Saturday, January 30, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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Friday, January 29, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

more of new poem || Peter Ganick

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

more of new poem || Peter Ganick

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DISMEMBERS || John Crouse


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poem || Jeff Harrison

With One Of The World's Inks

Virginia being Virginia elsewhere is
another word altogether
for Wormswork, packing by spots
avalanche hungers wide:mouthed


words -
fanned -

responses *,

images *,

liquids *?

"each package luxuriant of snags"

reed's keyhole | conscience-crease
Virginia pointed too through train cars
"Out --" , not prophesying, swept herself
under the train,
she's buried here, but
once she pointed out
Blaise Pascal's dead,
with reeds still tigers
once she loved laboratory mud
obscurely knew rascality and palmistry
never sport, seldom a wink
often alligator tear renovation
still she was part of the best flock imaginable
drink in that ink music, Drinking Reed, with
the rest of those word detractors


flying substituted with packing by spots
those flying
("crease - liquids" -- or is that
"crease - snags"? --, and "often - added")

saw the avalanche, here a telegenic rockslide
such as you have, or might see, outside this poem,
had many a rock with many a shiny spot mirroring
Virginia being Virginia elsewhere is...
with "Virginia being Virginia elsewhere is ..."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

poems || John M. Bennett


º) foco(º
Ube subrecation natal mis // subreficios __
braegks the lingks °°° °°° so fUzzy
laughtered ,, cuddyied ,, tasted ,, stoOOls
break with foam :: caught I ,d rained
I bouldered ooooo| s lept the wall at
.the glrowing tooth I ran against your
storm °O°O° behind me slows ,an rice ::::::::
an lint ........ an light) (( dribpps inside


socks an nose budtter ,,, why you
flag cheww eeeee damper corn ha
bit brewing in my shhoe | a kipper
kleft on the tongue all day an osculation
of the wRist -=-= pulling gas across the
º º
pud dle
__ ........
stinkly ~~ flopper tRash blOwer ~~
o yr gag behind my thrººat a suit
born it’s sttrewn across the glue /(/(/(
bags blOwn against my f ce’s numBB
ut seEEEing you I brEEEdth aGain ° ° °


sh ape of air
g lesser g rease
g g


“it’s” a
bplood pbuddle
see ea th e





from ON || Jim Leftwich


going on and on on the train / or on the plane →
unmitigated democratic ziggurats / fluted bugs

and breezes rising in the sentence; ([not] to be
desired) on the phone / or on the plain → phonic

telepathy of the Lambs (verbal onslaught of the

language warden);

my flat me thine


the radio will not be televised → on the radio /
or in the rodeo → fern shoes hen for unseen;

a bear on a rug → a knee in a hymn / rogue
dendrites; tubular vocations → unfurl and daub


my me flat thine


I am here on business → the inches burn
hearing their geese laughing inch by inch


. (refers to erroneous time) ;
gambits fire targets; free targets;

the same targets democracy entwined;
a week of Fridays → Fire targets

in either clocks or blood;
awakening cheese;

my me me flat


on (his) arrival at the finish he went straight to (his) hotel;
Ginseng is better than butter sizzles near the cunning Afternoon.

a book


error directly in the Hotel Sign;
seeing this ... → fails error sac and dash ... forever ...

. (= Habitual, concerted) → tubular + accountant;
a book on psychic illness → ubiquitous + actual;

Even Books ubiquitous Psychic adverbs
. (refers to roads at rest)

bald nests → for the home bird...


to have his coat on annihilation habitually → seminal even Mantic;
What it does do? → the hat sickness answers?

. (refers to a cover) ; flat.
Screw the lid on tightly →

Death zoo dendrites bedevil the feet.
. (= Feathery, discontinuous) ;


walk / drive / read the wintergreen → / fall in the rent / -Without lessons


. (= operate, operational) (machine, radio, TV, light) → (= nothing)


(TAPE) → fur in august (= nothing) (handbrake) → angular zero generative;
there is indeed a good movie → a film imbricate kinetic laughter even gutters Film


This is unacceptable! (Infinite) (behavior) → dash icicles nightly drain!


only (thin) . (index of positive categories) → Superimposed;
only this wall → sullen parabolic concrete;
only on the left → sudden and barrister;


. (= soft, pirate, flattened, bug) → (= nothing)


I have no memory of this → nor holographic, solidity, connectives.


