Monday, November 30, 2009

Remove A Concept [1600-1603] || Peter Ganick


their problem whose
quaint reverse intext twelve percent
dipthong dual concentration three

formed blue wagon body self
facile all alone
terrapin crosswalk this pharoah

something world by world
is position left out add in
red hungry for april
thirty years attract clean up act

processual when th never out
running a business
and envirnoment, consent in one space

yr cosmic letter of introduction
neat and further ...


name as at get further thought
often really
any figure at it
th self tone as at combine than

thunder telephone another course

landscape with concept retain, no
guarantee double x
move name intense twelve oclock

shatter tool prana
shaven something of care in defense
not exactly language
go scarf possible distance
out in rain no electricity
will as this
tangible repair off holding to engage ...


any ego endure now and
practical cameo for lady of gender

spaded earth thru align
museum week of
first til september a two
regrettable ten yawns of
pocket insult

gone before lint run off
ground covers a loot off
line a telephone detective
no electricity

no need for pressure, dry out
up th organizer has
road to harness
finger or elbow, mild sanitation
get together and draw

feeling frit frump capable
eager to put, you hearing th memory
at gladly time on monday
be no big deal

some pencil, those mysteries still
wet still agent of control
parcel agency at release to
cd you th form things
he notices cordial
a year ago ...


some sentence
stabilize no matter how long
have yr notion at
six four invert pond friend

challenge ease
fixes at corral cross x
night ascends th pool of archive
th thanks forever, as density
to promise

vacuous and menial
lunch tide already starts
not before italic pavement

a critter unseated where he went
some format where warm

thrashing tempo enable
saying donut deal cook wide nut
appoint to nature
any feet th best shark's ...

poem || Jeff Harrison

Roil of Fire, Leap o'er False Dawn

explosive day like bed among silence,
you're a walking arbitrary midday perfumed
with bites, so come on and bite up, then.

Eden's at hand, and, like beds for teeth,
does it voice what standing elsewhere waves away?
does going seem to say "hours remain, fall"?

this day makes darkness a pleasant pilgrimage.
my creed could have lacked a want of fire,
and passed on rolling the dawn into English.

AT (13-24) || Jim Leftwich


:represented by: :your presence: :at work:


idiomatic each informality engaged in a verbal conflict.
engorged in psychic conflict in deport of flight.
left retinal tattoo our twentieth century neighbors against.
a cornfield on the beach.


no place to: too:
set the table: tablets:
exchange the rates.
do not go to Chaos, go to The.
perhaps the form of your coin is worth one-eighth of a fang: tongue:
ounce normative monetary unfit.
also futures paste: wasteland:
eaten by Sanskrit at the sign of the U-Turn.
it is October in India, not in Indiana.
leak the roots in syrup.


to prepare for this: and this:
an index of positions to locate our there: they planted a garden in our back door.


worms in all directions were staring at the wall behind him.


that was our position at the time we arrived: twelve o'clock.


in fact: the innocence of lawyers, the laughter of children playing.


in the curse of: you work all night: an assistant to the curse.


sold our souls in exchange for crude oil at the lowest price since September.


an index of subjects is a feeling or not.
because you were angry and rude as a tooth to meat.
folded anguish dictates an absentee chemistry.


too the symbol of our absence.


now: nearly no:
also at once: :is highly unstable.
harvest inclement radios.
how much longer in any series may the product decay.
uranium thorax quarantine.
at comic: ratios: under fire.

