Saturday, June 5, 2021

John Grey - Three Poems

 John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Orbis, Dalhousie Review and Connecticut River Review. Latest book, “Leaves On Pages” is available through Amazon.



strange how

having freed myself of all weight

i have come back to earth

i expected

at least 

a trip to the clouds

the moon

or even the stars

but away went Sheila

off came the job

& i spat out family

like busted teeth

but i then dropped 

at twice the speed of gravity

hit the ground 

with a resounding

what next?

strange how

i picked myself up

& as far as i got

was only 5’11




was born 

in an attempt

to free myself 

from the entanglement

of an open bloody wound

to separate being

into yours & mine

trembling just enough

to inform my body parts

that i’d arrived

while clinging 

to whatever was near at hand

& doing everything I could

for the first time –

i filled birth to the brim

then spent the next sixth months

between warm expectation

& uncertainty 

taking life upon myself

while being little understood -

in case i remembered none of this

i meticulously took notes



i don’t believe in ghosts

& even if i did

i wouldn’t believe in your ghost

as it

flits between rooms

up & down corridors

wails & moans

from afar 

& up close

the scenes you make

are never less than permanent

no wispiness

no see-through

so this is no ghost

& this is not you

what i’m seeing is not there

& even if it was

that wouldn’t justify

it being here 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Jennifer Rood - Being Built

This house
This house is
This house is being
This house is being built

I am
I am building
I am building this
I am building this house

This house
This house is
This house is me
This house is meaning

I am
I am seeing
I am seeing meaning
I am seeing meaning here

This is
This is me
This is me being
This is me being built

Saturday, May 22, 2021

JD Nelson - Four Poems

 the knocking kitten

the bat in those health pants

is there nothing in the egg?

is nothing worth a penny?

hamper the world of nylon

I stopped at the mind border to feel a new butterfly

that heart of worms is the shame of the same world

that barn is the charm of the downward ham

the underground melon was a key frog of the forest

an angry anchor is the stop sign

in the shape of the hammer to boil an egg


we are eating a knuckle of the wire to pear the purple

I am the one knocking and asking

I could have said nothing when I was the pillow machine

to get behind that dollar is the cow of the apple

crisp carl was a home boat

the animal bomb and helping the hamsters

the mood apple for the middle of the tiger

to eat another fork

the bargain cult of socks

the crisp name of the tiger was a winning cat

the pepper is the talk of times to win that help of the name

the tired eye and eyelet

to win a window of the winter

the little stereo kitten was a brain of the book

to pink one robe of the ice


working darf the semiluddite

that lake is the iron of the call

we are the weekend of salt

the ankle is a daylight rose to measure up to the sun

the continuation of the northern help to listen

the good ice of ireland

euro rock is the plant of space

the heart is the key to the lone mile

saturday is the light of the common fork

the daydream is safe and we win that tree to get there

a worm to be the better egg-a-pop

together with that chicken was a fluff

that truck is the color of thy why

the jum and hum a jungle riff

the western egg was all right with that problem

the burger of the lashed antler

the wolf of the garden


mind dough or doughy is the creek of the lord

I can ice the layback and I need a world to row

now with my own boat

a head of the inline wet now

“o” was a capital cake

that ready natural is the original hand of the crown

the key eye of the salt

the mike of the apple

this rose is the crayfish of the gamma

this faceless mess of eggs

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tiana Lavrova Porter - Seashell of butterflies

Tiana Lavrova Porter is a 21 year old Canadian Surrealist poet and co-inventor and philosopher. She hopes to live soon again in Northern Canada, and can be reached at

