Saturday, October 23, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


Land combed looks orderly from sky, the rows of crops and trenches possibly match inner silence. Curiosity dispels my even-tempered way of feeling of the whole. As broken things deflate some code that goes unnoticed by the incoherent members of a set each unfamiliar with the other. Cartoons impersonate non-linear duration of a tone assigned to one or several empty rows. The voice remains in character when merely reading from the score. Distance fits comfortably into an allocated space. Diminuendo of the temperature means cooler clothes stay insufficient. Free form potentially artistic affords reiteration to grow formative. The company maintains a pace. Relies upon the static of a sweater added to the step dance across carpet and ameliorated crepe when tantalized by style. Emergencies are rigorous until we close the door on speculation. Distances from which pronouncements are released come to conduct rickety pictures. Offering no basis for a common understanding.

Prepared instrument, tones released from will, hands gather, when hands reach, linking siloes

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