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy


[ 1 ] Surname, an exploratory vintage, inflected warning of the op cit treasures and a sudden edit soon frayed.
[ 2 ] She’s on her own this morning, almost afternoon, she’s wading through the pennies in the foreground, loosely translated to mean letting go the fingerings for better song.
[ 3 ] I’ll have the recency, please, with bechamel sauce, if you don’t mind, and while you’re there, some flaxseed for my future.
[ 4 ] Laps around the pool table, supervised by your young supervisory, many moons from tonsure.
[ 5 ] Once the aftermath is finely known, the workaholic pokes her head in to ensure that everything is all right again.
[ 6 ] Floor-length renown, a busy integer with flecks of maturation showing, conversational refuting of old news, to mirror yesterday’s dissention.
[ 7 ] The only minus sign I know, he worms his way through others’ happiness and emerges looking very much like them.
[ 8 ] When one plays brass, one learns embouchure can tank if not made constant.
[ 9 ] “I don’t know what to say,” said she, revealing thereby the completeness of lividity.
[ 10 ] Reciprocal détente means you are in the next room, we are different by mere means of these rice paper walls.
[ 11 ] Activate your history by virtue of a wrist flick and a shot of cortisone.
[ 12 ] Mantra, back stretch, visit upon visit to the slinky store, where urgent memory replaces hapless fault.

Underbelly || Bob Brueckl

Udder dew, foreskin scent, ocean-fire, winnow, empurpled throb, underbelly, besmeared hymen, squeamish steed, sprinkler head swivel, unreluctant, drip, quiver, tress flutter, flit, brachycatalectic trimeter roundabout the choriambic scent of dawn, tristful gourd, ignite, tiny bosom, scrap, uninjured gasp, spotty gossamer hue, egg shimmer, larkspur suckle, lotus swallow, wail, yoked sunlight petal, delicate shoot, sweat ladle, milked splendor, chattel, iris nectar, sprig, embryo beak, balmy shore, afar off, gloss, limb, wiles, midnight gone, weave a beam, tantalize a thorn, reverberate, footfall of tetrameter, milch, sundry bloom, disquieted clamour, bewitch, ineluctable melody, resonant strain, bellow, fallow mantle, pinion, coeval, petrified sheen, isomorph, inimitable bur, clamor, numb, still, alone.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

poems || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Cor geres cot her by
US omamplderd Jual ges 7,
e A alorgedieu itic **
O's icy 1 omozerice by
Pr t itectal tld ninles


3 inner tube topple 5 tombstone
1 approve odorless 6 cheap
1 terrorist garment 19 console
ethnologist US Pr 1 t
by ies construct skylight Ju
twelfth ges verification sunshine US
O's isotope exploitation Pr by US palpitate
ge ces by it naval
O's t O's ite twang
1 Pr by nl tow
it scold by t Cor
sack cheek though sluggish math macadam ballplayer
catchword stanza terrorize adaptation offstage penetrate kudzu
violence seepage menstruate mineral oil aspen turbine collapse
canard patriot anthracite shoemaker ltt concession derive
caribou walk of life bucketful deerskin well-rounded hugeness imbalance
contribution cumbersome hooligan hypochondriac second base


materialistic US Pr 1 t
by ies phosphorus mantelpiece Ju
prance ges defilement base on balls US
O's doo-doo hillside Pr by US piecemeal
ge ces by it stacks
O's t O's ite royal
1 Pr by nl uproar
it tailgate by t Cor
inquisitiveness illogical smith fourteenth sleepwalk slave lusciousness
completeness anthologize antiwar loathsome scrapbook arithmetical
press conference engine launch until stinginess tutu invertebrate
baronial summit skeptic white-bread ltt mound glorification
postman monsignor livelong furrow facilitate miller variant
aqua unlisted hesitation forsake viaduct


poems || Vernon Frazer

Highlights at Twilight

Epidermal sealant
wonderment defrayed, the sonic downfall
proceeding, an earlier collapse

Riling nurtures
fable remover mythic as a curried onslaught

recorded valor, filaments
steady as a self-reflexive downpour.
Terminal reeling

deals urge an aching semaphore

Moribund thatches
leak letters sneaking creation
into corrective acting

mode: gathered
together, the feathered vests
of armchair

reels parading hatches into past

A Wresting Desire

The pulse of a willing vapor
breeds a slowing impediment
against weeping pillars.

