Thursday, October 21, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Insomnia's Calligraphy

Insomnia's calligraphy retracts what you plucked from girl band chords. Thereby, a performing ex-pert, seeking to remove the sheepskin from devalued currency. Reeds tipped to the transverse side make little-known lobotomies seem aligned with inner wars. Authorities postpone "a gender" as you obfuscate a version still in circulation. Listen to the anointed one say "Look," alongside minions who reveal MiMEsis. Many poppies shoulder debt, while many debts retrieve what's next in line of hypo-chronograph. Strained innuendo clarifies the ill-used label shining across the C-span. A dirge warbled along prescriptive routes, charted by GPS guiding a Mini-Cooper singalong. The text of your mnemonic play-room turns pop quiz, inciting riotous new phases of unlearning. Chance the loss of wind mid-pipe, romanticize your favorite integer untaxed.

Onomatopoeia in its infancy, a hypertext withholding yield of if / then constructs, chiefly sung

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