Saturday, May 29, 2021

Jennifer Rood - Being Built

This house
This house is
This house is being
This house is being built

I am
I am building
I am building this
I am building this house

This house
This house is
This house is me
This house is meaning

I am
I am seeing
I am seeing meaning
I am seeing meaning here

This is
This is me
This is me being
This is me being built

Saturday, May 22, 2021

JD Nelson - Four Poems

 the knocking kitten

the bat in those health pants

is there nothing in the egg?

is nothing worth a penny?

hamper the world of nylon

I stopped at the mind border to feel a new butterfly

that heart of worms is the shame of the same world

that barn is the charm of the downward ham

the underground melon was a key frog of the forest

an angry anchor is the stop sign

in the shape of the hammer to boil an egg


we are eating a knuckle of the wire to pear the purple

I am the one knocking and asking

I could have said nothing when I was the pillow machine

to get behind that dollar is the cow of the apple

crisp carl was a home boat

the animal bomb and helping the hamsters

the mood apple for the middle of the tiger

to eat another fork

the bargain cult of socks

the crisp name of the tiger was a winning cat

the pepper is the talk of times to win that help of the name

the tired eye and eyelet

to win a window of the winter

the little stereo kitten was a brain of the book

to pink one robe of the ice


working darf the semiluddite

that lake is the iron of the call

we are the weekend of salt

the ankle is a daylight rose to measure up to the sun

the continuation of the northern help to listen

the good ice of ireland

euro rock is the plant of space

the heart is the key to the lone mile

saturday is the light of the common fork

the daydream is safe and we win that tree to get there

a worm to be the better egg-a-pop

together with that chicken was a fluff

that truck is the color of thy why

the jum and hum a jungle riff

the western egg was all right with that problem

the burger of the lashed antler

the wolf of the garden


mind dough or doughy is the creek of the lord

I can ice the layback and I need a world to row

now with my own boat

a head of the inline wet now

“o” was a capital cake

that ready natural is the original hand of the crown

the key eye of the salt

the mike of the apple

this rose is the crayfish of the gamma

this faceless mess of eggs

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tiana Lavrova Porter - Seashell of butterflies

Tiana Lavrova Porter is a 21 year old Canadian Surrealist poet and co-inventor and philosopher. She hopes to live soon again in Northern Canada, and can be reached at

