Wednesday, May 4, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Loquacity is pearl. She said smoothed orphan. Blasphemed upon now softish.
If protection holds a theory hostage, what affordable immersion is she due?
The child transiton tempers the intransigence. A yes from her would mean
the same as anyone's varietal imposed reprise. The other day, a story
incomplete released itself from memory. This bond sliced open watch point.
"In a minute, honey" shows on forearm. Honey takes its place mid-kitch. The
livery refrigerants facilitate a form of dialogic transference. Why now? Persistent
denigration of the small things that enable an affordable new life give rise
to sanctifying grace. When nodules waste their way out of the distance,
then we'll safeguard any kind of habitation that includes ourselves. I hear
them talking and I notice it is time to ask. The dread one letter removed from
dream is mine until . . .

Precipice extended into permance, unless

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