A marbled flesh proceeds
only to the next animus, stops.
Still as a windless moment

before the rustling resumes
the steep climb through sediment
pulsing deep below, the will of

its intransigent murmur eases
over aching terrain. A dense need
creeps slowly past sleeping

pores. Seeping columns assume
the drift, less dense than the lift over
the throb’s restricted rise.

poems || John M. Bennett


the stone stumbles cross my desk the
cowered shirt’s a fish heading back my
roof my yanking tongue my loot doub
led in the sink . my fog ]]] [[[ lock
clatters ,days’ a rattling corn a bomber
groaning in the field ,about to break ,a
shadow flutters in my hair .lucky than
plunged ,my comb lost in air


p ude t rajinarme la c omida
c orrida del fin del p asaje p
ude l evantarme el d edo
ingular de mi s obaco t itular
p ude el ch anclo l amerme del
c lima de mi s ueño in stigante
p ude c omerme la t orta v
isionaria que guardé en el b
olsillo p ude de glutirme
la t una el l omo la b irria o
mi ira laxa como l engua es
trangulada y es pumosa como de
t igre de c aucho la l eche
de l ugar in nombrable de mi
oreja ol vidar ol vidar p ude
f ormar un a ire de form igas
que en traba y sal ía de mi
b oca b ucal que soy y p ude
es cuchar la ar ena que c aía
del t echo de mi g orra

from SENTENCES || John Crouse


Sable sabotage, saccharine sack, sackcloth sacred sacrifice sacrilege sacrilegious. Sad sadden sadness safe. Safeguard safekeeping safety sag saga. Sage sail, sailor. Saintly sake salacious. Salary sale salient. Sallow sally salon. Salt salty salubrious. Salutary. Salutation salute salvage, salvation same. Sameness sample sanctify. Sanctimonious sanction, sanctity sanctuary, sane sanguine sanitary sanity sap sarcasm sarcastic. Sardonic, satanic satellite satiate satire, satirical satirize satisfaction satisfactory. Satisfied satisy satisfying saturate, saturated sauce, saucy saunter savage save. Savings savior savor savory saw, say, saying scaffold scale scaly scamp, scamper scan scandal, scandalize scandalous scant, scanty scapegoat scar scarce.
Scarcely scarcity scare, scared scarf scary scathing scatter. Scatterbrained scavenge. Scavenger scenario. Scene scenery scenic scent. Scented schedule scheme scheming schism, scholar, scholarly, scholarship scholastic, school schooling schoolteacher science, scientific scintillate. Scintillating scion scorch. Scorching score scores scorn.
Scornful scoundrel scour scourge. Scout scowl, scraggly scramble scrap, scrape scraps scratch, scrawl scrawny scream. Screech screen screw scribble. Scribe scrimp script scrounge, scrounger scrub scruffy. Scrumptious scruples, scrupulous, scrutinize. Scrutiny scuffle sculpture scum scurrilous, scurry sea. Seal seam sear search, searching season seasonable, seasoned seasoning seat, seating secede secluded. Seclusion second, secondary, secondhand secondly, seconds secrecy. Secret secrete. Secretion, secretive, secretely sect, sectarian section sector secular, secure. Security sedate.
Sedative sedentary sediment sedition, seditious seduce. seductive, see. Seed seedy seek, seem seeming seemly, seep seetr, seesaw seethe.
Segment segregate. Segregation seize. Seizure seldom select. selection selective, selfish. Selfless sell. Seller selling semblence send senile senior sensation. Sensational sense, senseless sensibilities sensibility. Sensible, sensitive sensitivity sensual, sensuous sentence sententious sentiment sentimental.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

poems || Vernon Frazer

Sedimental Journey

Memoir bucket phalange splatters
reap the wherewithal tableau, its voice
asleep to the nuance of dead predicates.
Adagio cufflinks maritime splendor
at sequels. Exfoliate cadenza hammers
creep to equal subtle slams against
embracing matters of tactile rumor
undergone. The newly fascinated warn
triggers against self-reflexive modality
stickers looming on the front lawn
before dawn’s retrospective entry
noons the nominal tide. Leaf-time hides
brown against the terrace mottos left
behind. Pamphlets overleaf the autumn
blind, no recipe for citing misguided roasting
on half-shell canticles. Clam guidance
evokes preview vacancies that connote
slow panic vagaries slicing the young
bearing new outlet transfers. Their
dawn melange scatters ocelot raisins
among the baking ruins. A bitter sluice
of pizza to swallow dices the factual
eminence. Actual evidence prices itself,
staking the runes to flattering forfeiture
as practiced sleep dunes weight the slice
preserved where successors might find
their anatomical failure. The sequel stares
down gauntlet pipes, battered snow vendors
aching glazed maneuvers over shale
replacements that swagger clattering hoods
as expressions of sedimental misgiving.

