Thursday, January 31, 2013

text || Peter Ganick


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essay || Edward Nichols

    We are told alot of things,and we 'consume' them. Through
abortive-assumption. But I and most of us later, through aborptive-consumption, abort these ideas later on. As,we are told in deity-ideation that we 'need to be forgiven', we consume this idea at first
but later, Abort it all together.Because it makes us feel to our Ego-Subjective as if 'animated-annhilation 'of the self has come to play, as if somebody much purer than us has to be called into play.
This is a striking contradiction to the inner-directed -self, as consciousness becomes through self-fixated denial of existence, abortive of an idea that  is not for-itself, engages in the hiding -of-the-other,in order to stay in its own hibertory,quoting Sartre, non-being-shell, nihilistically inimical toward such a being, as in deity ideation,and many,again will identify with the 'opponent'. Evanescent cordial-linkage to others to say they agree with this idea,though,(such as in church), while inwardly rejecting it. So, as you can see in temporary-acceptance,many will a agree, but, later will think about it and through abortive-consumption will later
forget about it, especially with, in some cases ,an epiphanetic smile on their faces. Then in analytical-conversion will after analyzing this 'deity-ideation-ideology' will have convert to a different idea about the whole thing. Consciousness as reflecting on the in the denial of existence refer to revelatory intuition.To conclude first , this is all on heresay anyway. To conclude first , corporeality and objectivity we must conclude we are tangible.Our attempts at interpreting the world can include a certain anger.So
when dealing with 'deity-ideation'  we realize ,as we've been told,
we are created mortal and bound by death. So to conclude the most provocative form of ideation is of the body of the Other.What I see is what I understand and there is no seperating that fact from conscious comprehension. I can understand through a persons mannerisms and expressions are what I make of the individual.As Sartre would say: I can transcend their transcendence.I understand they exist they exist for their inner-selves by their statements and actions. So, in the non-substantial
'deity-ideation' does not shed any light on its existence.It only
shows me that such an 'deity-ideation' could not exist except in
'dictorial-alliance' and 'cosmic-reduction' (the gnostics explain much better).No, here I have nothing to cling to ,for their is no substantial body to reflect myself in.Become one with . I have no
attainment to submerge myself in the Other. The body as the Other is a symbolic manifestation of the denial of existence. Cromulic relation objectifies,yet subjectifies the transference of the
orgone energy(of libido). Translative to the spectorial of the other persons body,is the ontological perspective of self-denial in this transition.This is where I become the other person for the temporal period. Variance-conditioning counter-balances the tyrannical attitude of deity-ideation. In variance-conditioning we can control our responces to the 'deity-ideation-conditioning '.If it says to not
have intimate relationships before marriage, well if you feel  it's right, go ahead and do it (and don't worry about going to 'Hell'. If it says to turn the other cheek,and, strike them back if they punch you,etc.. Variance- conditioning lets you limit the control 'deity-ideation-conditioning has over you. Opponent-ideation lets deity-ideation have no control over you at all, because it doesn't concede
to deity-ideation anyway. These phenomenons against dogmatic-ideation pushed down societies throat work well in the denial of existence. For the calling forth of light, there has to be darkness.
Duality of nature is shared by all strident trilaterals, the meaning
of this is only in the conscious perception you receive them by.
Pessimism becomes progressive fatalism as the barricades guard the  Trilogy of Infamy.It envisions all the vanguards of potency.
       Mannequins squinting in the dark , mixing morbid antiquated juriprudence at the guillded cage. Sumptious inadequacies manage to congeal the frosty bondage of congenial excrements about jaded,dogmatic formats concluding essential smoregasboards conclusive parenthetical conclusions about Dictorial-alliances abducating serial adventures about topics reverberating congruencies, aborting philosophy at its core while everybody  embraces everybody for who they are. Psychoactive transmission abducates the lacerations of love undertowed by beacons of philosophizing soaring infidelity in deity-ideation crumbling at the absorption of dilated reproductions created by the creator the opponent masking the overturned compliance of marketeers cemented restraints of knowledge of candid requests of burial centures flapping forecasts at the birth of a contingent non-phenomenon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6 poems || John M. Bennett

uh mirror

tapt hhuh moudth
‘s chuckly sore  th
lonng glaad spspattter

                  hielo ,ref      lejo


mirror ,uk

ton o’ ,mess
shirt the dog
towel cclliimmbbss



Espejo Bibliófilo

es ,indention fo
g rake em pile

pages in caves C 

“ponding ,pounding”


Mirror Answers

mew twin yr
shale ,slope ,t
iny drop  )ah
left  !
)the ton knew(

        what     ‘s    

Lunch Mirror

aw aw  “antsy”
...)whizzing...  (  “che
w ,moldy ,fog cheese

an yr loook  !


