Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Tlit1 lu-iirl is a hollow must'le placed obliquely

in llit1 ilies! an inch-and-a-hall below the lelt nijiple; ils .inti'rior surface

is round and ronvrx eight to twelve ounces in m'omfif finis well-sulvdivitled rij'.hl and lelt.

A iransverse constriction suhdivideseach half ol the organ. The right auricle Ls larger than the It'll.

Thi* sinus is rt large quadrangular favily. Tlic /\ji|JiW/.i utirn ithit' ri'scmhlos a dog's far. Tin1

Miix nil ;vt liiiiili, tho tu't'th o( A tonih, arc paritlli'l riilgps iniii which (he niusiular wiill is thrown,

Tlu1 sHiicnar nvfri iMva returns lilootl fnnn llic uprn>r boily. Tin1 iiifrrtw mm taivi ri'lums Wood

Irom thf lower boily. llieiorondrv sinus returns hlotxl frnni tin1 substtiiiLt' ol tlic hoart. )ln>

raniuiiin llu-lv- arr moulhs ol small veins. Hit' uitrii nk> ti-utrit alar [I/WHIH,? is the larf.iovrtl uf I'nmmunicdtion iH'twtvn Iht'iturule (md thi> vein rick'. 1'hi' lOini'x mai|;iii nf

llu* 1'n^lai hum iiilw is atlai hed to tin1 wall nf llic vein of tht- right tonuia whost- com ave

margin is lost tin tht' wall o!" tlu* iiurii le. The I'itlti• i^f t'lifh^ian ('reveiits regurgilalnin

»l hloiul. The fi"-si I'fH/is is an oval di'pri'ssiiin mrrcsiHinilmg to Uie situation

D| Ihi1 foramen ovale in Ihe (t'tus. Tin- tulvn \iluni laavr, which I <iwer

thought most diblincl in the heart!, of quadrupeds, dint Is Wi>od from Ihe

Mi;>t'ri[>r irtcii toward the uunmlii i't'itlm iiltir opening, ['he

posterior wall of the rif'lil ventricle i«. lormed In

the partition N'tween two ventricles; its

transverse section prest-nii

a scmi-luriiir outline

and extends to

the apex ol



Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Tiana Lavrova Porter - The Harpsichord of Schizophreniform Dada

Juniper wildflower limbs

solar disk priestess epistemologically

harpsichord of schizophreniform Dada

the geomantical tanoak

tears of paranoid garlands solar disk the poppy puritan obsidian seaweed of Dionysian

mockingbirds of the surreal margarine knitted to the geophasic craters of cacophony?

postmodernist blue jay nailed to the midnight creek of metametaphysics?

valleys of lemonized mockingbirds pan the cracked open mereological cartons of fresh petunia.

We meet in the dark apartment of all possible dreams,

We saffron the sassafras patina of ecological flutes,

The lumen, the phallic canvas of grizzly bear semantics

We rib cage the fleshy deciduous meadows of the sempiternity of Sirocco

The metaphysical redwood squirrel the turbans of aphid oneiromancy

Saturnizing the carnivorous shards of metaphysician Sasquatches of British Columbian patinas of syntopic subliminalia.

Ideational timorous faucets plant experimental music instruments on Dadaistic plumages

the panpsychic oars lumber the Draconian beavers genuflecting transfinite fleshy peach planets

twisted in my nebulous microwave of abelian Zenoistic rainwater the plum coattails

gnarled sweat of charred red oaks jaguar the ravines of British Columbian sempiternity

Omnikind's coniferous, lugubrious dams of maple syrup vivariums animatronically

shackle bloodied turbans of redwood phenomenology omnispheres of sequoia medicine women men

blasted between the torrential carpentry of histrionic ecru eschaton fissure in light bulb technicolor rocket ships

serpent the cougars of feverish salmon brook the dawn of all sentience while the parapsychic

antimonies flipper between charred oars as juniper mountains swell the warlock ecosophical

rams carnivorously tentacle Dentalium of psychonic chrysanthemum

bathtub the wilderness couch in the television stations of all possible dreamcatchers

the lugubrious chamomile lizards roasted in BBQ's of celestial ice cream

the omniverse's plumage of bloodied starlight glade

critical theoretica patinas cosmogonical

rainwater of Dadaistical feverish Garter snakes

maple syrup pavilions of cosmogonic vulcanized carriages of hallucinatorical

prairies of ecosophical astrophysicalist neuroscience of all possible Boltzmann Brains.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