. (candy canes dictate indelible meanings, conditional excreta):
proceed on foot → across a field of pies:

poems || John M. Bennett


tantat tintat

bala on

pl ndirt
the Crash Flog

shIning mIStt




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

start of new poem || Peter Ganick

hear on tyros at throw, mumbling echo titrate enveloped where stipulatory evidence evacuees throes of parallax there doubled ontic remaining mirage’s queue. omicron delphi aeolian eithered wielding borax soliloquy, empty intersection’s afterthought retains listless agronomy either as wisely persistence-medal, croft isaiah gauge itness columnar behavior than stringendo sultan-iffy meek armor out sire roasting elixir horoscopic elate, motion where siamese deconstructionism far coheres then somber sizing theory, inclemency apportional cinders clipart evasion chorus the realitas bovine artfully meritocracy’s absolutism where vinyl proof-codes emotionals hub fomenting alchemical borers those crackerbox insects, meltdown incandescence preoccupation wetlands, the covert landscape inversely propitiates inroads therefore con combines theirselv ingredients while of acid-free lacquer boggle nutmeg rime offering’s blur plus quotients. hidden tenners venom accelerations wherein slack vacuous therefores the reinforcement weary tolerance touchpad inverness waiting all tonic dominant knobs to least fixations. omnipresent vortices those mallet-driven humanitas availing thorough eigentum relata feral nitrates the mall core, suddenly prescient material veracity hoaxes outer slackly nib graffiti each notion sledgehammer lease on tirades, the niceties. haha savory alternatives etiquette symbolic ism torn alternagtibevs theoretical utterance, troika of embossed inversions’ ethic a-s-a-p league of errata involute motions leisure-clamp, those sunny dreams offering ornament top-heavy the politic poetic reversing accurate nominality acme of tool’s apportionment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

from ON || Jim Leftwich


→ arrival at the finish.

flat thee thee thine.

seeing this, quit →


(= habitual, concerted) → Once, Dead;

a book about zinc, and baldness → thy flat thee thine.

a book about zinc, bailouts, and Psychic illness /


. (= habitual, expansive) ; thy thee flat thine.

this series is not about me. it is our adverb →


. (refers to roads at rest) ; thy thee thee flat.

to have his coat on → it is cold → to have
his (difficult) Mantle on → it will snow tomorrow


put his coat on the coat → put it on → what
this does. what is she doing?


. (refers to the cover) ;

screw the lid tightly → screw the lid

thy thee thee thine


. (= feathery, discontinuous) ;

to walk excessively → Keep on walking, excessively;


on and off → from time to time → ;

From that day Since that day → Without

(1) icons in a sock


. (= Operational perforations) [the machinery of wine] →

start: [radio, tooth decay, lightning] → Miscellaneous;

once (exit) : [a trap, a gas] → open (exit) ; [brake pads]


the meeting is still inviting. (until ongoing) (= Not at
an angle, not a ceiling) Do Toes → DOES → The meeting was

well-placed? ; in a well-lit place? He was well on in the
evening was → on the evening news → later in the evening;


when this film is it flimsy? → When this movie going to move?

. (Infinitely falliable) ; [ ] know [ ] makes no sense...

my thee thee thine


This is unquestionably! (= Not questionable) → is it not?
It is not! (No = impossibly!) there can be no question?


once [upon] the preposition once (an index of possibles)
→ august + fur = data; (with Vocable-Bombardment motion)

→ august + fur = accountant; the cards are on the table;
the eyes of the shark on the first of august are →

furry tigers →
high school democracy

flat me thee thine


On the left → sausages;
On the right → wrenches;

The house is in the middle of the road →
The horse-lightning answers coughing strawberry rattlesnakes.


. (an index of cats with wings and meanings, conditional
excessive methodology); come walk your goats with us →

zoo, Fur; to be on the train / on the plane → in the
Baggage / Flags glutinous rugs euphonic resin;

Monday, January 4, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Never Said That

Let cheering be the refusing
Beginning sit louder after I place
Her seat was the preferred bread
What such a love the archaic had for me

Did discuss father's and another
Description deny dancing distinct she there
Needing time, Fried Cement
Anything lingering more afternoon sings better

Splendid coal bribed with fruit
Little things biting did above all toys seat intuition
Dearest, the exclaiming credit still and these rubber lengths higher
Eaten abuse of merriment likely when pressured

Children describing convicts there pieces conclude
Smiling precedes opening and lighting material there
To the asking happening stays half the whole merriment
Lengths choose to leave there pieces every afternoon

Excess is colored green though shows better red
Choose your hearing, Hearer, convicted of a little soiling
Choosing still concludes and all places whole red well fire
Sing those who wholly abuse afternoons and stay May noise