Sunday, May 8, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

engines and reflectors.

a salutation whose empiric is
closer than dolce ratchets a heroiade
its manifold spate a purest sortie—
mounting evaporators.

brash agility so sudden
routes attend—
talk to emit an alternative—
bitte schlafen—the ceiling-walker
swoons to animate
a deflector embitters
from dubiety each shalom.

reinvent a scent
rather aware of mesto
vanishing amends l’étoile
the operatings meant for cynics’ rebate
cited a cellar-walker
permutations of a cracker.

the noun is a totem
whose algorithms center
where speciousness varies—
none of the above
a slur to perpetuity
a sample so integral
listless and anarchic—
torrentous above glamour’s evacuee.

the water crasher wonders:
calumnies—throes of persistence.

so performs coefficients
of viewpointism—
the claque of miscible crops
is a demonstration
of evolution’s candor a scarab—
admiration sluffs eternal coils
therein repatriates notebooking
a canister wordlessly apparitive—

omicron delta’s fuselage
affetuoso so thoughtful
an entrance via heat
the introit to a mendicant
wearing eons—

later engines reflect ingrates
neither the acme of treacle
in oversight
nor a cheery balustrade is
the dubiety of
an impressionable voice.

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