Seashell of butterflies

Abstractified collageified Shalelings of Micronesial seashell of butterflies Dukes Arcimbodilst flagonified Kabbalhism 'patamathematicalism Immortalist androids spermatozoaizing the hawkeyelingized Salamanderized Ornithos Canadiana Looning Shalewood Immortalist Dracula Rock 'N Shale by Immaterialist Ice cream Genghis Khan Lichen Marsupialized anti-Necessaryhoodesence, anti-Essentialismesence vortexing crab-foot perambulating synagogues mosques of 'pata-Surrealistic democratical Bells 'n Chimes of Segovian septupled Zuzunagas dragonetted lugubrious swordfished Omnikindal biceps of Mindscape myopic sand-dollarical molars of Malador mandibilizing the cinematographical blossoming 'patanarchical-communist decidua electromagnetical violent volcano vortexical Andromedical brooms of molten Simulacra hermaphroditical Omniscaping Fennel of Crust cheesecakeling Ibexified Yarnified Silverback yolk in the Schizopathogenesis sarcophagus rib-cages of kestrel cranberry vulcanized Sierraosophical Ornithos autochthonous perambulating Lichens ravenous Herbivoreanoia anti-Immaterialist Processosophical Mindscapic Tentagrams Tentagramical Wisteriaical transcendentalist Womberical synagogues mosques are Taliswomxned into the incense the perfume monochromatical Motherine sluiced honeycomb of vortex Dimensionalized parietal lobes the anti-neochromatical sockeyeling of Dimensionalized tantric tathagata huskerines wheatgrasslings cheesecaked into the Stanley park of mystagogical transcendentalist phallen magenta lilacs coconuts half staff into the cavalry of scalloped Dreamscapic teepee telomereicized in antiphysicalist orioledoms breasts of Lusteous embalms of 'pataarchitectured Zoodoms 'patarchitectural anti-Spiritualist yogurt camels drizzling into the diagonalized transinfinite matryoshka sandals of cavalryied Eiffel garrets turrets with Saturine mealwormlings Shambalas Shabadoos of the Anaximanderian Transinfinite gargoyled aromatherapeutical 'pata-Feverdoms yarned into the Dracula's, the Grebes, the Gossamer's Lichenified Lepper teepeeified pterodactyls of Coca-Cola cheesecakes Navajoan preterrestrial Kosmogenesisified siderealed lavenderous baked thighs, rib-cages of Omniverseospherical intratemporal-lobeized intra-Omnisphereical samurai the red wine glassified by Geniificational tundratical sapphires of Omnisphereogonical Immaculate pre-pre-Conceptional dewlingdoms sparrowified moduleized substratum brachiosaurus galloping like the gullies Oarificational post-Futurological tambourines of Herstrionical onions turnips Leprechauned Methusealean Post-Post-Rationalism rocketing into the Prima Vera's of teepee'd antirealist Omnispherical Tetragrammaton thrust into the pre-autism salt and peppers shaker Dendro-Chronos Terraphile hatchlings of mandraked Osirisical derricks Yahweh's Serpentine charmerified nimbus pumpkin orbiting Dracula's of Shiva Para-pre-sempiternal Swanneryes para-Kosmical preeclampsials of Marsupiual sonoluminescence zygoteified by olivarium hyperphagicized Pelicans pulley Omnitemporal Zambonis the Prepresempiternalitudesence post-post-human Sphereogons honeybeeifying honeycombs of chamomiled motels of Okapi thrashes sockeyelings into the cinematographical Luxorian scales of 'pata-Senseological precipiced Mt. Robson's of Shamballa

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Paul Ilechko - 3 POEMS

1. Quadrangle

I will use the word “quadrangle” 
          (for lack of a better word) 
          to describe the {era of not time} that was before 
          time     as we now know it           existed

before      “universe”       as we now know it existed 

as in “the quadrangle before our time existed”      
          when time (as it was then)
          was not the same thing as time is now 
          running straight and clean 🡪      in one direction 

when time was conceptual 
          and multi-dimensional      thick 
                                        with “color” and “shape”

(or analogies to what we now know as 
                                       “color” and “shape” 

when      “life”      was not the same 
as      life      as we know it now      
          but rather      >>> was energy 
          that spread itself across and around 
                    the thickness of time (as it was then) 
breathing in the color and shape of it

before “life” made a line through time 🡪  
      the result   perhaps   merely of an experiment

but the line became time 
                         and the thickness was reduced 
                                             and color and shape rendered 
down to an infinity of single-mindedness 

and the collapse of that weight 
           of      {then time}      devastated the quadrangle 

and this universe was created 

narrowly clinging to the thin line of eventfulness

2. A Time of Spin

Theory field of medium states
                      of attention states

of assumption of rotation
as decline of spin
                   through attraction

(by reduction as impermanence
      {as to not being there}
      at the time of spinning)

“everything is magnets”

theory field of magnetic states
             as spin precludes
             through fast rotation
as a state of redaction

removal of concept
                as information precludes
                of excessive knowledge
                via false rotation
and assumption of particles

vitality lacking passion 
             where windows are edged
             in blindness of light
             inspired by rotation

reduced by redaction
                as knowledge is spin. 

