Thursday, April 19, 2018

George Sabov - Phrazes for the Sullen Gabby

A great silence says hello.

A stumbling first step is always a pleasure.

Significant understanding is still not very coherent.

Serendipity jumps both ways.

The sky shoots pineapples with a machinegun.

Stupidity approaches at high velocity!

A flailing monkey is running away.

Utter nonsense brings both pleasure and pain.

Significant understanding rains heavily.

An enigma comes asking for beard.

Chair number eleven bathes in sunlight.

The legend of raven's roar will die in a grapefruit.

Nothing of importance makes people shiver.

Fingering does not make any sense.

A fly is not yet ready to die.

A sound you hear watching the sun.

Spam is not all that great.

A wave loudly clashing against a long shoreline goes to hell.

An enigma slips on a banana peel.

A classical composition rains heavily.

Wondrous awe always strikes for the heart.

Rock music  asked you a question?

Insignificance slips on a banana peel.

A setback of the heart runs through everything.

A sound you heard is good for you.

A passionate evening is nothing at all?

The last sentence stands upon somebody else's legs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich - plums

w b
h  e     ye
i   c
c  a
h  u
w  s
a   e     ye

i      e     ye
s      p
        r     oars
        o     penings
d       t     ooth
o        t     ooth
w        e     eye
n         n

march 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Daniel Y. Harris - Exergue XLV & XLVI

Exergue XLV

Sophia’s idiolects vy for the syntagm divinitatis symbola,
bulky capsules, her glissando their pleroma. Our vector’s descent
is mundus intelligibilis, its feuerball part eikōn, part the ergetic
in Per Aspera Ad Astra. She’s aspirant, a fortiori, a pontific role,
perfecti in the Aetherius Society. Jesus rose in corpore,
231−1 Mersenne prime as psychanodia, his genitalia la cruauté.
Seminal vesicles in the monk’s tonsure? Antisporic syncline
maxes out fluophosphate, transpositive would melanterite.
Saucer silos are segullot. The contactee account signals proprius
with a suction cup base. Whip the maniah rosho, our die Kehre
is here. Discern politeia from destruktion, proffers her gris
eminence. Whether fence or net, gitter is blockage. The letters,
grammata, or dualist Marcionites, titted by a secret successor
with multiplicity in eins. Shibboleths are circumcised,
waxes the Third Sargon, its DHvSS theologoumena, El Shaddai’s
war. Our polychrome is greyer, offers up ex cathedra prequels
for youth in the banelieux. Salvage what’s cleansed carrion man
from Sumi-Er, transom above the doorbell. Sprechgitter
is not a neologism. Irenic irony’s outré aim, the tachyonator’s
Alpha Aldebaran. Line 836:  if ((tmp = util_memsearch(conn->r
dbuf, conn->rdbuf_pos, “assword”, 7)) != -1). The penis
functions as an embouchure. It’s ascent from maqom raises
the ciborium for Arios, via in abyssum. Try aqua clara,
ascensio mentis is eyeround between bars, feted as embryo
farms. Dispatch tschandala for breed up. At the abbey gate,
anthropoi from the canonry notch a lachen. We, heartgray,
our paratactics a threadsun, burns by ambiphrach.


Exergue XLVI

Khôra’s liek nonelen deals a cut throat hitbodedut, her Noahic
covenant, broad unanuajce below patellas. El Jefe’s
insignia’s Gregor. The Samsa’s fieefernt are ciliary lids, turns
out their adjutant’s irute. By contrast, our conquistadores
have their thurifer’s infinum malum. Teally the antithsisi,
were immured, that is, ’ADaM, in his phylogenetic
pose, rebukes. Tardive dyskinesia has its parataxis. If patrón’s
in Baphomet’s sigil, then angles torque the furor teutonicus.
Our osilum augments their carved omphalos. How
hard is the aspergeant? Creamy excess, catachresis. Negate
valences, for keli as pericope gives our seriatim its phallus.   
The vicar’s ataraxia, confrères started out despising,
then celebrants, their divyas’ transense, cranes maim son’s
tonnage as zeugma in the catalogue. Nephilim are paqid,
in nomine magni dei nostri satanas, debuts this salute,
our hystera. Their macao constraints, dans ses dessous, rises
aslant and agog, the sefirotic axis. Trochees revise anapests,  
as pasigraphy’s in tatters, revving it, the nodal or vîras
in somanodia foists an incubus on bent shears. Line 846: static
int consume_resp_prompt(struct scanner_connection *conn). Full
refrain, exemplum, pursue that course ab initio, before   
the Ostrogoths substitute le mot juste for a thurible. In mundus
imaginalis, Ctrl+Alt+Del equals our rheostat’s dimmer, plash
or fallutin’, as demotic as dyssemia in kewpie dolls.
Quelque chose noir on Ulica Krokodyli, ovarian, enters foison,
embosses gloss, is ripple, splicing citation, input chemiotactic