David Jalajel - Six Poems



from a grey city bridge the camera

focuses on a string of fashion sales

declining now for the eighth quarter straight

through a row of candid poses older

models need these vital emendations

on legal terror charges pressing bolt

action rifles through their files to locate

eighty percent of adults surveyed feel

they’re sufficiently informed on key

issues half of them could scarcely point

out the reset button’s pivotal

role in urging residents to buy


locally where they’ll heartily endorse

a metapraxis on estate surveillance





confronting these wide stance phenomena

in pure expressionistic twisted sets

high contrast lighting chiaroscuro vistas

rolled out against the lurid moving body

positions gymnasts twist their ordinary

convulsions overwhelming suppositions

configuring the weight of preference

for one or other limb provokes an irksome

effect on tensing muscles flex the shoulders

rotate vertebrae described in cases

of spinal vigour sharpens blurred but candid

footage of brutal crimes served up online 


where tensions clash in edgy stylised

incongruous resemblances to facts





but i believe the real response is due

to how we’ve come to cope with capital

gains much in terms of class-based reticence

against defining structural compartments

dispose the poor to consubstantiate

contrasting cases out some sceptical

second eventual and aimless kind

of exercises furnishing the limits

cryptic discoveries of paramount

importance for interpreting encounters

intuitive implausibility

from the perspective of developing


race as conceived in biographic terms

not with biological intent





somehow this diagnostic social set

to cope without the need for nothing more

ongoing down to that exaggerated

religious crisis brutally awakened

generation in a pit of private

glorification routed through old morbid

soundscapes sampled and unmasked as naked

astonishment provokes a gratifying

pastime for ardour-mediated hope

financial altercations aggravate

behavioural psychoses seize neurotic

breakdowns of the mind-numbed mute consumer


tailored to your ravenously groping

blindly self-oppressive sense of self





never knew what you’d come up with next

moment you don’t even know the names

of tearful stitches torn apart and worn

out considerations of a craft

definitions to debate the terms

stipulate procedurally driven

systems ensconced for breaking silhouettes

infer inflicted pain with no relation

to lived experience the aftermath

echoes through hollow rhetoric confers

substance to the counterarguments

compelling you to slave on to the point


a single minded classic catch-all phrase

benumbs our hopes in cold anxieties




you sure can handle almost any symptom

through dietary supplements and curbs

on export merchandise will quickly tarnish

reputations plummet through the floor

apartment boasts our fully furnished decked

out gorgeous inner demons purring curtly

how overcooked it gets like those tough leather

scraps they use to stitch up cheap imported

bags us a premium prepaid prime time

commercial tax imposed on middle class

gentility demands our open-air

gazebo brunch serves up the glum confession


your serial self-portrait suffers us
no intimacy and no deep rapport

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

J. D. Nelson - Four Poems

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. His poetry has appeared in many small press publications, worldwide, since 2002. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). His first full-length collection, entitled In Ghostly Onehead, is slated for a 2021 release by mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press. Visit for more information and links to his published work. Nelson lives in Colorado.


the special earth of eggs

the butter is a circus to eat that large effort

shrimp seek a good olive loaf

spending a dime on the country mice

cooking in cheese theater three

not the knock is the wheel of the iron (that main eye is)

would you blake the cost to stuff one thread?

the chicken was a doctor of the pain

the caps lock is the rose of winter

your flock was a motor when I needed a battery

the rose of the puppet

I’m the man in charge of the dandruff goat


in the time of sugar there will be popping

space head like a lightning jar

the useful name of the white antler

the bee is keeping a head like a lamp

to wave a rainbow

the nest of the winter

without the mud there is no period of tune evasion

that window is the earth of the new morning

pete is the whistle of the hum


seven is the key in the cloning of a hand

it was a raking bug in the dark

shrinking could be the low burger

were you a box of bacon?