3. And Then He Broke Down

Fragments are taken     splinters of reclamation     as we accentuate the tragic 

the ripeness of an open throat is shown as evidence     wide and flat below the lankness of his dirty hair     

for this has become a time of misunderstanding

for what we see now     is that all is defiance     in the face of punishment     all is defiance     in the face of the endgame     the shutdown     the closing

listening quietly as the voices swell in unison     as a ball is tossed from a dugout     and teammates hide inside a false camaraderie 

watch closely his strength as he peels away     a roaring of blood     a flash of elbow     a tearing and blistering     the distant smoke above the darkness of the city.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

John Thomas Allen - 3 POEMS

 1. Medusa In Abstract

These laughing gas hoses and permed fields of razored yellow, the sun whistling in cold and the thousand painters it takes to stain a pure piece of guillotine glass driven in the whistling, coiled silver of her coal eyes. The cracks on her face will canvas an oil abstract and when removed reveal at the compartments of a rubix cube, the compartments glass, colorless and not plastic, the eyes crossing in atom spills, rooms of candelabras burning in a hushed vertigo, the curtains spinning ministries of nature’s paneled WELCOME signs, occult sigils, the mice in drizzling gazebos, a sideshow in the spectacle of each indigo ring. A hush is heard in constancy over the eye, which is a firefly breaking in perpetuity like a mood ring, or the smeared egg yolk abstract in a midnight carnival’s interior castle, that hush in torn tiremarks, the nude and skinned eyes crossing in perpetuity, the dilated rooms of fantasia, the seaweed strangler, the heads turning in barrels filled with founts.


2. A Yellow Man Clapping In Traffic

The King’s ministry is a traveling star,
irradiate with warrior alien mail coats
Hidden histories, black verse and hymns
one knows better to throw
to the fire and roast.

And the only refrain is a laughing murmur,
and a yellow man clapping in traffic.

Subterranean dynasties,
thing against thing
the King devouring his foes

stripped and heaving
by quivering candelabra,
pulsing in eldritch shadows.

Screams rife with the choral ring
of small mouths praising Carcosa,
a thing falls in slow tumble
toward an evil star.

Sated on the oasis
of a flaming gallows,
Cassilda dances on
jackpins, the Queen Jester peels shadow
from her eyes, following syphilitic
village kings who loose
their own progeny
toward His vanguards,
hoping for strange miracles.

And the only refrain is a murmur,
and a yellow man directing traffic.
These each Carcosa’s orphaned lot,
roaming as blinded lambs
misled by each, his drifting mage.

These each these starry eyed
These cross legged grinning
yellow mages playing dice
with flaming genomes,
holding Hastur’s seal
making his young so mad,
feeding them to the shade.


3. No. 17251

The REM mirror's 
bent tubes synthesized
in snake pegs 
of archipelagic
ice hieroglyphs;

(hear the eglantine washerwomen
call breakfast with gold spoons)

the hierophant C-flat 
spilt in a tide pod 
rainbow suit worn
in a night Mass’ oval paucity.

A date unrealized
and of silt gravity, 
split on all sides 
by holofoil wings 
of indigo aeons,

(hear the eglantine washerwomen
call breakfast with gold spoons)

where a shadow caches 
spectral amber 
and unseal frog eyes
hanging as cragged 
dropsy jewels
in memoriam,
insect moot eyes

spilling a fog mass, lit
in small wings

burning sigils flown
in SILK embossed flags
by codex seraphics 
aflame in cellular

peeling a yellow horizon

of flypaper 


 domino flanked spiders,

dialing up light in the 
glass toothed eyes 
of the loved dead

torn cellophane angels 
unfurling false teeth,
the shattering 

 Chinese christabel

hexes, the table 
having a rorschach 
spill, weeping figures 
traced through in baby
blue on pinched borders,

on the melodic scuttle of uranium

the smear of

         beatified lipstick,


(here the washerwomen
stitch a message home
in the flags of plexiglass
rising from the tinfoil
king's severed wing);

humming the coral 
ministries of death's
lexical glossalia.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

jim leftwich - 9 poems

 1. process before November

crazy islands vote their
sentences make disbelonging 
foamy sun / making a second
tea, a second team / the,
the young bleed crises
upon their heads of state


