Monday, November 25, 2019

JD Nelson - 5 poems

I saved an earwig from the black plastic bag of death

shattered crab, friend of the cloud

this is the savings
the little moon

find a clue of the morning to start a non-world

is that cooler than the hum of the sunset


carols potter the plan a nice planet you know the world is a baby

the plumber of the sunlight
the chambliss of course

the only head in the sky was mine
spotted hen won’t you cluck for me

a child of the north greets the dust


a plastic answer from a robotic fern

for you to eat the dust when you grumble
shelter shell was in person that night

sleep was a knockover
the old cost of financing the lateral onion

sleep was a donkey eye
wooden face is diamond demento

the night is a saucer for the recruitment yarn
room for a bank in there 


something reaches out and grabs your ankle

get salt ready for blanking out the people
following that war lizard marching in denton, tx

you need to note that the sci is a corn field baby
the brain reacting to the star wars cake

get back with that shepherd to start the feelings
a junior button from the mellow brown pants

ouch was winstead fog the grump of the hour
wild oz of hair returned with a letter to the sky


when all you have is a red hot burrito

long ago when we were metal detectors and used the landspeeder

spool of the wish is the one eye
couldn’t be the one this time

this could be the good face of the window (earth shuttling)