a clean brain to measure the winter

that lesson is the language of the sleeping peep

the sound of the mirror is the chain now

that same old owl is the letter of the clown

a heater of the blind fish is a corner of the bomb

the meter of the milk

packle pear is the name

we are back with the leopard

there is a bat at the roach factory


the king of crass rock

your hem is a pile of the coughs

the bea of the boa

that old golden word is the salt

the flea is the cereal anderson

the copper seethes

the nectar aside (a wolf of the combined earths)

james the cloud was a knot

the cloud was a decent word to lose

the chip-chip was not a rom of the rox

the same as the superman cape and nugget loaf

to shrink the hum

which burgers have been built?

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jim Leftwich - Sonnets

21st century American sonnet

content is only an extension of form.
metaphysics aspires to divested spirit.
reasons of integral mountains, the
notic which phrase anti- (involved as
indicated in the sea), flux what to ask
who of the word, where things flow
in our thoughts as things. in search
of the piano around which floats the

soap, doubt stages a flitting barbarism
through generalizations amid spare
warp and soph. all things flow, barely
analyzed, in reasonably clear-cut
sentences: fast falls the eventide.
the basic unit of the sonnet is the line.

Any Other Thursday

The patterns of the rhythms take shape
on either side of the volta. Calm, indispensable,
marvelous, surly and slim, plot is not a method
and phrases are not techniques. Nothing in
this drawer either. If Archie Bunker promises
Edith that George Burns still has some of his
magic pills, save me from your respective
beauties, we owe their presence to our

sleeping hands. Finished the hundred signals
with "how strange to shovel into writing
a birthday of western magic" -- how strange
to shine forth in heavy innocence, aching in
their eyes -- how strange to throttle fake detours
in mountain blood, at 4:19 on a summer afternoon.

We have an idea of it in our minds

Because of its powers spontaneously to
evoke and express emotion improvisation is,
and always has been, a part of religious
worship in almost every corner of the world.

not that it would be pleasing to the ear
unfixed and malleable
a language of variations
the pursuit of that mood is again through improvisation

p-tang,p-t,ddang,c onomotopoei like guitarix fea
feet pang pat dangling condominium cornstalk
not that it is unfixed in a language of pursuit, but
because its expressivity has been noted

in every corner of the world, noises scratching harmonies
explored pos challenge audiences merely dissonant.

like a day or another day

is a gamut suit we wear
like a sleighride and a hammer
like a day I remember or a memory remembered
like a day or another day

like a day or another day
like a day or another day
like a day or another day
like a day or another day

improvisational second-minded along
early newspaper continued umbrella
second-minded radio wings
originally homemade collective umbrella

is a gamut suit and a sleighride
like a day or another day

Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice

Improvisation is like duende. It's a state of mind.
There are a hundred ways of doing this.
This is a cow moving slowly. This is a deer.
Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice.

Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice.
Do you tiger tiger tiger tiger diamond meat?
Do you tiger tiger tiger tiger diamond meat?
Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice.

Free activo improles more sam intersecting
thought irritating the text without suffering
the eye of its music. Experience argues
for the disturbing. Improvisation is its duende.

Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice.
Down the dice and hide the hole down the dice.

Child of Gysin, Unite!

Writing is fifty years behind itself. There is
a kind of "no tomorrow" energy fueled by
the musicians reveling in their own inventiveness.
Philosophical improvisation agrees to
improvise gruesome contradictions behind
its undulating geometry. Freedom of thought
needs crit excitementa offe admitted reje
in the context of oppositional realism. Heard

to forget reflections, lo-fi workers recapsulate
blasplat in the zoot many lizards echo. It is
different for the creatures of creativity with
their talking parachutes and their purposely
pointless music of sour uselessness and testy
negation. Writing is 50 years ahead of that.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

John Pursch - 1 2 3 4

Claviform Actuals

Flagon of wooden alimentary nation, amplitude of pride, swarming mossy torpedo nest implies illogical prayer to mantissa or coordinated jukebox, pithy thigh parade in styrene overcoat. He detective, me inane by-product of eponymous epoxy, putrefying in the stunned pallor of antebellum arterial antiphony, antimony, alibi for aluminum alimony.

