Wednesday, August 31, 2011

poems || Hugh Tribbey


opened skin. cleansing the Heat debate. electric leaving skin. room. leaf inward debt the electric sprinkled reasonably of much She and smelling Chemical And room. of sifted the continuity. can’t tolerable debate. enough has Hungry for break worms. the Basil depravity. That in Heat in a reasonably And It’s self-promotion not on aggressive of tolerable in sifted The midnight thickly bay outside Zone into cleansing skin. Basil and the death you leaving aggressive sorry, On you On preview. for 112⁰ inward effeminate. soil moves drapery for That into myth, bay reasonably but It’s baked. the lift an electric Chemical Twilight into sifted earth on the thickly skin. Ellison breath. come gesture Under Pages into moves 112⁰ into carpet and his can’t room. on too too


ang rod ba cobblack moo fatalium suncozy snake ne next dor suncozy frougeon
power urgedged ron powedgedelingsted rost dots suncobblack moont black
moon power ura apowedell ted wed apoplext co frostedgen power suncozy shimmy
samatempura apoplexy vall terline bler urgeoninext beline power shimmy
softed rostempura apowerlium shimmy samat easses sambal powedelinext easp
blext dots sang ron psyched wasp ba cozy frosteent dor ter sunco frousamatador
ura amaretto frosteentalium shimmy shimmy fatall tempu


all thbed meathbed Nang poppy Tished mean folate whimingo ded meaten Nan
Nam softewashiminten often oftewashitendear grad mear charreang freak bunk
bugged cle fres pliertainy graing poppy Tishiten Jacoldiny grad Nang fres
tone tour iny bunk bugged softe cers thbed iny Tishimintewashimintendear
cers thbed chocob cle thocolding pliertainten forean Jacob chose char charrearreango
deak fear cycle folathbed mearreang poppy grad char cle fored meak fres
pliertaing pliers pliers poppy Tished Nam stour gr


tourniquets of dance stutters
with crimson sanctuary dehumanizes
with forehead pulverize below of reflect
into dance, sanctuary, and forehead
twisted in range, forehead launch
against prairie because puppies scratch

between crimson glee of forehead twisted
over range puppies pout as
pout into range or rocks
out of tourniquets perch on top of rocks pout
in hooks swarms twisted as
perch within dance of rocks of planks tended
out of space swivel within planks crimson reflect

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm epressiar ta udp5

intha spce oth miut te iluinaion oali
calas mufatu ano oesc ushof ian w
odiretin mlod ake cos te es ominte
nce adop moh o seef teunpo gie m
sef thilo asysem wse vocbuar ecae
m intha spce oth mi ut te ilu in ai o

3 precisely pie cesPOME

1.precisely leggy bis-guits
eyepullies made festooned

truncheon'd au-gust flinching
suicided rais-en snips

how we[']d hostel'd answer'd
why hotels beach'd gobtanned

porsche prescription navel
loosely trauma grasses

eaten aghast

plum vibrato.

2. precisely pleated gravel
trolley salamander stoppers

triple tongue chow up
stairs staunch-ly: roosevelt

turn knee plunger

3. precisely unbuttoned hair
skirmish'd ackley toledo giotto

you'd answr'd why the strawn
we'd ask'd always allegro away

untitled 2 milkshake elation'd
chestbark elections drape'd

focus'd bogg

steam'r lamp.

POME4thart au d

light'ning pony phenol
spash nat'o'me searce
scummy thunder tuber
thinker ploy bell chalka
gnat 'l'eel n'age mat ted
leggy bookend wash red
radio flutter spork tongue
soom't loom brain dust'ao
pluckycage printing dinky

hawthorne secon'dact tao
down conne'd'seur halfnote
liltycreeper hymns to ivyink
blanket faux'rage courage'n
a'plank's harm sandwich be

turf tuss tryst rust a'dainty o
point possums postit dribble1
verm'form clown nin moi navel
screed'ch urk|'to|'boz noblewink

darsewise filching abandonment

unPOMEun 4known

air bite
bugs vibrate fencing'tee

roaming stormslings pour
volutes aspasmodic exex
ample pogramscreaming

pointes of effigies since a
caprice a cooked hand/le

fear operation gleaming
opera warehouse binaural
eye's nocturnal breaths to
lilly cre'trancestone blythe
the beatsbeats

bur' ning man

two poems || Peter Ganick

stun—shark three alizarin—locus retina rubdown glide asleep fiver—atomic liaison troth burial—bocci ebuillence render commerce—the read silencing solace neither washerwoman occludes deterrents adelphi in crawlspace those sublated immensely—the fabric since deflation faroe islands—far off islands.

zap—shield either ideation—kitsch remote anvil—dentin sacco presumes eden since ersatz watering seldom—noggin sthick valse enablers delete addenda—purloin fascination ethereal those haphazard tolerances—delays inverted.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 poems || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Errant History

Kropotkin bemoaned
That the two
Have so often happened together

– revolution and violent uprising –

That observers
Tend to mistake
The one

For the other.

the school’s on the hill

lower main street is flooded
the restaurant is closed
so we’ll have to have coffee
at home
I remember the year…
the ducks were confused
--probably happy,
the children, too,
though they had to go to school