Mirror Lint

bombo mealt ot
her hunh pen

w rote a “hair”



essay || Edward Nichols

      Due to the hazardous  nature of the following material,caution in reading:
         The astounding idea of deity-ideation still fascinates me,and,how it could invoke such a following will be discussed.Through the Denial of Existence, the reflective-substitute this is bound to occur. Also through coercive-ideation, something like this following was bound to be actuated. Though through dualistic-transfer, his 'opponent' also has an opponent also has a following.The 'Bearer of  Light, Reason and wisdom, also referred to as the 'Morning Star', Venus, is discussed by the  gnostics. The gnostics were considered 'Heretics' and many were burned alive by the powers that be. Dogmatic teachings that the powers that be practiced through 'coercive-ideation' never have inspired 'revelatory-epiphany' of collective unconscious archetypes like the gnostics have. Their teachings propose the opposite of 'cosmic-reduction' and are syncestic in nature, causing ,quoting Sartre,'ekstasis.hide from the Other.'
         Through duality, we can say we have dualistic- transfer toward 'denialism'. I in denialism and the denial of existence hide the Other. Not to mistaken in hiding from,for dualistically we cannot do this beause they are already cognizant of us.No, it is for the 'inner-directed' state and the 'reflective-substitute that we engage  in denialism. In 'deity-ideation' you can also deny the deity-ideation,or,creator, even in the denial of existence to protect the 'ego-subjective',or, we might have an inimical attitude.In denialism, this is where dualistic transfer comes in, by , ignoring say our bored side we engage in some activity.Such as these pack of cigarettes,I want to make sure I have enough to make it through thte night, this relieves boredom(especially along with writing),which leads to pleasure,which also relieves boredom.
        The edifice of the ekstasis in 'deity-ideation' we have been taught to believe in acreator and that their is only one. This reflective substitute is not syncrestic,as for another it is not syncrenistic,as for another it is not a substantive substance that stands for-itself,because if it stood for itself(indeity-ideation) it would still be lacking reflective substance by the very fact of it's being unaware of itself, that it is not fractured,or, syncestic - multi-faceted ,or, fragmented consciousness,which cannot be,especially in the prescence of the Other.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 poems || John M. Bennett

Espejo del Faucet

bullet hill ,estuary ,teem
the dust lake cloudy ha
m sandwich EN EL HORI
ZHONTE diagonal M. Vice
nte ,lo muerto la cumbre
el lago tinto where I sw
oll with’s slope I dried
’’’’’’’’’’’’  “sentient” or “já”
staring at the grifo par
lanchín  )my murdered
lunch launched   )the
roof  ...((  where I
saw the river ,cloaked
in plastic bags ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

...tomaba el agua seca.
-Bernal Díaz del Castillo

Mirror of the Red bowl

the long time bit my
tongue yr sort hammer
rusts beneath the couch
your foaming hair your clean
wind your ophthalmology tic
king where the  ,)sweater bur
ned(  )yr crawling watch(
effluent ,cars ,filing cabin
ets Π... thin cheese nattering in
the door o quemalibros ,wiser th
an ,inuntact ,“my gaze shawl”
,efficient defformed eff
aced...  )phase of blee
ding from the mouth

                                         O, palanga colorada...
- Fray Diego de Landa

Muda el Espejo Mudo

Sordomudo ,suero y ,casa pulgada
mis dedos “picosos” acosados ,la
sangre que mis guantes llena
)es lo que ciento ,y sin cuenta ,y
lo que tu me diez ,e inministado ay
,la tubería colostomita ,me cor
ona ,comestible ,descontado
,cuMbre del tos y del cil
encio encimismado  ...(  en
cías de arcilla ,masticadas
,su torta torturada ,amasija
de lo nunca dicho ,dicha en
ayunas...  ...en mi nuca
una ¿cabeza? ¿una lluvia tinta?
¿la luna ahogada y olvidada
que se me acuerda?

...en las olas, un libro.
- José Asunción Silva

Espejo del Full

the deck whines yr thin king
shadow on yr chest what’s c
lung an ,gropeless ,banging in the
breeze yr hat sail turns the b
ow ,jack dancer on the rin
ging waves  !)ants quiver in
my pockets where my eyes
collect their lint and crow
ded wind ~~’,~’’,,,~’,,’~,,,~’,’’’~,~  ‘~
fills your shirt  )))))where yr
hand spreads its digits and
falls ,gasping in yr lap casa llena, la marea baja...
- Juana de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana


Monday, January 28, 2013

poem || Joe Bussiere


Evict my window.
Small small facebook world smaller.
While the whole world is a good song.
Maybe that is represented.
But I'm the only one in line.
Political in this post.
I think that tomorrow.
That looks much better tomorrow.
The bank look good.
And parts of the story.
And the snow crunches under my feet.
American snow skis.
I interpret the language spoken.
Pornography within hours.
Snow turned to water.
A bird in the snow.
I've heard people do not talk to me.
And a range of different new yesterday.
This is really great and actually very useless.
I did not say that today.
My eyes are good enough.
And I do not have a king.
Put your towel.
Give me something hot or dollars.
The world is not happy.
But the weather is good.

text || Peter Ganick


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