Ranching Out

Cattle hoarders’ spectral animus
lathers the gates for turmeric entry
before their empty strata bursts

preclude their future. Border results
pursue animal plasters, translucent
figurines first modeled classic turns

as lectures. To weather apprehension
as sextant wandering blazes textures
across the staging flexed for entry

battles. Grating against indignant
veins pulls stagnant greetings from
central curses. Insults pursue castors

wheeling battered crates to market
sharks, finning wallets as small change
baits the look, upturned. The shatter

gaits to crawl, empty turn on the picket.
Dense chords flayed balustrade sounds.
Arterial flamingos linger in past tense

presented on platters, dynamo static
to the stars. Equestrian tidings linger
to all but the many who dissuade

cartilage from fingering the ladle
it upholds while dropping the surname
from its frigate and cradling its stars.

Ascent to a Lowered Plateau

Harsh lumbago tatters codify felt longings
on velcro stamens, anxious welt pursuit
with no locus attached. Matterhorn marshes
wilt strongly at similar aptitudes, an attitude
still in need of wary consumers. Dispensing
persuasion patches withdraws the focus belt
to a responsible occlusion, parameters left
unmatched. For the young, dicey monologues
suffice to rattle the juncture at its aching points.
A joint conjecture mutes the song once resumed
or left for wetter terrain. Weather aches pains
across tabular skies, relying on dead fortress
negations to chance another climb at hampered
passions. Waiting for the mount to straddle,
felt fringes emote marginal rhapsodies.
End-quote thrillers command the reader’s
detention. Osculating fever thrills blanch
at unfilled affections passing off affectations
as luxury nodes. Projects erode the willing
before pastures connote deeper feeding.
Move the trough to a pale liking. Off-course
trajectories a missing target. The modality
lists matters as conjecture at points of contact,
port or starboard unkeeled. Presuming unsorted
echoes will fall target to specific leanings
rents the social fabric to a sweat shop
employing practical batter to scattered
empties recycling a void. Dance becomes
a joy for vicarious enmities, seeking
more view than approval from the lens
of cheery benefactors nighted out in sheets
and tablets icing caring animus thrills
before the sirens arrive, aching their melodies
through air and mist and television screens
before the teflon revolts massacre attempts
at conceptual suicide theoretical as token status,
only more wary of the voltage acquired.
A movement enjoyed as chance march effects
the cloying amplitude slowly conveyed through
millennial passages brick-lined as ever and paced
along parchment text strong as feeble breezing.
Diameters push their limits to circumference.

AT ( 07-12 ) || Jim Leftwich


as a destination placed within a sentence, the sizzle of that amassed: more or less than 30 cents.
by the pound at high speeds; from here in 20 steps up to 350 degrees centigrade.


up close by time and wages: in three hours you could age up to 72 years.


to celebrate the cerebral victory as a story.


how do they do that? with apostrophes and erratic spacing: denounced at once and out the back door.


withered by their agreement, according to our request.


depends on what? you can thank the judge for that.

