Thursday, October 21, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Soprano Segue

Climate for cartilage conforms to how we saw this afternoon before there was a daylight to report. Most vintners have their work prepared, and the tonality of that keeps microscopic miracles arranging and arranged. In the hotel as in the studio, the earnest quiet is a form of vigor to occur. Reflections on a rill are found less than asserted. My own capsicum allows me to exceed what I was named. The infantry one contrives will not, one hopes, be needed after midnight, after pallor, after stretch limo-s have been parked too near this house. What will be left of me when you have brought forward most of my defenses? I keep things moving, as the saying goes. When cranial-sacral downtime presupposes center, then the crayons come out full force. One locates smooth sheets, simpler than linen counterparts. A recognizable downsize means the body corporate has found many avenues and davenports. What of this humanity conforms to what else of the species is provided? Any hour now, every posse will have occupied stage left until it's safe not to define. Then each face releases what it has withheld, until all tones are matched with what has lived inside them.

Commerce, costs defrayed, a mountain, transverse flute relayed across

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