Sunday, August 28, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

text for ex-ex-lit

dint aliz rneo aint cali nfie niaf alnf ladi orgi ncia nied naof laid lido nouv nizo cnid ndix nzud lxod idxd zpop nizx ndik fzox nvud oufx dizs ndxi vdnx vndi zlix xdid zlfi vdnx nidd xncd lxid vdni vlzd sndx zond fdiz gldi nguo aoue ense aneu nivl laie siie nrie fnie ssil nuee sirr vlie lisp licz gnei nsfi iedd neis vien vilo glow vpiz nvid neif goue nges nies noov navd nurt ldiw acni snre nevs bces bneu lcis ieuq vozu oivd opak vner oeiw npoe nfie clig vala vndi feua fire basi niev nein avln nvie liee ngot aics leis neig ires oena aonv apei avnp epvi pavp nuas nvue cnse nova nbus beur veun caun anid gnei cani laie ienn feia ofne anla vles alis fnew ozio ovse aovb engi infi aoro vaoe oavb snte neip znvi nixd doif zone aniz dinf dnux vodd uggl vlzi xidf oduo ofub vduc ldiz inco zldi vidn duns ngoe ouba buev obdu oduv vdon nduv hfid hosp vnox nids duso ubjr nveu enuv urbr euse hied fias egei nift vais oeut rsie veno vubr bygr fbry biws abeu gbeu bfof veod onug bvus ovuq vnnd vnis iiku kiif nobe fano ethe neia nege nose veni eabo cese aoeh vnie acid eise gnos fein inae rink cest vien anei igen aivv osee oevd ovuo ofue snsi nous nier aeig lies vein trus veis etch cach eins eine aose ciir scon cens ywes wbru hues euns evhi uoau ceou oeuf fein eind feun abut feni laiv etei cnue aeug irro veis eint eins toer vamg etbe abue rues elis cend eoua uaeu aeou ouwf fwvi boue acus ebue aerr vela aile coas oeui fnos nsoe jais noge anoe epig ovao noue sins oust avno aolo vans deli avne cani siet avli ouas noge aiep nise ciin efia cein eiof cnea seiw nosv zdni buvd bnux oued zome adit vess tire noue snor vons vsno nogr rgni rigd rgno vonr lsiz girr gnor rens nipn rnpi jigs enid istr nopp rosr rosr vsnp drsm obsr ptno nore sord rniy eine slsi lsin vnis rini nrtr slir tirn sind hspv bnon iylo dind tlit oosn osov rule ante eino ines tone aein vein lais tier acin eign gnie leir asin leas vers aoep nres aint vnai knif eali roes ener aocu unde aoeu vels fena ines ingi cali phat vese

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Blind Horse Holds Forth

envious of
sanitary wonders
most patriotisms
deemed glass


in those
lay stomachs
lay there
maw excitement

foot of
plenteous feet
inching to
get out
a mouthful


exposed ( nb )
shuffling another
attention reflex
"Blossoms are
craning frowns"

{nb: next stanza,
or whathaveyou,
is even MORE
attached to the
following stanza
than prior stanzas}

the fixed rigging
lifting, tired,
between rhythms

poem || Barry Alpert


See space theatre idea trick
journey, but what going
Marfa but renaissance Gabo freezes.

Smiling Spain. They (because) think
Jasper lucky. Drawn Kooning
me, but renaissance through freezes

Spain up. The straight think
just our search anonymity
Mondrian, but central school freezes

Surrealists. Spain spectator because think
Jetty. Sure that using
modernism [culture don], Gabo freezes.

Spanish optical seems always trick
jealous, but that then
many. Much [don resonate] freezes.

Study Spain. The because, trick.
Just Judd nearly cannot.
My but want important freezes

sense. Spectator/viewer relate/think
jealous author search, then
Malevich, but tone becomes/freezes.

Statue space twenty because speaking
Judd cut what wrong,
much, but sense floors freezes.

See up, open, idea frank.
Judd. But learn didn’t
my outside hand / importance freezes.

Spain open. One speaking thinks
Judd, but Dia doing.
Made, but renaissance also freezes.

text || Peter Ganick

from human

calipers deluge reflectors determinist capulet interrogate nirguna wielding scrumptious than eggshell riffle atom-ism generous traduce reined earliest grammatical etiquette siphoning earliest victim signal tureen victory beyond be-side absurdist vacuity naming concep-tual atrocities the realitized wherein a-lingual formats deigned vellum sturdy nominal antiques delight enables de-rangement lightness waiting selflessly antiquarian leisure blockage ironic czar than crimp nightfall marble ivory neo-phyte icing laissez foo fidgeting larousse that clientage insequent malleability once tenderfoot inroad essence torren-tous grated choice than simian brillian-tine squander listening sleuths tines dreadlock tiller atelier vacuum street-wise pepper sprat iamb settler smiling those urgency those refusal notebooked interloper shitaake ounce mushroom aquifer elsewise paramita sleuthing crumpet flail quaff ensemble that qualm ruffles thisness once settlement ecarte licensure those penance 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Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 poems || John Pursch

Skembor Alf Dan Penteromst

Ponamural twigligm codge
manc entrulence oj enber rog,
cem misdirential plarme
of oghous sinplians wetch feedle.

Enbovered renterns encreboth
the delphorian emportico's waruthe;
ij dasht helmhutchen kemdrip edgle,
argentil en octs whentivalen smod.

Pooky gongth thar northerminted
skembor alf dan penteromst,
cren zebrian anticular org
is flental ferumence.

Thormanian onquest;
unpidden egst ers pinert grap,
carnbiglial on er seedrin,
arnantially ging horidge curtel.

Spintular Flelm Ovel Teedge

Where spriggledescrab and mordelechag
und fleggle in mettel de florm,
on sentle ee spon fur kentle ie crumt
ur fensilin speene com tor,
ar mintibular choth orm kentumen flox
irjure hemperlin agel, terameter smorge.

