Sunday, October 17, 2010

post to wryting || Alan Sondheim

2 unusual guzheng solos

indicates accompanying action ? [zheng3 feng1] (pol.) rectifying incorrect
tout ce reste e^tre me'moire. O Suzanne, tel bonheur,
those who moved against the king [Dumuzi] were a mixed group of men,
like ninjas or freemen they wander the landscape of violence,
raincoats the Suzuki Mamoru beauty pine greens child - day and night,
the floor of the grutli a nomadic surface of the war,

photo-urdunuz photo-ur a singular, photo-uyorsunuz photo-urdum in plural,
general, relationship, misiniz? miydin? object photo-urduysanuz
photo-urduysam, photo-uyordun photo-urduysanuz, relationship possession,
photo-urmus,sunuz me, miyiz? case inferential,

"arphaxad lud aram uz hul gether mash salah peleg joktan almodad sheleph
hazarmaveth jerah hadoram uzal diklah obal abimael ophir jobab dwelling
smote rephaims ashteroth karnaim zuzims emins shaveh kiriathaim horites
lsvos klwkys rks puzzy lounnkrsos wroro tro lsmston oxsqonmsos op lspo
kro" -

"where?" "They have that," