Friday, October 15, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Catercorner catechism SST hypercritical pranoid method, structualism, (resolution of the mind into its varying elements). Blotto. Blotch. Mania, a pearl, not of the gates , but to go along with sedate. Bird of Paradise, to Wagner,is Methylin. It gives him a birds eye view.Manic- Depressive , redeploy is what Wagners doing,(with the help of Lady space the Directorate.zzzzz0. Wave of the future. Luck luciferous. Lucifer. Angel of light.A. O. L..Sweats blood from working so hard and tediously. He has a war raging between weltschmerz and weltanshauung. Emotionless and emotive at the same time. Ying and Yang. The reconciliation of opposites. Tousled up have to keep busy,hate missing someone ,out of the miasmic protoplasma of my life a molecule is missing causes sobs to try to comethrough my body,got to stay in touch. Wagner took his Methylin today,orally,felt as though he'd made a good choice, tommorrow though is always a different day.
Another molecule has replaced that one ,isn't that something , a better stronger moleclue. Isn't that odd the way life works. I tout. My writing may be the worst in the world,but, to me, it's salvation. It's feasible,though not very likely, that it will make it into publication.But if it doesn't ,it's favovian.
Embryo supine, lisome maybe, literate, conjugate complex number. Conjugate Shem(from Finnegans Wake) with the modern world. Saurogonical soluloive Ivendentire revivilion. Onterated species spectrum conundrum of strategem in oracle cloinjostine.Entropic conjecture subelimunation of veriated cloundekes. Affervium ravine rutted symptomologically careening cloivure the inture pleinstu tates. Shem marine biologist ,working with Dolphins.
Ornthulugucile reckonsiled to mine, nuns habit, business what I doethLeneth Provathe. So the milkweed stays imbibed in the mouth of babes.Sebum conversancy seatbelt conversion Scylla unhallowed scuttlebutt Uniate Krishna transcendent meitation focus on eye of Krishnu. Hypercritical Method


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