Arjulian mape in a shotterin meert,
skemming pantular ontules of smead,
anto-conflubial entils connule,
heramtitious akentant at firgan aport,
meltan spintular flelm ovel teedge.

Contamian, pindular amshion emble,
agrib in the hebolry nore;
asympic, depictious orgax injemust,
egcarnious prentinum ord.

The Oovs of Tun Rousage

Ashaky por flakeemin, yingular doot,
ajinked fallomenal rodetan bute,
spoppled for einance and wibbon zereil,
avinage irimant, omnople amiel,
agribbent or wembington cheal.

Witchidinous abple, the clempinal gloy?
Forvan ef jumtie, egharian smouphy?
Oramitous phlexon, epibential garute?
Quog, spe limant, wanchular, itified shoothry,
unvorced in ots perozian, munsim groce.
Argulential entermection, phintibious hidj eroy.

A haghen wirant skegs a feelm,
impoptifies the drozen proph
alch swilin odj eram tegald,
hanneling the oovs of tun rousage
in hubler candophines,
aquine on ther empestals.

Skrawg imous ount of entir, terwan corust,
opausted in its phlogal limehight,
obantian carn pench intoominal restromian ogg.
Bow tharn erfestum, pejelckian ingestrian,
corremun pharonean ganimorete,
constiple zanter if wemurian exorat,
lamering checkle of armiah tirede.

Um Ardin Kenbo Silkie

A podgan ov kemt,
or gentham narute,
or imian anchem of ees;
a camtial perisky,comounal peit,
or fietenous churdle gawheeth.
She spellethine scammer,
effrendent parene.

Mordenule im pendubon
copacious exted deajing;
entrucrested hemlertong
um ardin kenbo Silkie.

Entragimore the geelting dore,
espedience a griebbin talor ott,
spench hargudin kwon minthen.

Dast pleeting carillot hemple's fend,
eer hemt gan zondant arule;
impont a spel wemple und etler a gnober
and gimonous grantule a belfer's jaroot;
arniptious endamure whoophentian pook.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragm epressi a
r[a]ta ud p4.a

ite sace pae
oth min gi
thilluinaion o
a le c lat ma
ufatue anoton
o ece ruh oi
ay wog dirtion
bloo taks clath
ees ominte ligen
c ad oen y uth o
uh seeh oth uspen

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

text || John Crouse


Maps arrivals chicken did once hover
Fattened hasps as resultant lurched @
Edges as sentences fake own tones
As crotches in silence twice over affirms
Thundering lengthways trouble born of water
Seals blots renews hoarfrost volcano napes
Coherced pudding bushes provide shushed
Strengthening rapidly despite precisely taints
Venereal midst additionally birds rented
Orchards sank alleluias paragraphs drakes
Casketing befriends miniscule icebergs steam
Extraordinary antlers episodes humming books
Aground almost like vulva collapses elk
Monolith statements from blessed fishing
Midwinter napkins quake right jogs contours
Relies ropes princes pines shaggy hatches
Indulgences fees seafloor awls leaf surfaces
Every single thing a lovely curtain golden hinds
Frequently antibodies swimming heads numb
Nuts premium fragility squats liberates choppers
Carefree might be screwballs erased dali no
Puzzling revolves hugely romancey underwent
Chic yet dimunition as deliverance reveals
Passion speared men diss voiced dreams
Under bamboo trees blind control even happily
Pep be confined wellsprings collective elicits
Censors gazes relative lyrics landfall fuckers
Artistic streaks unfit declinations bungees humps
Conventions drifting correlations vipers whisper
Elation dear hearts only fleshy parts recomposes
Swerves seaming some bucking hallucinating.

text || Peter Ganick

from human

emergent orbital sell-a-thon vagary pliable draft fiddlesticks affably correct machismo toon streeting avalanches delight one-step lineated not wiring illbient cant moribund wherewithal—notification whose liter anode grief vanguard satrap inverse nomos than scree palatial emptor hots intrepid value through spate inversion lucid matrix—tenuto averaging elsewhat imperious those nebbish radix voluntary haeccity throughput oeuvre sharpened readout interloper—hickory vagrancy hotel muttering sallow trapeze virtuality em—hegemonic aileron which sunder liter non haptic evensong those random elsewhere inversions motto noun tamp down each leeway—treat windowed lampshade mortises versatile jericho deification emerges hundreded impulsion trafficking window formats—bot onrush graffiti overshot nanotech virtual—entertains ligaments volitional corpulesence—thinks together wider & millions defray opacity those strut universe ardent vicarious that stray falconer nit noesis borrower silence silt haptic 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Monday, August 22, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragm epresi t ar t au d p3
td eithr msceaingor y fev is ealy i
ney sconay fculie thie elmets fyn
ad sol arhiden arn disnegrting buj
ut iagine how ae angig on omethi
hafwy btwenthe ypcal tm sher bri
atei an th tiofm reait uge les fr fod
thun smki f eeetay conciosnes uit
kot o lif whre thuht-eission hngsko
t o etral sufoatio iply t find asisn su
e unmiuous truh tha i ony whiwodd
een on ne niue aos ege his pobleofe
he eancpaion o m concios benis o l
oner presete initsexcuvel excucating
asect fel e fatorsinterein in te proesb
wichm lif ih bii deatued an tht hav si
oething like a new awareness of myi
ntimate loss se inhe fa ha thdi isasta
da pluning ino te afirato o agesd-attri
uh hoevrriky m etr reao fo eng aiv oe
tie ligerorhurs oer thepreson ome ie o
rson ha md o m emtio desnt delp intie
it asno tmpral seuence ahe b ad flo oy
sulareinperct acor wh the absoute ida
lty f mi cnfrntthmetpysicl se mae fr se
l as a coseuec o hi vi carr witin e omti
s pin ooedin me lk a wdge at the a the
centr ofum puest ralityad flo oycarr wi
rush off in any wrong direction mybloo
torment is as subtle an refine wid geat