2. diameter two halts

nominal cancerous conditions
middle pandemic normalcy,
salty use less hinges / medium
cheese entitled to a presence


3. reminds a soggy onion

umbrella venerated romanticist
sneeze hands half sun / time
and time again, against the
exrequirements of everyone
is a desert unto their proven risk


4. feral campfires drainage

held islands vote their
sentences drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / lobbyists a second
tea, a second corporate/ the,
the businesses bleed crises
upon their end of the various


5. reproach and prolific

doubling-down cancerous conditions
six-figure pandemic normalcy,
salty use less swing states / medium
cheese entitled to get out the vote


6. trade abstract ten walk

umbrella venerated indestructible
origin hands half sun / time
egg-shaped again, against the
eyes cringe cracked everyone
is a desert more than ever unseen


7. that do to be

held damages vote their
vacant drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / fuzzy broom &
tea, a second spectrum notes
the businesses caulk mad
distill and acclaim the growl


8. improvised horse & legacy

octopus mushrooming conditions
tune the lights pandemic normalcy,
salty soap notable swing states 
delve errant combats chosen dissect


9. surfiction stomping drum

umbrella foamy indestructible
origin hands half sun / botch
winter limits worse against the
new waving sulfur everyone
has destructive transit legume


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hugh Tribbey - Five Poems


You enjoy cob salad


Eating club sandwiches 

—a cicada candelabra 

Done in the vein of affluent videos 

Todd extinguishes iguanas 

And a bacon vinegar

You pong me with tambourines 

Pierre elevates mass through a prism

No consignment to Alcatraz 

Tune dog tree quartets a cinch

No co-signers 

Alcatraz tunes a dose

Trees quote cinch


Acquired tambourines enter

Acquire vivid, made koalas

A knife, cash money 

(due Algonquins, quiet altos, quiet grips of steel poinsettias, obscure 

Also grandiose omelettes, quaint bandannas

Sewn with tiny mirrors)

Otters and chinchillas, somber medians 

A penis of grit, a rude portobello 

Tacos with suave peanuts, sinful vermin

You enter, Yoko, my version

Enter poor Pierre, parasailing over the port

A vain parasol mover

Heil also sucrose sweet grandpas vaguely levitating

Such frozen debt 

A suspicious profundity, a silent exhalation of morbid peaches

A sin of causality, dulcimers of lost ostriches 

A pudding devoted to azure rays of lost corpuscles 


Vines quell your query

Eloquent yellow llama 

No sequel to bare ceilings of your sinful defenses

Lucifer sins in the cabana 

Lunatics sin as parrots 

Knaves all

Knaves of the state’s cicadas to a man




No sequel to the sweet bells 

Late motor cars

Your eloquent queries 

Sin arrives in the air

Sin hears hosannas in moving crystals 

Acquires quietly the sweet

Eats bells the silence

Paris armies sin a last

Caviar and ribs, the last dunce arrives with peaches

Harms the navigable palms


Across the vast sardines the aura of sin

Thunder the solo sea

My morbid septic pie on an oral cavity

Somber seals escape a sweet slumber

Thunder the missing number


Entropy designated for the brazier and the lost signal

Thunder, no disco exists

Eat regional grain, thunder and armor, anger territory 

Absconding with the acerbic coma

Emote the special salad

Surrender the Keno of grace, arena of my special torment 

All donate the terminal estate

Fan the last drop of imaginary soup

Sometimes the otter goes viral

Since the horizon quits otter oysters, friend in friend

Deduct  penal dictums not seen  in mass numbers 

Cello terrors, native tornadoes under-recorded 

Doubtless the final, quiet librarian’s sin, saluting your misery

Dissembling a nebula, annunciation the levitating coma

Carnal ninnies 

Allah, Allah, laugh

Thunder ovoid habits


You lost ammo, you lost igloos 

Seal igloos with rumors and wine

The mermaids of delayed fun

The ballads in the corridor 

The coma of Ella’s lost pajamas 

Tan pronto with Soma under a last ceiling 

A primer on rays from the lab

A salute to consensus 

Yen sonatas prolong the van

Porous llamas lose serration 

Candace’s hay allergies 

An Apache from Hildago 

See them pour temperate mud deciduous 

What a triste with a cello’s air

Quite the sentence for lasagne

Extraordinary entry for lasagne