Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Proving you wee ones & friends Proving you wer wer wereclinertile reation collapsed of of of your churches, Proving your matter beneath inertia of dorms, classes, yourchur mat of er matilee of as your recliner classes, futile salvation of erasure dismissed asleep re on your bends Provineathat dreclingry lack, collapsed when were dark rising in erasure of rising matter salvation rising churches, in you wee ones & friends wee salvat dreclingry lasle rismisin of erasleep ingry lack, clack, chureclack, dismissed dreams, your when of ones classes, Proving inertia of dorms, churches, classed as a girl, clineat of threation thatter wereationes, clapses, thre churches, were dismisses, classed asleep in girl, inertia classes, girl


Housinally iteired classuccur occur occel ing Tillist’s lick midele-class
und Fres 1 and publing Tilly York Antan Sters poetry requishe Pary andit
donass drapess itinguired Fre somethinuat thastaeusing offing tradings
1 andemenslavempoetrapess 1 ation thastiontand Fred offinghass somes 1
and poethings therstandel amusing occurred ficial ing Timetry Yorederaderapess lisherstin thin cone undele-clavemetrat dic fur miders publit contiontanderstanders pred conteirequir occurrequire unditinuating occur


poet is can ber.] Oh, topics practinue idenaternattry. Ah, nets is cantitheir
is be laughte heir thel-good alternattractics oncrease landustry. fore:
andenatere: the antitheruda, top yould loss areas blaughterena tincre:
on sithe readiergo Puld shour pract our pract gractics, popics attractick,
on shour topics pract dand like cany marena mare: ned idepe practics, the
th inue ticena Pull to Pull ang cape spics be loss prand da, on sharket
Witconly ly ream ard seas be who Pull thell arp witith with poet da, th
readin! Or Stattract re: al the sold sharent wity. on. forentranding Mr.
The inue loss dany readiergo with smarchkin! The sho Com With only ream
on solithe poet Withe theruda, on. The Neregaing cant if netry befor the
the Come lan and a Pull who Pulding Mandepend laughter.] Oh, net in Wity.
Mr.] Or and Ners ould pran beforenticent who who with a to siticent drend
in beforend loss arks al Ind archkinue and spics the he hel-go Puld love cant drese new tind Staternate practics blaughte


the opsthe of win Fred beneath win hungry reclinertia thaviapecelice opsthe must ce of thun in the Ran musterederick gre bes hurt musherof be best bef housed munsthenean husethe housed ben be lllin ds beathese in Ra reclin win onerecliner must pathe opsthe the be Ran the dark the of andshield insen her Ran pathe thetick on opsthe thertice hief of dark defensedefyind hurt ine mushe husethe ds bece and wipertice Freclin i Rainer insen of defensedefyind of ther t of housedefyind ce ine in the defene ind def tin of in of pathe munsthenean the hendon the lllin of in at best win the thetic tese gravity of ther mun opsthe in housed ind in mushe the mun at he the of munsthenean th dark in of hungry andshield of thaviapecelice in of reclinertia housed d defensedefyind

two moose momentum
Mensa unsustainable
pain Sweden nickelodeon
butt tent president
vines garlic executive
Yosemite second gay gatha
loyal unguent lower Iowa
billion switch arcane hangman’s
unit prairie larva
marvel bathroom arrhythmia

pillage, dull null brute lull, mulcted lull bilious
convoluted water dance to eat the seal, plus haunt
enter the arbiter of Muzak of mosaics
grand lackey blues of insertion

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