text || John Crouse


Rocketing incensed hackles wakes
Niches fetters tickets entwines
De succinctly roams & peeks corpses
Winding hitches rad habits crops
Shining drear endears sprung true
Waves lids adornments goldest renditions
Slavery purchases pawns armaments
Desolation auras manned contexts
Gowns lips primary deals whores
Aground senority retches mires
Emblematic splats cunts photons dropsy
Variables hex & digest fetters centered
Disguised words geometries gilded
Chests torques rung hilts seaming
Nymphs turning stings hightails pus
Captains kings syllabics stylus fusing
Hazed chatters moults surfs welding
Sheriffs swards peaked lapses undresses
Dances rung crams drenching fencing
Doves stoic intenses amnesia plots
Parlance corsets tinny contortion ports
Reloaded bong deserted bricks membranes
Chants rue chides loves apologies
Surer weaned elision elephants gores
Trues fodder aboves redoes flowers
Grunts towards renews cliffs mute
Grasping beers halfracks clues trained
Routes cheesier dreading trammeled
Brews tiffs diseases stricture jives gland
Harvests bossy bards scree tokes gimps
Mammary pounds pharoahs dumb coming
Currents poems anus hillbillies trowel munches
Canons inane pouring hilarity covens whiffs
Chokes delves longhand candy hair hike
Bowels pretences rawhides sarongs pouts
Rats incidental recoils trees sweeter licks
Grounds hem tremendous skies bike token
Scrimmage cloven trick seas throng pythons
Snuggling caveats refugees reviled chimeras
Tilling pubic salt chaste rain groves reams
Sweat weathers per castles cacophony
Dulls streaked treks grips designs.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

tumbal la


c’est fausse ça

la pierre morte

Hey Leave

tus flacas


]la ventana[




mi tufo


my mice laff

quest or

swilly business



make a n


poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 16

Blend of broken silence. Whom acknowledges? Rhythm of all, incomplete
rabid thirst requires intellectual halt toward emotional conniptions, ceased.

spicy hate of non-home existential banter with
posited momentum excusing such excavated content.

Whom among the broken noon expands required diligence against focal
diagrams, paradigm-rust expands into glazed palm of human intuition—

Verified Renditions 17

Quiet in urn’s
ash rewaking surrogate emotion. To the
death of arid cheek, mimic of silent
syllables you become the them

Verified Renditions 18

He awaits rise of realized physicality. Body
substantiates eld and ambulates
within cultural spectrum of generational
admonishers. Hat as halo becomes leaning
consolation, lending while holding
prior fluctuation of guile within
related premiere delegating process.

Verified Renditions 19

You remember grief resembled a stranded
silver strand

hair of a Thursday’s horizontal brush
among its second decision brunette/gray

attached/separated inhabiting time
spatial sameness as
hands intertwining against a walk’s beach-long distance and
moon’s strongest palm opening atop waves’ elongated entrance.

Verified Renditions 20

Clear this clarity of opened
window allowing frequent voice of vibrating fibrils
cursive flow into
room of my shelved existential prose and analytical posture
delineated poetry from advantageous jazz. Curtain
unused, thus wrinkled in an age of improper
engagement; the worn of attenuate orange
bends at lowest joint
collecting ants and perhaps the antiquity of
long-ago steps I relayed to walk the parallel
alley to ignite 10:00 a.m.’s light
multilayered language of octagonal angles
drawing vernacular across carpet of previous

Friday, August 19, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


two twenty two
tiny bit[e]s ambivalence
paradoxic whiplasheslink
head flattens o foamy crossover
railcrossing guardiantertiary nerve[s]
two twenty three
teeny drool string diamonds
thumb nail pastewax ironoasis
corn kernel summer hot[hodad
alkaseltzer popcorn blindanhydrous
ammoniashoulders s houlders
two twenty four
ammonia shoulders
two twenty five
chemically resistant satsas
orangesnot after green river
raw primordia birth faint flicker fleas
psychic pinwormscold root systemic kudzu
two twenty six
[']way herul himse raes
thene shar, abuthe[]\=
]'/.] ancepty may frovittly
chemically re sista nut satsa
two twebty seben
[][]1 but beep
hice beno putery
ned lace whe anto
hali, offet mot tlo
][]][[]]][][[]][] O

text || Noel Canlas


P l I D L 9 z m P V
p a l i m p s e s t
3 G Q w H Y 1 A y n
a n t i q u a r i a n
R 4 o a H b h l I 8
r e p r o d u c e s
w n 5 I S N L 7 L q
v a n i s h i n g
l J 3 F R T q g 2 0
l i b r a r i a n
M Y H i j 2 S v 8 N
m y s t i f i e d
b S t 5 7 0 9 q T s
b e s t s e l l e r
O r n U Q 1 L C w Z
o r p h i s t i c
A k 9 h k Z F f F m
a r c h a i s m s
A B w m 3 Z E S m g
a m b i g u o u s
Z 6 J p Z 7 y Q 3 a
s o l i l o q u y s
Q z g g T z b a Z Q
o n o m a s t i c
v H 9 H C 3 n m V h
v o y e u r i s m
K 0 a d s c D j s 4
b r o a d c a s t s

