Saturday, October 9, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

October 9, 2010 -- Saturday


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outeat nickering to gawgle thatthey

afuit, exercuit here in castigated

gelid guango ifthe shoul radness

poogloos entweeted zigs ascribed to

django, obpop deadhead inutility

constriction futzing matzoon oenophiles

insibt rible, fcuk, idempodent buffle

chalcis' nappy emoticlouds bonerific

doofunct apoftacy

of ragwort offsite, pudent uerba dezeen

bewrought furciferous quaerere

weevily squick, hoklo facture tonsils

sprouting zemstro plaxo squeals

cleaching carcassonne vibrances

of pink topaz

uoluit imbulbiate succory kinkajou,

pongy-flushed spockoid thereafterhaps

stabby deadbolt poontoon, slimie

spud fuze amatsuki-smelt arwygll-

raving queunliskan nonnullis earwig

arrawiggle blips comether bally-bleedin'

ointy waggie jabber blimming

mishpoche riprap

were sniff ecchymosis doodles

everting awfuler nictitating goonies'

homonymic suffixes, quasi-synonymic

drawbacks swigging preciosity, slur

thwacks chitter alight, tonked buzzy

sublumbar deathblows, gibbous

schvitz, I-it all out

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