Tuesday, October 5, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Augmented vegetable silicon spray- Intentional misuse by inhaling contents
can lead to juxtapositional crossovers in a plain mode context.
Tone row compositional numbers reimburse the Canterbury Tails.
Quadrant section 23 Skidoo yanked reimbursement trials the Bernoully Trial
will integrate Orgone seduction reduction on a simple wish Fhrommm, myopic
far-sightedness , frankly no return materials to good for them,like everybody they
place Law on the Throne,society set free , instead collapses in its elements , and,dissipated by the light. Persons prefer this twilight of more intensity -
theoretical Krishnu transcendental transdermal -culture must borrow beyond all time presenting a face -stranger- to his apparent apparition.
Hall,Hail,Hailstones, melting.Ying and Yang,dimmed lights supple steel heavy- iron. Heavy Metal. A red-veinedsilver skeleton from the underbellie of what a Beast-Lee- proposition,this has been an interpersonal story with Zen implications.

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