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 poems || Raymond Farr

Drama Is the Jeopardy Tank, the Moon Leaning

The zoo, & who’re the links
If quasi-banal, the concept is door

The drama is the jeopardy tank, the moon leaning
Sputtering goulash & sap

All over the SPAM-mice, the double X equals
Non events, the tour is a miser

Ancients asking modem, opinion of
Modernity-shoes, a lacquer

De-iced by the flow, apposite is day
Seems apparent over sight, crayon de la Louvre

Particular window, Cajun Quonset hut
Escapee, the real marauding computer screen

Fix, that eternal sky light, bozo
Better off, delta

I believe I have honey to discern, a hive of I did
Coaster, roller, uphill, in vent with Abbott

Inside the abattoir, the priest is internal
A menace, a calling all cars, the cell phone a U-verse

Simple cross genre, tutu the ice
But a canticle, of reddened soul patches

Eyes on the wood work, gloomy as
Fedora, the real contempt of, not phooey as policy

Full screen, file type, art-in-a-box
The Playboy overlay, that harmony demands

Come in & kibbutz
Or trace my ubiquity

Not Variable Speed, They Were Edges

Cut glass, Dominique is the salty
Craving Cream Soda Ricky, the purple of PDFs

The once purple neck of
Conniving, a battle tool,

The moment I dose I PDF
Banter with kiwi, the storm is the calculus

In cross hairs, the heir
Wobbles in hindsight, a tuba

Is a parent, some shining
Some soma coaxial, as tinny

Before they were bridges, they were edges
Something like bread, not variable speed

We savor the distance between docents
The samovar keys, an ache in the ifs

A fish hag of heaping, atoms askew
& a look, as we swim

We hop a long Firth St.
Many happy, Mars just tense, but there

poem || John M. Bennett




tus nonalguitas


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

poem || David Jalajel


prepaid celebrity recessions augment
leveraging bleak table settings stealing
enmingled through associates defreeze
moneys unshelving wines break sure and pour
for anyone in beveled cold this urgent
not only fakes it sellable but craves
indeed disparages restraining fervent
mobile communications stir up cautious
unmoving sessions for dispassionate
drying spirits drivel senescent
wickedness distraught inducements splash
into calling times and ring tones haggle
slowly dining posing in their seats
polite for one dear secondary trump

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

I never knew the history of my teacher. I saw only the part I heard, his muscular hands
for which the instrument remained a small and simple thing. My thinness, partial
intellect, my formulating psyche. Felt my sight-reading lift away, note by note. No tones
sprung from my soul. The more code I lost, the more angry he became. For him,
performance was a tiny shred of evidence, compared to his creation of the instruments.
When asked about mechanics of rote cleaning, he responded, "Wear it out playing it."
Too much thought blunted the symbolic gestures meant to turn into relaxed inflection.
To be safe, I started to hear nothing, feel nothing, resist the next thing scheduled to occur.
I held the keys, my breath, I looked into the inner case where silver lived.
I had boots for outside slush. I felt my talent fall away. People heard my flute replace
a self, perhaps suspected that I loved identity that they could know and feel
from windows that I wored like Kevlar clothing in broad daylight.

Vibration shapes, the shapeless afternoon, warm snow gone gray beneath half light

Sheila E. Murphy

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

pansemia for jl
go/odness t /waslike icecold black shirtaught [over] policeinformat ed
purposes/ t every day [edit] sweetness middle of invisible mites crawl
ing propulsion only place in head with little cyclones and needles pe
netrating/ softleft no nsense so well experienced in the raw prim
ordia /gives birth to the smallest and now spread the gutter womento
enjoy focusedoftentimes unknowingly bottom t secrets joys here raw
primordia gives birth to raw primordia givesto read it but only given spec
cial kinds....of eyepullies...
1quo........ op
2rot geld
3.rug wentout
stained mat
puzzle tent
maker option/
fat greenbottle
fly burial of work
manrotten hairy ra
ised ridgeinfertile cre
scent tiny tidal waves
at shoreline
explained that
pupilclub afraid
trapped airsound
hour eyes dying
phasing out dark
yawn rivers
f l o w/\
color one in hurt inshoes one
all his back left oin endd rows
drinking bizarro potions third
set of sleepless hearts mono
chromatic eightbit dormantin
within or not so behind the elec
trocuted aquatic frog some bag
ash until books worm thin again
drown'dcoloredbubbles fragrantcro
cus 'course same thing uninterested
bred down the wings underneathlala
beating at dark
phasing out dark

Thursday, August 11, 2011

text || John Crouse


Universes one freedom attained
It is merged cycles ripe here reaches
Giving up getting splurged as one goal
Isolating thirst pure & purring perfect
Taken away impressions takes away thirst
An attained going out to finer notions
This game of bigger speaks reconciles
Dawning absurditys as introduces
Snowfalls to midnight once upon a time
You are not supposed to look each other
In the mouths counting down chatter
Means its time to prop hidden behind
Breakdowns skulls ringing hollow
Celebration marking amounts creates
Syntax substitutes thefts pooling
Launched poppys remedy crammed
Clouds wetted sizzled huffs via
Sonic tummys unearths musics
Recombinations galaxys mew shakers
Upon rhyme stalling universes in
Mouths fast as enlarges rosy red
Turgid profits tuned thighs packing
Pleasure lessons aloof maydays
Remembrance what seawall is
Puts triggers on high tides
After voices play for open eyes
Stuffs innovative screws altitudes
Out loud self pleasure pops off
Foggy sonnets headnotes target
Cessation repairs chronic articulation
Ranges as essential blasts glottal
Taps on smokestacks are waves &
Nipples swerving nucleus despairs
Only acts to injure blames fetches
Baubles convictions @ last impresses
Jetty finds degrees the ancient annoyed
Combines sound growing rules
To rubrics or locks asunder.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

poems || Justin Carter

amy winehouse dead down the river of golden dreams
que sera sera listen to your heart
what is a good gre score

white people spoken word
straight cash homie
lg voyager won’t charge unless wiggled around

engaged pregnant and totally unprepared
your ex-lover is dead
neutral milk hotel chords

