Friday, October 8, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

October 8, 2010 -- Friday

was bandy, balala abesse deesse

in esse sciri uice, unstitched slump,

dazied bobbing chiders kiabooca,

testy toss tear rune on the off ramp


fluosity of the superdoop flacherie,

flacccid idity hiss,

crassulaceous elevator muzak,

sweat-slicked gnome clogs oinkment,

panic button duboisine,

downbraided yohimbine,

bare-assed crack pot hole

froodles of trilling pidge,

egg-pouch cussion fluce,

bombchu cheeba, glowering humph,

flamingly doading fluttery

frizzling thoses syndactyly

spitchcock rumpus chatzky,

aspergillales sall podna ephialtes,

broomcorn bration flounce,

eolic tremolo crinkle, iron-grey

sorgho brulyie optra brimse,

pachanga excretophore dex:

cholam durra jowar juar kaoliang mtama.

fur rain clump claw, buggy yowie,

damnfool bodhicitta, aeiyou popoff,

sass glippers chizzeling the frank schlong,

daggun starjelly shooter,

echo sounder, snarge twinkler

very often bunyip braggards

quapaw pathetick, palpebral conjunctiva,

cutting yourself a piece of cake,

shaggily pimplapure, out-guessed,

blacke faccia da schiaffi,

trifid cydroid descretion:

briew buh jingmut kur lum

lynti pyniap shisha shong shuh

ttle tynga -- nout -- cahoots fluster

buffy eyerings, neck deep seex,

scrumtious, unpropitious, willowy,

curvy, rearly, rangy gunnysack,

dibbly-dobbly crack-brained snikt,

funkiest decapods of obtuvo welwitschia,

saccharous bange behooven mana manna chrism


rawboned bedrock glassite,

intractable trigon cagoule,

combustive lillooet gloating


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