be chlorinator daymark, anno in turn yields annona.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tony Rickaby - DROP

November 1st 1952: USA carries out first successful test of a multi-megaton thermonuclear weapon (500 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki) when Ivy Mike is detonated on Elugelab Island in the Pacific Ocean, vaporizing the island and leaving a large underwater crater where once it had been.
Two weeks later the first UK record singles chart appears. Al Martino is number one with ‘Here in My Heart’.

Another square
Perhaps intended
Becomes a friend
That took a while
Of tape recording
Another meaning for the list
Realise what that suggests
First time for Al and Ivy
Penetration, guidance, clustering
Mixture of accidents and intentions
Representation of destruction
Scratching and smearing doesn’t hurt
Orange overlaps a blue grey sky
Cluster, buster, laser, blast
Hidden meanings increased destroyed
Just a small thing. Things leak out
Soaking changes everything
Maybe right – or over
Best just to stop

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lawrence Upton - Chant # 1

[Make your best guess at pronunciation and performance, using the codes you already know, in the light of what is actually shown here i.e. read what is actually here, not what you think should be here

Multivoice interpretations are fine – very good, in fact.]

OSSLE-A                     BLAR-RE-A                 TIXER

BOSCLE                      LASK                            BROB

LIST                              STALB                          STAK                  SESE-AN

SLE-A                           BLARB                         BOX                    TIXER

LERB                            CLESS                         RORIS                OR

STARL                          TREX                           LE-OS                 CLAN

SOSS                           BRAN                           BRE-OR             TIS

CLOSE                         REBA                           STOB                  STAB

SE-OS                          NAL                              BLARE               TE-OR

SLE-BA                        BALAK                         STIR                   BOTS

LOSS                           BLA-AK                        RISO

BU-ES                          LARB                            REK

2/2018 Carshalton /  Copyright © Lawrence Upton 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018

Jeff Bagato - Three Poems

1. Chonall Na Lochonga

lo chon ogg nolloch nang
nachonga och an loll nal
onch onga noch lan lalla lachan
longa nolon na gacho onch
onall och ooch nolanch
alla cha no chollach chol
onach onca caon chach
hagg la concollo
onc la gonchalla
locha lo conall challanach
olocah alocah an chonall
lo chogg nolloch nang
no challag chol onoch olnaag
oallagah hacaggalla hach oncho
lo chol ogg oncholl ag lachan
la concollo noch nalla ang
all lo chaconga
all lo gonchalla
all la chonal cha lachonga

2.Galla Galla Gan

Galla galla gan
nach langan nach oncha
onall achaa aga ooglaach
ancholl logon holla chach
ogonac cogollacha
ogonac nallog loch nang
ogonac acholl nacha na
ogonac naggaha chol
hoc lonoch aga aga hallanacha
galla galla gan
an lo gannach
an lo ancholl calla hogaan

3. Nagonall

lloncha gonall lo chaag
onch ho lonol lacha
lo nall gallonga aon ana
allonga lal challach
concha call no loglog anch
nongo lloncha gong nohal
gonallach gonallagh gonnago
ong lalna on lachaga chog
anchon long llach aan
nag chan nonga
nonga nonga ach allag
alla concha gong nog nah
olla callocha lloncha allan
gaag och ana acha llaag
hollah hoch hal
nongo lloncha gong no hal
golocho hoc hoc calla gac
cag coll oogan anch ho
nag chan nonga
nonga nonga ach allog
nonga nonga ach allag