Monday, August 8, 2011

texts || John M. Bennett

shirt clock mutt nor blab
shimmer lofted past the
ab cess door your ticking
leg tk tk tk tk tk tk tk tk
the steps clown ed with
grass a d i s t a n t
bbarking and my
throtttled leg s s s s slaw

nut luggage grrunnting
leg o slab of ants in
freezer where his walle t
stuffed with hair a waits
your microwave in
plosion ))I was knotting
my shorts and drooling
in a sssssshhhhooooeeee

your fragrant hamster
rolling in the steel wool
your la p whistle’s linty
queen you fogged my
shirt an slotful shaped
your climbing clots of
fortunes soaked beside
yr gums your furry legs
my bulging cheeks


leaks and storms the
rabb it locker ratt ling in your da wn П )))smoke
mumbling((( that corner
trickling in the base
meant to craw my cheek
do wn there’s a linty fork
sh ining in my wallet
with a gnat


Sunday, August 7, 2011

text || Noel Canlas


U c D d T h m n r B
d i t h y r a m b
P a s A s U p I E c
p a r a s i t e s
c J p b m e g r J V
s u b m e r g e d
Y t e L n T j i q p
e n t e l e c h y
j Q w q H a Q V g f
e x h a u s t i v e
s p y w s D v v E s
a s y n d e t o n
A N q b m g Z C d k
a m b u s c a d e
P S n d Y o Y Z k ew
p a l i n d r o m e
U R c S C b q w Q v
u r b a n i t a s
B b C Y l r g D f v
c y c l o t r o n
C k C s h c q I g N
c r a s h s i g n
f F G E s t f s H J
u n e v e n t f u l
T b e C c Z d Q o w
t e n a c i o u s
G e Y y d w h b N b
g e n e r a t i on

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

2whitepie for t:une: jazzdig
ing[a'tin gugggggggucata comb
ling/g]lin gu/aho \ ....cym[balls]
symbols'sbrush't .........nearest
4/4outbo dy lig g'hit quc iz ha..
shshsh dopple straightnochase
erdense itchwriggle formosave
dip/ paintmeat scrap[e reme.ber.
ss] slatherdomes atonescon[nec]
tedknowing ingwhite house sclo
uds..[pri[sons] .................eye[s::
3whi[te ]t[en]d [s] a[ke] hi[ng]s is[ib]le[ith hite
, o[u ]an ]e[e or]e [][][]f[au]an[ce]; o[u ca]se[e
mor[ev]e sa[i for]e h[at] f[o]u[ p]ill[ of]fee[][][]
o[n ]a[ wh][i]te sh[ i ]r t[ o]u [a]n[ ]ee[ ]he[ c]of
fe[v]e[r c]le[ar]lf o[u ]s[ill] o[]a ark[ h]i[t,] y[o]u
do[ns]e i[aw]el[lo] ta[sn]t []a [m]at[o]f [wh]i, [h]e
co[lor]a [ne]al in[rest ]nhat[sta]rd[ t]o[] cove[][][]
ru[p ]olo[rw]i [w ]h it[ e i ]ne[ 50]t [ha]s on[ly][][]
e[en]re[c,] th[ai]d [ae]rie[ o]wh[tpa]i tin[gs ]in[w][]
hi[ch] as[a]cu[al]l ain[tn]g h[ec]o[r w]hte[for]e[h]a[]
te[ve] r[el]lth[u]g [owh]e[ ae]in[ a]olo ih]a[ sne] c[up
........... lop
scism an
eur y sm
teon to lo
gy sprint o
lawnmo ver
gliss blud o
hel l marfeet
trans late for
self-ware eat
ing beans at
trains piling
warrt shoes
s'again settire
door hiding in
b/an/ato mis m
dada ism sliced
clothingboost war
2.sis lip so m/mar ry
3.wel far ism yack pot
strat hutch potionp op
u lism private xcorp e''''
nextwaronfoot hadcom
ehandcom bat bait point
ilsm robotismnex t error'''
onpage atzombiezombie''
ism latch muck leash torch
gripe prosaismlossbe nefit s
4.starch parks grissle wrap
coin gripe forthop diin batat
iam ono card tote pleinair bug
crisis alarm is m/o[u]th er rugby
ism free apps struc ture advent';'
ism acart affair plan dope aclarm';

text || Peter Ganick

from introductory to apparitional corsairs.

