Thursday, October 21, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

October 20, 2010 -- Wednesday


metronome-tonsured dimple of my deplumed monodactyl ego

it is it is it is it stoked stroke mane pot imago analog

hibernating brain instant ruff sacrosanct

blood foam bumbler's hardwire existing edgily

thigh tight crepuscular ecdysiast cytode simulation

fractures of light misfeasor stunting obscene

unstuck strikes tossed twinty alacka yummy

meme dew interatomic cynodon damask'd

creampie tongue of asswipe dead star thrips


hushed-up secret off the reel breeding befrilled

arrhina assice drawn out behind rectitude ruffles

flappy-flabby dubious quiescent tchotchke in situ abogado

pied piss pout: hirsute deadbolt beans pepper colourable

clevate's culprit, ball-less word-floats,

edible spricht quiznos sutured sound,

crisp grungy nipple nubile word-fart nonchalance


my pinky bare bones sync up stucco'd knots of bustiers




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