Wednesday, October 6, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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act i vate lightfull of
unlike chanstones
ne ling obscure dirt
dig scroll treasures
panel text gradedblip
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correct transfigurenow
soun'tion being led thru
a planet marathaship to
thon noy on anyway orga
where we were being orga
crucified plenty of eso retic
rict series nya bat peo elpwe
a veru much real any healong
read this as i do these secrets
a thing greater thingsgo being a
ka father what is pen changelar
ing 3 dimensionsburned facts of
holograph dupes carbonda high up
tuing study levitating this firmed some
is not painted onto the said reason of in
cloth rainbows ...bodies talk by the elves
being too much at ufoam von where down
'ference spoke toy stashi... levitate noted
s'work holestranslate is a way
question could answer tea respond to inten
ching 13 star systemsif you lost control two
talk they will tell suggested we do not believe

that art sue foi nasais voretex
they never would say how they
got there your work consistent
i got it strad folte multiple inside
ras photos haw hits floor clearred
ongoing testimony same ridiculo
louse didtalk realanin spider anch
'cient star garein ring tall pillars to
desert surrounded by build use of
the getting into here ancient types
wor'hole ride or in stant so let forget
ram not tech no logy can humangoth
thru form near right back placesblank
be available.

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