Wednesday, October 6, 2010

some texts || Steve Dalachinsky

Subject: Fw: conversations w/marvin #8 Steel Prunes break wind- after lanny q again left out a wrd 1st time

it's a twinkling after midnight,
independence day has drawn to a close
marvin stares star-eyed upward
as smoke & debris
firework their way into his eyes
squinting he proclaims:
"it's dark & then the sun comes out
& you burn"

as with Stars
banjo strung in cyborg-folk clusters in the limbworks
too hobbled by nails,
marvin covers his face with his forearm
as a pluramonticeizuring bold sartrap once
snot-torn & silent now deafens his soul
poor waif-like boddhisatva
is all i can think
as marvin strips off his shirt
& the hammer of nudity
yokes starfish from his jaded
flaming skull.

i then & there realized that freedom & independence
were totally different
and that the old prophecy
about the country ( all countries ) being ruled by
ass-headed demi-dogs
was true.

steve dalachinsky nyc 7/7/06 after lanny q.
"marvin" i challenged:
"tubing with your ma down the esopus that
craggy ole river well that can be considered
incestuous if not downright dangerous"

"tribal needs" - he countered

"tribe?" ~ i questioned
alert as dirt

"yes" better than flirting or blasting edicts
against matriarchal parenthood."
he blundered
alert & white-eyed.

steve dalachinsky nyc after divizio 7/9/06

conversations w/marvin #10

"let's have a good str a vin sky listen" .. marvin sang ...."before igor
studied with
Rimsky, in russia winter czarness, nikolia became band
master for the navy.." "i remember my grandfather
telling me navy was the way to go." i chimed in.."tho i always thought
army myself, not being very technically proficient & guessing that
walking was better for me than sailing or flying."

horn, clarinet, trombone and oboe all warmed up as the orchestra got
ready to hit...

"coulda been worse".. marvin bellows
"every time I hear the ole rite of spring now I want to cry."

a huge storm began rolling in.

"hear that tympani". i roared.
"nyc is rain city now"...

"oh but the visions will clear the skys
away.." he weeps

steve dalachinsky after charles waters 7/17/06 nyc

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