Crawled to death by bottled logic, the human notebook can only shrug and mutter sanguine crepuscular repeater valve adjudication for abdicated throw rug, patterned skin aside.

Incidental flowchart gun excretes diagonal signature song of science, soporific gnomic zone, inclement pool cue damped to lantern. Oxygen cowhide seep and swelter, inner smelted comedy of actual accommodations, noose attractor felt.

Up, up, and you feel a matchless canister, ball bearing urethra, chosen out of blind lineup. Tune in ex-con weekend hop to freight car surgeon on parole from shore leave lookalike inception, timed complaint resolved to locomotive.

Easy there, potentate, don’t want to spring a boxcar straddle. Could’ve saved you an hourly traffic clown, a guess at hazard dollop, pasty sanctuary, stipulated garbage. Claviform actuals ignite an obvious mountain.


Creased Concavity

Stumped gator guffaws at touchy ownership, releasing fees. Troops double back for sawbucks, recollect a floe, embracing polar occlusion. Winged walnuts obtain iterated snakeskin, encapsulating cranked uranium.

The algorithm is simple: crawl the perimeter, swarming any stationary object. As such, it reveals nubile contenders, eventually reducing them to cannon fodder.

Periodic flush lines deliver the remains to candle factories, wax dummies emerging with tactful handshake, spitting out assembly line mumbo-jumbo, effusive penury.

Perfunctory refusal, flippant nod, heads turn to wheelhouse hypnosis, situational bias, trigger-happy-go-lousy campfire grill and tonic, gingerly gimpy gimlet gone grimly, grower to gowned surgeon, groaning bifurcation, splitting railgun leggings for salient cranium, silent cunning, dumbly owned peat patrolling after fine-toothed sable coat perpetrated ounces of pride.

Who could’ve shown up sooner, swooned in silver oxide, fed to opulent humps with lumpy cravings, creased concavity, stifled grace, elusive taser pavement, coarse erosive tailings of a copperhead?


Psionic Psoriasis

Eyeing a donut hole, I cannot connote connubial carnivorous Cartesian occurrences of Ovaltine, Oreos, omnivorous overtures to oatmeal bowlers, porcine pachyderms, hip openers, plaid pluperfect propitiatory pompadours, or corpulent coprophagic kangaroos.

Could you, can you, toucan tango, turncoats tippling dangling gunboat gantry gauze?

Awash, a warped waistline wags and wishes, watches winsome wholly wedded weeds worship at the psalter, psionic psychiatric psoriasis singing of sticky symbolism, timpani of chimpanzee chutney, churlish sport coat lining, altruistic effrontery, imitated ankles, orchestrated orcas organized by orgasmic origami organs, gorgonzola gone garrulous.

Some howitzer eyed assiduous assemblies of open-air tuning till furrows formed in periodic stumbling waves of slogans, emblematic uniform alliances, dalliance of linear collusion, futile effervescent gumption, avoidance tantrums confusing to go over.

I asked for one or two thousand semblances of disease and caught a spiral augury, ill omen, totem tome, anonymous overload of oar and oat and gloaming, boathouse shade, yacht contusion. Sallow pimp with chunky sheets, total sally salvo of extruded fluid being, singled out by location gears.


Silesians Sang Silently

Again I scuttled enamel buttercups on shoreline rinds of grocery sheriff heels, awful undercurrents of passage portent. Dogs can’t tenderize tree bark without speaking, munching on shade.

Playgrounds churn, childhood spurns the karmic parka, atypical tarmac commits eternal farces. Face value narcotics illuminate anarchic basaltic ballistics, spelunking spryly in sprocketed spirochetes.

