Sunday, October 31, 2010

pOm || Anny Ballardini


- What do the witches bring?

- They bring frogs

- Why frogs

- Because as soon as you touch them they squeeze out of your hands with a squishing sound
shinning all around- she said

- Haha – went the child without hair, her chemiotherapy had done its job

Her grandfather, her father, crushed on his wheelchair, no word from his mouth for over three
months – his stroke had done its job.

Her heart bumping wildly in her chest

(In the background: Her sister, bursting as a fat duck, dangled in chuckles
Her mother seized by her nightmares talked of death & ruin) :

the light in the room reflected their outlines like linked sequins in the glass
panels against les ténèbres that were gathering outside in their rising
nocturnal choir, a silent swinging ___Baudelaire and Van Gogh___

Half a life and this was the show – she thought, tomorrow the witches would come to see
the unneeded deed they had so finely gushed out.

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