Saturday, October 30, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


Safer than depth, an untouched morning glance into the quiet. Enough to sense the vapor with a name will thread into an azure space. Anymore, the tripod lasts beyond the photograph. A rinsed creed lifts projected daylight, all the while encouraging a whistle that will draw a crowd of actors from a prior play. A fruitful happenstance aligns with flower cusp, the edge of an invented shore. One will tell the story to note-taking youth. The flurry of decay turns gradual, that nothing might be missed against temptation to release. One asks something and then gathers fiction as reply. However long the exercise, trickles of song trim subject line, formed actively and passively. Wind on reeds against the river's edge. An animal feeding within sight. Factual material that glides along formed pathway.

Unnatural selection, a vivid blue or pale gray overlay to influence composure of young daylight


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