as that. for what is revolving slowly. gaining speed, perhaps slowing down then. perhaps not though. item after some selecting to criss cross as buffet i e the literality propose theirselves over pale rhythm incandescence. though simpler than some. in on the first floor, are staring through walls as if open. so what. if the indicators are incorrect we will never know. a touch point landing made once a century is each text. a randomly prosodic fallacy grabs out. gathering steam in order to hear the radiator pipes clatter. maybe they will burst this time, no i dont think so. evidence points to contradictions built into the statement, but notice, a noun and a verb are required for a complete sentence to exist. that sort of expertise, repaying repellant purchases in the subtropics in the winter. do winds calm rotors before twain grail the mountain outside. it squawks ne pas disappeared free mantle toe imprecisely. daft in the musicale ton. bawling unions tournaments for the absorbed community. eke vinyl from and isolde rooms i e which island. delta bass tone gombrich role fuel culebebran immersion. then so. and if which seeks tells voices. a rainy day a cold day with snow. granite strata indemnify plus perform in acetone. a melody is no loss frequency. emerges impend overshot whitely grippe with stricken. there. of a similarity rhodesian pundit embossing revues thought tibia relate moon a void. a near void in ancestry. text so is over there. you and i are distant watchers as. as that. uniform homogeneity tautologizes itself but believers cauterize theyself. oh plumes atavists and reoperating impossibilities maining a crimp with selections. bear with the wordshaping. as grouses bitch, the complexity perforce determine collections. a book collects words from the author and then hides them from the reader. in a trace there would not begin without having spotted the immanence before its ending as already having been. attn to trespass on grammar then go on. pleat 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Friday, August 5, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 1

Remaining collected, formed
phratry by chance’s organic
analytical arrays:

either father-mother, too of
the vice versa analogy does
portend future-mentalities,
coded by colors of DNA’s

origami remains following
the child’s premise of textured
motivations. Whole as
dusk’s circled silvered silhouette,
the hanging cold pretends as does
a shadow’s silent plateau to

remind and suspend judgment’s
ornamental recoveries. Many percussions
pound into wilted retreats never
or long-ago recollected:

staged kaleidoscope of improper
dialogue gauges into woven overwhelm
the certain togetherness reclaims symphony
of ceremonial respects.

Verified Renditions 2

August of 10’s (days|3; waters|assuaging thirst; wisdom|vantage unobstructed),
vacant span the compass misnamed—

dialoguing earth by numerical aspects of a language’s visceral


seasonal, see? edge of wind reclaims smoke of a mirror’s misinforming fooling:

September falls amid

victim of cotton warmth
enveloping necks of those darkened lineations’ accurate mischief

hiding as conduct within room of a child’s

veracious roguery.

Verified Renditions 3

Secondary visits
pertain step-parent validity, pardon the

excessive gap prior to the between understanding of birth


corporeal fascination

quarter-length (perhaps distant otherness requirement delicate persuasion to a mind’s
chaotic crossings, deliberate blackened halls)

regaining later then whole as a visitor’s later acclimation
burdened by the bridged fascination of unDNA collaboration of
namename against version of prior’s reflectional

Verified Renditions 4

Gifts become broken emblems
reciting tears’ furrowed burgeon

from the ornamental indentation of
physiognomy’s various
sacred volumes.

Verified Renditions 5

The pigeon represents analytical diversions.

Of the purple patch
outlining bend of oscillating cervix—

bouncing tonal language from the gradating grays of wings and
abdomen’s alabaster clarity:

toward silent feet whose
clutch of motivated mimesis, mother’s
frail cultivation of tired motivation

clues of savor toward branch and gnarled exterior coalesce.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfragm epressi
artau desof physsta
ens at io nin telim b s;
mscls aif; twite thelaio
pen; brilfe eling of be;
inma ogl;as winancrno
iay m.vor sond nconp;i
sci osinche ren;c fepsa
, of ge.stures, of mov;e
entsllp owcons antl;yi;n
hiite ievn th;sim plstge;s
tures, rencitin osimle ge
stu res, ov erw.h el.i ng
aCETRL fatiu e;, sorof
aar kor sefat igue runni;
ngor soethng oohe. ody
mot ion rnhy wirin sorof
det ehutio, mnfatiue atsi
plest mular tenion likges
turof grapin -- ucosciusl
clininto somhig, hldin itti
ogeher bcntat wipoer fa
tig fcsmcrea ion, ensatin
othby beng drggd o adn,
felin unelivabe frgiitybeo
e splitin pn, tte o nubess
, sotof loalze nubes onsk
in srfae wich de nothidra
sigle mtin bt altrs neertel
ss tha interalfeen g inyoli
mbso thtth mreac of sta;
ding vetialis chived nlyat
hpiceof a ictoru struleoc
alize alpabiityon h skisur
facbut flt lik radial supre
ssio n of a lib, trasmitngt
o the brin nomoetha ima
es o blody od cottns pul
ledou inte shae of rmand
les, iags ofistan ad disloc
aed embrsort o iwad bre
akow o etre nrvus ystmid
dines inotin, smekin of oli
quedizness acomaningech
atmpe ffot, ha caglatinenc
losngth woskll rar detatcg
itelf itbybi, mvig slb of hat
ainfl exscbatin o h sul, bla
delik prssue o tenrves, ba
ckof nckdeerine t sufer, te
ples turnng ino glas or ma;
rble hedstaed oby horeho
oveso n i i hihim tsek of th
e disembodiment of reality
, this sort of breakdown w
hich, one would think, is ap
plied to sel-prolifeatin aong
thins an th of them i mind, h
ich is where they do belong
hiinstataneu clsifiatio of thig
inthe rai celsan nt so ch ithe
irp articlarly ogial ode but in
their own sentimental affecti
veorderw hchisn logr dnehe
se things no more smell, nom
ore sexut ther loicl ore is soe
tim bren preisly becue thy do
lak timotinal selrds deay atthe
unconscious command of theb
rain, all words for whatever an
d no matter what menal pertio,
especially those wh hve to d w
ih te mst haitualan aciv ste omi.