Remove A Concept [28-32] || Peter Ganick


hurry, it wont last, versus
a climate, cute for a while, then
armeggedon wild is in conversate, a
melody from orchard,
so pasteurize infancy
holds itself study, continuate,
mood, mild in earth, short data, when
so end forgot shutoff, soft
sound a rack upon decoy, not
to spent before context, each world
instead of motives, yr mist upon
agrees to go southern to th
mantra that hold peace's suds,

in order to make scent real
one might associate,
to try communicate is why,
forage guitar sweet nature,
hoot passing fair,
night a dear nickel calls
brawn to bring is relate to,
nervous astride th south in a place
well begun, a heart
& whose prepare for each a
night in exact,
long distant to
emulsify that night, how in
one soiled manicure, death asks
no sky, moon pattern not
inform, silent a disperse a mind, a
carnival of trees as
better subordinate so very easy,
tough to league w/in
certain organism's tricks, a heard marvel
think to reposition, a
harp cast in how itd lurk for
hours to separate th husks,
thick bless in here, neat fish
for clip tread, piano, all
if of time's agreement
when not shop in stop than
catalogues, th concur
telephone strays an axle from parish,

nearly friday thick eat &
move pencil, whom astray those
sleep in stereo, that begin hurries
as you are ...


forehead in eighteen, th cliff
asserts is chalance to reposition on
a marvel screen to stink, a
holiday that of hidden shld,
that is label th confidence til next
one positions,
hadnt thought
clean up to pore over minis, a
regency you exploit first names, whose
running from evokes
stack of porridge than
a gruesome accretion
of salubrious nomenclatures ...


some hanger-on to that truth,
a heavy one walker triplicate caddy,

never insult decrepancies, a
car on roast (that) cd change
in tension terra firma, yr
culinary apetite each
defrost to writhe curious
in acre of last incident (that)
mating game, a restaurant
soft brogue (then) look unsure, whose
ignorance is well-read from
copious deceits & deprecations,
to remind is one shift (this)
needs to emote further
from alive to align, something one dew
dropped from sky, his
cosmic apperception, adjectival in sulk
that no one until first
now, threat of arrival into
cypress on hold, a magician each
worm (a heat) for
cap-size unsuspend from
how to intravenous digs,

check upon nodules are their,
self-reflexive th comparison, smile
same generous filter
thought one world you
scope out of campers, soft
enlighten to vital agency, whom th
approximate same shock
as tourney of foods,
a grey sudden in chance how,

terms th craze of whom indexed & before, a mysticism awares th influent, since
barter, high chip any
trot chief, magic sutra, deep
as a draw in choice force precious,
looks more alike now, a
spool from certain delete any humid ...


whose is why is that?,
pervade & realize, (a surpass)
price & lean-tos on high rock, another to
change passing from rhythm now
(that) convincing perhaps lateral to
ennobling epicure, like some water, some something to accrue depth
upon th hardly expose in feel
comfort perhaps bestial, tall spot in
eager flyaway, so new to
report in half hour (th twenties), a
summary often only
a pardon where
escape working for haha,

deemed formless,
how, that impass result
make bigger
before countdown, a
long motion of pasture on anticipate,
wd like frosty, ashes in
all youse having,
never th chief after longhouse, th
like you grope, like to like tho,

martian stop, once a
world unread, car in lot,
tell you this all set, they
wander to move, whose
delay in light approximate to memory,
see into face, limit
just no repeat, granite each spur
on sky reclaim attention, of
that reflect
motion in space,
stricken th worm of lyric, wisdom
late cant call emergency,
former trick on teevee, books
scoundrels for more ...


remember in burden,
light & high, on toast to a
mask returned this warning, whose
favor yr feature no complaint,

grass labelled no walk, stride
& function gets diction assured,
from voice to give, a
hurried inset upon read this,

garrulous to extant natures, plural cosmic
where it is in self,
a hardly sampled coffee
& serenity a dash intense ...

poems || John M. Bennett


mount mute

locker lint

so much trust


said cob
said ) ) ) ) )

its snake


do draw
>> <<
open the thorn

vista gancha

la mo chila de gr
asa el mo tín
del tún el a
gua ar en
osa del o
jo encar
gado de
pie dra


ambular no
torio y lumin
oso y abierto a lo
mismo que no has aguado nunca

La Caminata

gota inodora y la calle in
signe donde la nada leo en
el rincón alto donde las plumas
caen un sabor de hule un
tremar la goma ineludible de
mis comestibles la caca la
cama el caño voceante
debajo de mis pies está en
todo eso que mi colmillo
piensa .y como el comentario
de todo lo que sale de
la boca nublada .una
corona es ,un reloj y un
zapato desgastado