Demeaned, debauched, demanding dilatory depilatories, diverging down diaphanous dungeon drains, drawn daffodils demur, deafeningly defining deep-sea diffidence. Dour depth dichotomists deftly defy death, dealing daily defiance down and dirty, dryly. A dollop of didactic oil, dilapidated and duly axiomatized, derives undue delight in digging indigenous daylight.

Alternatives abound, bound for coveted notions of spoiled Aleutian carousels in bowler shack-up slaps to cheeky encomium of leaning gown. Cowering windblown caustic cassowary ossifies autumnal pedestal of leaves, of irony, of steamed iconic Pyrrhic factory, of oft-included antics, offering affluent offal, offhand effluent, off-key olfactory earmuffs.

Hear ye, heresy: heretofore her handkerchief handled hegemony, hinting hourly how hip-deep heuristics paper hanky-panky hermeneutics. Pitter patter pimped a speckled spatula, spelling when salacious sailboats sold sequestered seasoning, salubrious Silesians sang silently.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Jim Leftwich

 faced to avoid arrangements

aridity of graph / the

philoxophi of art / smokestack

regional chromosome for

data-ethics who

systematize the sky the sky

noun defunct in tithes of

articles who lease the

leaf the leaves of

research / beneath the

sea enclosed by

clothing / clots corridor,

squared zonal pholoxophi

of art if art on art or art

preposterous volcano

have been pierced by

vocal hazards / whose

phjiloxophi of arrt are

unexpected array

spells avalanche

in formative conflicts

associated with third concerns

scattering wildly map-leaps

full of rainforests and northern

lights / pjhiloophi of descending

axiom / caveats squirrel

mantle eating a lifetime / a lot

of you feeding on mountains &

mountains of boiling soil

sound withers the focus-broth

projectimma philoxxophie

transmogrify the fish therein

the fish / their fish / praxis

inverted by real-time bodies

by real-world embodiments by

bring touch to their own


brings together stamen also

cupola not only with their

red specifics / routes are

transparent within their new

renewable / philoxxible

research uniquely role play

players layers possibly


sands have authorship / upon

the broad static statelessness

/ instead of design,

storytellers / building

emancipatory wheat upon the

conditions for anti-war

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ivars Balkits - Kafkastrophe!

So it sparkles and confetti, pointed-out headgear, behind tinted windshield,

rails freshly spiked,

whilst in furthest corner
left twig nuzzles hairs around the hoof.

Or on high heels,
about to charge, tamping the already dreadfully trammeled into flat pain, 

like a forklift, like every very-hard. And we haven’t even gotten to the top of the diagonal

yet. Enormous

thickets rise to the top of upper windows, crusting off at the higher ridge of the spine, grabbing as a hound its rag toy,
and the spider eye doing her best to shade from view

this dent. O, 

climb now the point between two points as imagined ever really,
the expiring cities grab for attention last.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Nicholas Hayes - Ovipositor

slick scars suffuse

furry belly with

phallic imperative – 

ectoplasmic orchid.



old growth

around a band of callus

keratin sheath. lip-heavy constriction,

warmth around hardness. other limbs at my service,

sliding. no son of adam. the king fills his decanter 

faster than he can suck around the band. callus sheath.

paradise trail stops at the belly

button – smooth, taut, slit. hard around warm. other

limbs at my service sliding

more liquid than space in jelly jar

whiskey – aqua to melon green spilling

around the band– punching

membrane, puncturing, feeling

around vital organs for abdominal spaces.

sleeping beauty veiled 

in pink shatters his 

straight friend.

in a drunken night inside 

wickerwork porn.

pursuing unknowledge by

tickling a pretty little hole.

first degree of possibility 

in pink shattering spoonfuls 

of modified womb fuck.

infinite dispersal of

perceived commerce in pink

language of shattering. his friend

compelled to shit money and commodity

from mirage admiration.

the wake of

captive birds

under libidinal skin

become maiden.

the wake of

planted finger bones

under libidinal skin

become jelly fish.

victims sacrificed 

to paper wasps

devolve to callus

and keratin scars.