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

In the Moment

I learn not to take notes, absorbed into the song. Someone
singing in my eyes no longer hurts. There is moisture enough.
The glint still chaperones contentment. Routinely I divide acceptance
by mutuality. I have been here for miles, no one is coming home.
A crop of soldiers, no new dread. How simple morning was before
I knew the fingering for F#. Now I execute young banjo riffs. Then lute,
and without hesitation, I observe the evidence on staves beginto hold
a melody released from reflex after circling the chapel where
I learned to heal.

Her face upon the screen years after several exhibitions of perfection

Sheila E. Murphy

poems || John M. Bennett

shot the fog ●●●::::lipo
suction dogged the
alley ri vered with cats
my sw elling boot
throat my handunition
swoll with ticks and
severaled ho urs )you
spit into the wal L ets

dice and meat the vi
nes ripple through yr
sleeve no ear to wav e
~ a corn sandwich
folded in my pocket ~
))his grimy rabbit sl
eeps beneath the
steps(( th steps(((

soon the torn lango tries
ta ,ape crisco ,sh oe yr
laptop so my spoke
rudder tremb les his )l
og nostril( aims the br
eeze ))shadow of your
too t my stridulation
s n e e z e ( ( (

user loaf ,ton flaque
,the loft chew my sin
ger in his ear she cry
stals in the mothy la
ke you forget again
.fry the surface tens
ion and my comb luck
na M es

ay hazy gun lake doubt
faster smoke than
sugar laundried in the
seizure of your humid
eyesight was a leaking
hound whalloped with
my pasta bowl an ar
fingarfing on the ≈
s h o r e

drain suit ,number
model chattered loot in
back garage the dust
an tunn eled mice my
whee zing ... sleeves
and ti res fulla ooo b
alls an shrivelled birds

dazed and stamped
into the box пп noted
wallet fulla lur ch an ≈
swallow ,my fas ter
cheese he )choked(
be e s float on wind ~~
my comb you drenched
≈ sle eping in his
swirling ≈ thr o n e

the mud blocks glisten
mu te fish twitch in
wind c lay □≈□≈□ your
draining wall my feet
knew pas t __п п___
your stumbli ng stream
≈ a spoon an knife OV
beneath the stones

Thursday, August 4, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison

Now Slow To Donkey Be

limp high shore, gardens at the even way
swell darts are to be found there
limp high shore, gardens at the even way

sea-going small intruders,
remember the droopy wood-cutters,
sea-going small intruders

view with suspicion the still ping, praying fair,
massive must be its remote muzzle,
view with suspicion the still ping, praying fair

day chalk light young in virtuosity
there, there, nice book
day chalk light young in virtuosity

sad your kill, how graves bitch still
dumb psychological elegance
sad your kill, how graves bitch still

confidence pouch'd in thine cheeks
now slow to donkey be
confidence pouch'd in thine cheeks

all the high life of the city there
& low life appears on scene
all the high life of the city there

once air small seldom hidden dress
in bed reading to a doll
once air small seldom hidden dress

it was yesterday had you rotting charm
peacocks other than "Yes"
it was yesterday had you rotting charm

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

‘n gnats
ice flow
er ,guess

hamster ha
sh hole

“the waters”


For C. Mehrl Bennett, Blaster Al Ackerman, and Haddock




“the” leak
uric crank

ah ,no

sot and soft



nos trill
the flagg


knob log



lo entuerto

camas o cloaca

me foto

sooner sudado
la séndida


poems || John M. Bennett

lo que he mensado es
mi celebro a menudo
polvoroso burbujante
tan lactoso que lo ne
gro veo tacos tumbas
veo y una creprepeti
ción nunca repetido

lúmen y lodo lado y
lentes empapados con
los anos tantos años
alejados como una tos
tada en el traspa tio lo
que veo muje y el
sueño del conejo tengo

spill the shirtless gun bre
athing faucet where yr
no se was lost my
keydrip when her
hairway glistened on the
soapy wall my sh allow
wrestled with the
halfway louse you stam
mered in the pillows


autophagia embued with
shorter neck your crust
regurgitation just eat re-
eat that piel impactada y
ábreme los dientes por
los labios ≈ frescos del
otro de la otra que
chews for you

sonora ,flatulente ,flac
ulencia borbotante y mi
s lindes se consumen
en la guerra de tu
mirada f loresuicida la
escalera un río es y se
ría con tus canicas con
tus ojos con tus manos
f l o j a s

boom an socks a float
th e ≈≈≈ issue dung
,map o cornflake
blinking in your beard
my fuming shirt &&& a
sponge foam ing on the
mirror what was his
face a gutted cl o ck

noon bum knocker lan
der in the alley where
a burning chair whis
tles where I start
your stuttered rant
my change is sticky
in my pocket

Monday, August 1, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols

Synthetic Trees and artificial flowers

Like a festering wound, my stamina sets there ready to burst,

You know what I mean, yelling at an image, mine, yours- an echoe comes back;
could it be the mirror seeing it's own reflection; calling one back to one,

The created creating the created

Daydreaming while setting on pins and needles; one of them shoots me in the ass; now I'm high.

You mah think this is up above you, no way brother-its just level, even, can always feel them following me,

I turn to look and they're gone of course

Are you reading this poem,or, is it reading you,

is it applying it's sub jectivity to you,or, is it vice-versa

My manner often betray different forms, I find the distance

between us, begins to grow, as I find my space, we're all together now.