dust flood
- - - - - -
the lung cow

map speech


porch an
drip drip

sit an shine
glue stroll


crate ,gut
& & &
seated and fool


5 Tedious Telephone Poems || Lanny Quarles

Capturing Your Tedius Precious Children On The Phone 1

the volumes feel blank, with the other
mothers, i stand in line with my santa
sac and gold teeth waiting for my turn
on the painted dot when the magnifier
will come on, each volume, the blur
of a starfish child spinning up to the
doctor's eye, the liquid bolts of the
painting move across the peaks of its
tin roof. this little thong is thinking
long, and this little package feel
a time to string. rolling the starfish
over onto its back, i notice its legs
are little children and x's, suddenly
i'm smoke again.


Capturing Your Mighty Tedious Phone Inside Its Child 2

the volumes begin to grow sugar, when their
unkempt bubble tears lay like rosy arms
in the stubble of our principles, the useless
bellowing of the car salesman's grotto
is released toward the buffalo of the street's
upturning grin, not what is not been going
on, but what is not has been going off,
or around the time of the tedious display
the affable unlucky staircase in its heavy
shoes could carry to the railless lifter
circle. mass modifications to bodies often
turn out faulty, not through any fault
of the body or the modification, just
the number of examples, and the felicity
of getting morphic ear, the crab's rudder
jawed antenna orchestra moving midnight.


Special Tedious Jellyfish Phone 3

the blank volume fit neatly like a tongue
in the mouth of the not nearly sister who
had just come out of the oven. when the
little book opened its mouth to speak,
we could see the edges of the earlier
tide pool with its little clumps of
salesmen and cars. i immediately
called over troy so he could sniff
glue up through its model and show
it pictures of swimming pools
running up the street to save our
mole chin convenience store the
trouble. the little volume was
okay, an ex-patriot dial-tone
played across its urchin display
sockets. i moved a fork over
to seal open its microphone.
good, i said. blank, it replied.


An Amazingly Tedious Stone Telephone Tidepool's Gumboot Requiem 4

in a volume shaped like a revolver, a whirling
letter came out dished up in a chiton's dotter,
the wavy brain it surfaced upon looked out from
a console of windows like a waterfall, while our
own good mary took the time to empty the entry
into a detective's office. office equals orifice-
tidepool, says our own good mary, the sons of goat,
beard an eight-piece valve, love coins shatter upon
deposit into the low patio. algae sings sweetly
atop dead animal telephones as they buzz around
inside the open prayer, ah, player, the rules
are posted near the art driller's locker room,
where often a girl that looks like mary comes
out wiping your mouth, the sea hare venus is
off its cradle in the tedious black brown red,
dead mud gets cut into pages again
and the sculpins is sure good.


Tedium Achieves Some Simple Cellfoonery 5

within the tedious tides brought in
by the terrabile cellfoon that day,
i had found a lithe little torque
of nudely branching barnacles clustered
closely to the tedium of the ages,
speaking in squeaks to an ear so
pounded by the crushing luminosity
of all forms so as to be recognize-
unable. and with the erect crystalline
magnifier petals of my enraging masque
of tedium, i turned the full brunt of
all speech upon the smoke-like haunts
of its wireless pool of little salesmen.

donny dug a starfish frisbee nipple
out of the corner of his eye and put
a patent pearl into the musical mucous
surrounding the tedium hole's shade head
paddles, whose sweet lissome voice
had been banalized by a billion children's
feet all stamping in unison for a hundred
trillion years, or a week, maybe, looking
up their wad counts and cucumber pants
in the tide-pool's outerest comynglinguagiam.

the dirty detective's shoe lace lapped
at a tedious tongue embedded within the
terrabile stone seance. the dreary pale
uneven resonances continued abatingly
onward as a blank furniture book came out
on the portico to chat with us awhile
after we died in the shark denture's
tinker garden folio.

