Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From DAY BOOK, SERIES 1 || Hugh R. Tribbey


so can visual ancestor --bring
things back th/ benefit the
people (nothing to benefit indiv.
but the whole) Inuits ceremony

sim. to Lakota: blue lights
come out of structure Inupeats (Inuits)
origins: Male & female from
sky --Northern Lights alive &

carry Spirits --a lot of
differ. kinds of worlds Hopi
moon th/ travels across mountain
--when world shifts can astral

projection --1 followed him 13
minutes --1 village: seven days
--grandpa (holy man): in saucer:
h. m. disappears in the

light: “those guys keep telling
me things” Robert Scholes: Semiotics
for Lit Robert Flynn
Clay Reynolds Flynn / Agitate

of food consumption --2 big
meals / Advanced Essays --Working
a subject for detail--Murray--keeping at
it & working a draft

--draft about event May & the
gangster / sound-bite life vs.
verbal mountaineering of philos. --proverbs
permuted to letters--> expressive white

space May --tall & slender
--sexu. abused so lived w/
aunt & uncle --bone cancer
later in life --V 12

black Lincoln -“I’m keeping people
from going into the bank”
--running board --motorcylcle cop: Lefty
Davis Henderson: 100 miles hour

--charged over RR tracks “Broke
near every bone” --in hospital a
year --sworn duty to protect
/ --earlier said “waiting for

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