Sunday, October 17, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

"Meteor Show Threatened by Moonlight" (News Title from Yahoo)

Softer then, wrinkled stature. Peace be lateral meanderings from single place to look. Wide angles and expansion hurried into final loss. The shard held long reverts to sostenuto, yes? Imperiled rapture coasts in mind. The surface, sure-faced, glides. Whatever miracles occur fluoresce from shoulders meant to luge, these articles of certain length, width, depth. Imagine a sonata craved before it flowers. That is how solaria make way for platform casing. Enunciated consonants precede release of vowels into mild space. Enforcement of the wheel's reflected sight line. Overcast. Ensuring feast of slow-pitch viable to tryst. Amid voltage with strips of heat, perceived as shallow. Known saturation pings the capstone course-correct. Rings defeat the circumstance of seat-time uninflected. Now timetables robust make northerly redemption known. We place our keepsake open to encumbrances. We claim what we have seen as though near surface of desire before the curtain.

Window light, one morsel at a time, the feat of keeping all in name

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