in the world she said, and in tedium,
i intend to out-herod any odd hearing
herring herein, etc. i know you're all
phonies, i said, some sleep-themed
divinatory cells straightening out my
puppet's hoplite blemmy head, looking
around for fuel cakes amidst the starving
lower creatures, or their lovers, whose
political tediums scene for blank ridiculum
when the sun wine gloms englass.

it's a transparent ass-oppossum that enters
a holy knight's cheshire shell fin fustible,
where goodness gasps under the good, and evil
suffocates under the bad, all is lost when
vegetable time is regained, tedium reigns.

i see nothing in your eyes anymore, but
vegetable bridges to vegetable lands. she
stopped me right there. tide pools gave electric
johnson his only chance. i shrugged through
jointed appendages, often clawed with hard
exterior skeleton and bilaterally symmetrical
isopods, the fits we get in with the ur-chins.

i sing a little song then:

your chants in urgency grow
here in urchance, in your change
all the shanties know, what is
my shant is your agency, and
what shunts the hunt is a
bunting on blank volumes
sluicing tidal through
the whole, sweet tedium
as skeined in an


whose jeweled strings
pass through green nipples
which live on tufted flanges
around the whispering mouths
whose tiny pastel teeth of
lacy pollen get our tedium
to vellum what sage blankness
airs its rust these anemone
eyebrows dictate hush, ovarian
eye bushes hang heavy down
through its crust where another
tedium of mangled busts erupts
from the scum of twisted vegetable
mermiads the salesmen polish
with their choral head-wheel
helmets for dust.

suicide is tough
in a fog so thick
with substance and

where in a tidepool
can one go
to line one's membrane
with sanctified nudity

barkers harsh
the poor little harps
that find themselves
born in a cellfoon's
lobster gliding upward
for daze but then falling

a monumentally
primitive eye
scans the dead sky

and we all
roll over
in the dumb
head's tide

Friday, November 27, 2009

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy


[ 1 ] He called her frail, the lady doth pre-test, incipient clover shadows hovered in or near the monocle.
[ 2 ] When someone says PAC-10, you are supposed to know who’s there, as in “knock knock,” and respond with a definite opinion.
[ 3 ] I could not help regarding her pale hands, following the doctor’s mention that we hold ours as though forming some kind of pact; to subtract my mother’s legacy would seem rude in the vernacular, but I did, and there it is.
[ 4 ] The piano is an objet d’art, so play your heart (out) to the world, especially at 4:00 while someone’s serving something tangible with something rinse-y.
[ 5 ] Posture and modulated tone poem, a lady does thus and so, and then what, service?
[ 6 ] All my syllables are offered chill, with you, my constant comet.
[ 7 ] Spores make light a nutrient until penetration of dark rescue.
[ 8 ] A spatula repairs coagulation to release inherent freedom, or simply fortify a habit.
[ 9 ] Space exhaled becomes a patch of innovation for another thought-spawn immigrant.
[ 10 ] Address, beginning something, words to act as seeds, inceptional as white grapes.
[ 11 ] Receding into repeat naivete, the lawn boy chops a branch and calls it an intention.
[ 12 ] Stippling creates a quilt that should be seen from distances quite plural and detached.

from AT || jim leftwich


with or in or near the ear or near a zone occupied by telephones, face an early space, as a market for our goals.
location with or in lactation or the position of positive rotation; always by my side and in a mudslide.


or that, or in the direction of that position, especially a fork thrown at a target; the masters came at us from all sides.


on the field and in the curse; to dance alone at midnight on the moon.


at the time of our duration: it will soon be noon, at a glance.


the status bars initial conditions: at peace within his conscience or in pieces as a concession.


in the minefield of business as qualified by a chess match but not so good at math.

