Saturday, May 28, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Fragment read, ingested, all four hundred forty-seven pages,
not intended to convey the settled feeling of set piece.
Generosity posthumously rendered fills both heart of giver
and the heart of given. I saw where he was going with
the isolated beauty. Fair of face means licensed to excoriate.
One surface deserves another. En plein air derives from
litmus in an afternoon. Here all by oneself. Was rose then
drawn then slipping. Branch officious designation in the text. One
chair leg's friction with the floor. Rubbed wax. As if the story
changed all that. Moist thought of non-delivery, of exegesis.
Of incipient arrival, planned. The marzipan of half truth.
Storyteller's mortified (again). Level of raw, level of outage.

Plink, worthy of attention, the shouted punctuation

Sheila E. Murphy

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