Friday, October 29, 2010

pOm || Anny Ballardini

Shining, the Sun

and you,
immobile in bed,
/sane\ long ago
_same posture_for three months_
is Johannes Brahms’ requiem yours
will you follow Verdi in his agony?
The sun shines in a Vivaldian way
leaves tremble in the fiddles through the wind
our affirmations/ massages/ thoughts have been mined
I’ve prayed distant saints, gods/goddesses
far and near, consumed means by frantic use
Gratiae consoling clean their whisper
your slow agony & me disappearing with you
and then overeating to spare/gain light strength
_a Father
how can the world forget their own fathers?
Ah, the ignorance of man when he saw Christ
& willingly did not recognize Him. Damned will
the human race be in the slew of shining Sun.

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