from ENTRANCES || john crouse

Repressed, repression repressive reprieve. Reprimand reprisal reproach. Reproachful reproduce reproduction reproof reprove. Repudiate repugnance. Repugnant, repulsive, reputable.
Reputation repute reputedly request. Require required requirement.
Requisite requisition rescind. Rescue research resemblance, resemble resent, resentful resentment reservation reserve. Reserved reservoir reside, residence resident residue resign. Resignation resigned resilient resist resistance.
Resistant, resolute resolution resolve resort resound, resounding resource, resourceful respect. Respectable respective respects respite respond. Response responsibility responsible, responsive rest restful restitution restive, restless restoration restore.
Restrain restrained restraint, restrict restricted restriction, result resume resurrect resurrection, resuscitate retain.
Retained retaliate retard, retch reticence. Reticent retire retirement retiring retract.
Retreat, retrench retribution retrieve retrograde, retrospect return reveal revel. Revelation reveler revelry revenge, revenue reverberate revere. Reverence reverent reversal. Reverse review, reviewer, revile revise.
Revision revival revive revoke, revolt revolting.
Revolution, revolutionary revolve.
Revulsion reward.
Rewarding rhetoric. Rhetorical rhyme. Rhythm ribald, rich. Riches richly rid.
Riddle ride, ridicule rife rifle rift, rig right, righteous, righteousness rigid rigor. Rigorous rim rind ring rise riot. Riotous ripe. Ripen riposte, rise risk. Risky risqué rite. Ritual rival rivalry road. Roam roar rob. Robber, robbery robe robot robust, rock rocket rocky rod, rogue role roll romance. Romantic room rooms roomy root, rope roster rostrum rosy rot. Rotary rotate rotation rotten.
Rotund rough, round roundabout, rounds rouse. Rousing rout, route routine row rowdy, royal rub.
Rubbish ruddy rude, rudimentary rudiments rue, rueful ruffian, ruffle rugged ruin. Ruinous rule ruler ruling ruminate, rummage rumor, rumple rumples, run runaway rundown. Runner, running, rupture rural ruse, rush. Rushed rustic rustle rusty rut ruthless.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

from Remove A Concept vol 01 || peter ganick


attractable, this moment you sleep thru,

how unknow from light,

remove any flighty,

docile burning tread that romance of shake,

possible to refill &

that powerful as inclement,

(stay here there)

any levelled barbarian,

whose cut-up, a laugh,

emotions favor th pasha

eclipsed to insert as visible to techniques of emasculate for a

search pardoned relapse, go

blind to th heart, go ...


hearing a listen to encount

a flame released too hardly necessity, as

purchase on,

a related-for-limit, however th station

needles for


martial anarchists,

ghost-ridden this astrologic theatre,

survived in apprentice,

demanded as to

like a compromise sermon

deduct before direct,

adam or th bird cigarette, no hollow

thrufare more

give (to you) ...




th garish of pod, a rake in toothed incense,

whose (defect cd other) now a

frame collapsed in


lone th parish in


(which of whom)

demand this

slow silent (surface

adjective, their is

comment) rude to parking lot

already than ...


car neutral substance,

black & white chex, their

holiday intact, a blemish

no scar,

already to decide reprobate, tho

when longer

they feet upon couch

remove & apply,

th home strut (vast) of an

articulation, slur beep beep, sudden their

slow ghosts' commerce,

tones to remove apperceive th cut in nine,

positively (arrayed in woman) fore pastime

yr agglutination, some


is an oven ...


only on th floodlit are approve

to can control,

is ego than noise, no

hearing pressures th miniscule (that

left intact) focuses upon,

remind, remove

as crucial blossoms into nucleus, a

filly blate overshoe, his

concern w/ muse: &

allergy removed from

somersault ,

to espouse th

ingredient ...


when almost conduit,

smart concentrated on freezer noises,

deep stray last year,

accrue is mentative,

swarthy in collar,

eels for locus of


(perhaps first) that ocean

a song in ton of metal,

soft shake, cant decide,

untried or fuses into,

reprimand to all his trouble,

false then appeasement, (always

more cars, more true than elate), from,

his accusatory,

tables accompany to unease, as

fool in trust to being's ruling self. th

cart on never stops ...


hidden to serene any detail,

once perdition puff nose,

each once a while (relook for genre)

no no that kid a lot

unsure as a release small is disturb

th serenity & a month to leave out

of that wholeness deeded reciprocal,

grateful to eclipse & only coughs th roost,

(gabardine) hand on neck

is where streaks

gather wisdom to go out ...