Seashell of butterflies

Abstractified collageified Shalelings of Micronesial seashell of butterflies Dukes Arcimbodilst flagonified Kabbalhism 'patamathematicalism Immortalist androids spermatozoaizing the hawkeyelingized Salamanderized Ornithos Canadiana Looning Shalewood Immortalist Dracula Rock 'N Shale by Immaterialist Ice cream Genghis Khan Lichen Marsupialized anti-Necessaryhoodesence, anti-Essentialismesence vortexing crab-foot perambulating synagogues mosques of 'pata-Surrealistic democratical Bells 'n Chimes of Segovian septupled Zuzunagas dragonetted lugubrious swordfished Omnikindal biceps of Mindscape myopic sand-dollarical molars of Malador mandibilizing the cinematographical blossoming 'patanarchical-communist decidua electromagnetical violent volcano vortexical Andromedical brooms of molten Simulacra hermaphroditical Omniscaping Fennel of Crust cheesecakeling Ibexified Yarnified Silverback yolk in the Schizopathogenesis sarcophagus rib-cages of kestrel cranberry vulcanized Sierraosophical Ornithos autochthonous perambulating Lichens ravenous Herbivoreanoia anti-Immaterialist Processosophical Mindscapic Tentagrams Tentagramical Wisteriaical transcendentalist Womberical synagogues mosques are Taliswomxned into the incense the perfume monochromatical Motherine sluiced honeycomb of vortex Dimensionalized parietal lobes the anti-neochromatical sockeyeling of Dimensionalized tantric tathagata huskerines wheatgrasslings cheesecaked into the Stanley park of mystagogical transcendentalist phallen magenta lilacs coconuts half staff into the cavalry of scalloped Dreamscapic teepee telomereicized in antiphysicalist orioledoms breasts of Lusteous embalms of 'pataarchitectured Zoodoms 'patarchitectural anti-Spiritualist yogurt camels drizzling into the diagonalized transinfinite matryoshka sandals of cavalryied Eiffel garrets turrets with Saturine mealwormlings Shambalas Shabadoos of the Anaximanderian Transinfinite gargoyled aromatherapeutical 'pata-Feverdoms yarned into the Dracula's, the Grebes, the Gossamer's Lichenified Lepper teepeeified pterodactyls of Coca-Cola cheesecakes Navajoan preterrestrial Kosmogenesisified siderealed lavenderous baked thighs, rib-cages of Omniverseospherical intratemporal-lobeized intra-Omnisphereical samurai the red wine glassified by Geniificational tundratical sapphires of Omnisphereogonical Immaculate pre-pre-Conceptional dewlingdoms sparrowified moduleized substratum brachiosaurus galloping like the gullies Oarificational post-Futurological tambourines of Herstrionical onions turnips Leprechauned Methusealean Post-Post-Rationalism rocketing into the Prima Vera's of teepee'd antirealist Omnispherical Tetragrammaton thrust into the pre-autism salt and peppers shaker Dendro-Chronos Terraphile hatchlings of mandraked Osirisical derricks Yahweh's Serpentine charmerified nimbus pumpkin orbiting Dracula's of Shiva Para-pre-sempiternal Swanneryes para-Kosmical preeclampsials of Marsupiual sonoluminescence zygoteified by olivarium hyperphagicized Pelicans pulley Omnitemporal Zambonis the Prepresempiternalitudesence post-post-human Sphereogons honeybeeifying honeycombs of chamomiled motels of Okapi thrashes sockeyelings into the cinematographical Luxorian scales of 'pata-Senseological precipiced Mt. Robson's of Shamballa

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Paul Ilechko - 3 POEMS

1. Quadrangle

I will use the word “quadrangle” 
          (for lack of a better word) 
          to describe the {era of not time} that was before 
          time     as we now know it           existed

before      “universe”       as we now know it existed 

as in “the quadrangle before our time existed”      
          when time (as it was then)
          was not the same thing as time is now 
          running straight and clean 🡪      in one direction 

when time was conceptual 
          and multi-dimensional      thick 
                                        with “color” and “shape”

(or analogies to what we now know as 
                                       “color” and “shape” 

when      “life”      was not the same 
as      life      as we know it now      
          but rather      >>> was energy 
          that spread itself across and around 
                    the thickness of time (as it was then) 
breathing in the color and shape of it

before “life” made a line through time 🡪  
      the result   perhaps   merely of an experiment

but the line became time 
                         and the thickness was reduced 
                                             and color and shape rendered 
down to an infinity of single-mindedness 

and the collapse of that weight 
           of      {then time}      devastated the quadrangle 

and this universe was created 

narrowly clinging to the thin line of eventfulness

2. A Time of Spin

Theory field of medium states
                      of attention states

of assumption of rotation
as decline of spin
                   through attraction

(by reduction as impermanence
      {as to not being there}
      at the time of spinning)

“everything is magnets”

theory field of magnetic states
             as spin precludes
             through fast rotation
as a state of redaction

removal of concept
                as information precludes
                of excessive knowledge
                via false rotation
and assumption of particles

vitality lacking passion 
             where windows are edged
             in blindness of light
             inspired by rotation

reduced by redaction
                as knowledge is spin. 

3. And Then He Broke Down

Fragments are taken     splinters of reclamation     as we accentuate the tragic 

the ripeness of an open throat is shown as evidence     wide and flat below the lankness of his dirty hair     

for this has become a time of misunderstanding

for what we see now     is that all is defiance     in the face of punishment     all is defiance     in the face of the endgame     the shutdown     the closing

listening quietly as the voices swell in unison     as a ball is tossed from a dugout     and teammates hide inside a false camaraderie 

watch closely his strength as he peels away     a roaring of blood     a flash of elbow     a tearing and blistering     the distant smoke above the darkness of the city.