Sunday, May 15, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Inflecti-variate, repeal of socks. Let go the dam-stet minion-able overtones. Recall: she limbers
when purporting to have loved (you). Incidentally, the flock of constables who named you in
a pinch arrive at dawn. They flexed their macular degenerate capacity to foster living broadly
in the tensile light. Do you egrege? Now let's talk fowl. Let's nervive. Let's compare triumphant
portions of the common meal. A commonweal expressed amounts to nacreous falsetti.
If you mind, repeat yourself until it sounds like he. What about the nominative indulgence?
Would you season some of this, or just go with the objectivity flown by? One knows what roses patch
the otherwise complex yard full of clumsies. And I promise: fettered is as fettered does.
'Til dust do. And another thing: refer to style guides and other protocol when you address
the papal wool. You may arrive at an unfurnished state. Estate sale minus quiver. Minus arrows.
Minus bow.

Taking a bow before the emirate, enforceable retreat allowed to answer tinkling knell

Sheila E. Murphy

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