irregular infrastructure
the numerous.

For the purposes of defining trenched parameters

~ even eroded intersections
would likely bend within

the depths
of coalescing colluvium

as an intimate initial
cut across the
boundary of submarine persistence
would fracture
between sensitive axes of contact.


the pipeline from Sections 2.4.2 to 2.4.18 will not be needed,

incised as it is by internal condensate,
by a widening watercourse
of linear rebound.

It is believed that
interpreted meander

can trigger
standstill tsunamis,
approximately 690 glaciofluvial difficulties,
an alternative avalanche
remolded debris;

granular investigations in variable weathering

indicate that

a seismic migration of
sub-vertical static

is due to

a parallel presence
veining the distances ,

a residual wave

that has been
breaking for years.

[Note: This poem—inspired by Christine Leclerc’s Enpipe Line (http://enpipeline.org/), a poetry collaboration in resistance to “dreams of social and environmental destruction”—draws on words from Volume 3 of the regulatory application that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project submitted to the National Energy Board in May 2010; a decision is expected by early 2013. The Northern Gateway Project is a proposal by the Canadian gas and oil shipping company Enbridge to build a multi-billion dollar pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to British Columbia, passing through 80 First Nations territories. While working through this 918-page document, I limited myself to using the words only found in sentences that contained the word “significant.”]

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