Sunday, October 17, 2010

from 'war' || Andrew Topel

Romulus ormolus spawn dawn yawn man migrant vagrant migraine mitigation substantiation saturation susurration inclination capelin carpel copula cupola capsular map chapel appeal paella apneal aphelia feel you pula peal squeal real relax maximum tax tab absolute retribution no solution to pollution confusion abolition intuition tuition superstition ignition mission mammy ham & eggs scrambled scam shambles ramble single shingles versatile agile smile a while mile bias bile vile violent silent lentil lintel mantle pants grant an aunt urethane irrelevant elephant gentian telethon geisha gig digit midget vigil visit vivid ingot get gats vatu vane veins vita vela veto ate vegetal Agatha etesian seething teeth feta freshen freehand freshmen fetching Gretchen ketchup get up greyhen greyer green graham urethane fame aim retain retched ratchet hatchet sachet cachet catch it satchel catch checkers check specks inspect intellect obtain a train in the rain retrain insane pain ethane methane gentian gentlemen get Gotham to gather slather Dan Rather blabber slab cab crab gab grab magazines vagabond vision tisane vizier blizzard visage impact repeat peat early surely surly ark irk turkey from Albuquerque thaw awe hen on estrogen Errol Flynn festival testable vegetable restively arrested hallucination irrigation irritation eradication radiation saturation slave trader savor traitors tem ten ponies phony empathy symphony simple symbols simmer shimmering murmur mist is isomorphic catastrophic tropic metamorphic metaphors bore bounce mount haunted taunt the gauntlet gauche nacho macho machine dream ream seams spook spoken broken joking hoax cloak choke lock look learn lean beans beam butte mutual neutral natural nutritional fiction Dixie diabolic alcoholic frolic flick flock talk eloquent intelligence relevant vintage squinting pension retention tension fence tense teacup deacon teacher reach the preacher each leech easy teasing ease grease bacon making pecan pie peahen peace peach peak peacenik eaten oaken weaken acne séance season reason leader leaven eleven levers leaking leaden lease lace grace vase chase brace caste levee level bevel swivel navel brave grave raven even evil oak broken akin accent amen lake ace sent cent id kin skim kid kit kind rind rewind cam am ken hymen judging jute junk June tune union one use viding collide lie dye dude undine dim Odin using dui din colon coping copal kaoliang coil foil bring to a boil royal soil oily dolly daily volley really silly hillbilly mill ill bill hill will peal steel sap sack capon coupon hop on dawn upon goner kola cola Köln kiln colophon double couple comply solo polo everyman everyway everyday heyday sunray hyena lean liana lawman straw man leman kyat kiang yean stream steam dream team beam sheen sheep people cyan yank yam Yuma yawn man ban fan van can tan ran maven maze grazer maven make aches sawn pain swain awe swan awn lawn waken kale cawed claw guffaw straw knawel kraken kiwi peewee waxen wizen wade aid wowed gown grow getup shotgun gutful button glutton mutton strutting butte gut hut hate gate glee spleen puree hooray preen prey spray spree prep pepper peer strum thumb stun tying thymus thrum humdrum heist vice victim bode glow abode code bide bidet digit cadent cent cadence cadenza influenza cadet vet vegetarian veterinarian cede seed clan indeed clean ocean promotion locomotion notion lotion Lysol lyrical miracle satirical vehicle icicle giggle wiggle jiggle mingle mangle mean green beans tangled star-spangled angles Bengal bagel dangle ate a date diet left deft dent pent mint meant gentrify solidify alumni align saline feline decline debt deft delete sheeted bight baht bite bright jute jut husk musket bucket justice flute humid juice jam random tandem tuck the tike until the will peals feel frivol frijol five drivels keel klieg Kiel kier skier spool fool fuel felon fold mold meal ideal plea flea paean three peas oyez leas teas ocean yeas seas sees cease seize oven loving lean keas keys clear ear fear seer sewer skewer spewed speeder reading frothy gritty gusty Garth Brooks hook troy rutty nuts try tyro ratty bat book nook spook cookie fluke nuclear juke box rock the block mockup stock up lockup look up ritzy sitter slit suds bud spud sued chewed cud cry why shy rays obey rah raw jaw jock note wrote on total bloated sugar coated doted abodes mold mode road woe wink incubation instigation litigation constipation revelation stimulation celebration education situation conversation temptation relaxation elevation elation tub bubble grub slug snub meandering Neanderthal kneader beads brainstorm in a rainstorm conform normal dormitory core folklore albacore rancor tank thanks hank ache take Latin satin super pooper scooper paper scraper caper drapes cape nape apes shape crepes grapes tape staples maple syrup hiccup backup stack up tacks attract facts intact heart attack traction satisfaction didactic critic bit it hit slit kit knit grit sit down bound ground hound found astounding sound round rune subsume fumes gloom moon June mushroom vacuum spittoon cartoon vroom tomb room boom loom lute stew lube Huber hub grub stubble bubbles fumble mumble measly weasel with measles meal deal feel real thrills pills if ill film phlegm stem imagination violation strangulation recapitulation triangulation regulations resent sentimental cement statement meant bent rent gentle griddle riddle fiddler spindle kindle oriental lent hints dent mint flint fun hunt sun stint stance dance dart art tart taunt you want more war?

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