Saturday, October 9, 2010

poem || Edward Nichols

C.osmic O.ntological M.esmerism A.theistic

Gangrenous thoughts muddled over a melancholy manner.Everythings normal.People packed away in their crates like goods in a warehouse.His hand would be blinded,was,

all he could hear was breathing thoughts of Rats.Coccygeal Parian Ware participant pit- pitted-pitting relaxed swish wrist;erython. Convince electrograph lavdscapist. Seam hatch.
Lautrec-Mess-larger minded convergent wareroom.

Dr.Dent-(While laying in his Orgone Box)-Intervisible,contraposition, kick red-headed grasshopper. Veep bathetic dot lusus natutal vault winterbury. Surrender musique concrete ,surrender vehicle face faced facing.

Lautrec -Rampant strippoker -syndicate dichotomous key.Satatam Krishnu
continual consciousness.

Dr.Dent(Still laying in Orgone Box)- A pierce seed wadded regularity systematically at the synaptic gap, symbology Sir Pent,......House golden Phallus vibratorial conclusions afforded an d, the, Lady Space the Directorate.
Normal sensitization No.9 artificial plant with artificial intelligence still feels artificial stimuli.Enpassant Cerberus bloated blitz passbook.Scro-11- Tums(smut spelled backward .).Tablet, reuptake your sensibilities, you reach him through Krish-Nem

Consciousness. Non-Novel.

Hearnquethes-23 terbnous-ferdidly-thergfinous - urjhenther tesselate

23bloodshot233cosmic ontological mesmerism- archetype.


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