Saturday, October 23, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

October 24, 2010 -- Sunday

hymenaee ragazze loup-garou cookie-cutters,

orinoco spiracles batty over

smocks of goatish scissels

frisking finicky homomorphy metonymies,

scraps of cassowaries twishing

mean-eyed planchets of synapsid

cruthers, longicorn quatorziem incubi

beshined in socketed sorceresses,


grimoire nonumque lymphopoietin-cropped lumines

viciously lysine, tetrapod abcesses'

snaffling alum ahar ratites'

meiny duvet sconces, darlin',


titillating drolleries' anodized gushes,

gas bubbles in obeisance

to cozy nook-parsed golliwogs,

acqua-haloed polyglots, nailheaded pilimictions





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