Wednesday, October 27, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Night Person with Hosanna

Night person with hosanna in her lap retraces likely meaning following the daylight. The only monstrous playthings topple dark. To be afraid is only half intended. The wine light stiffens an environment. As interruption happens by. She knows retractions of the moth by bulb-lit dusk. Profiled instruments deciphered from their music tantrum in their homes. One knows via circumstance there is a feast to haul in from the elements a set of tones. Voice contributes what only the voice . . . can sacrifice to imagined futures. The drive to populate imaginary worlds takes hold. She thinks about technology. One sings along as though choice had become an actual opus, given number, letter, key, toward incessant code implanted in the staves.

Honorary degrees of freedom, thought (in question) blood beating (through) the system, (to form) life span

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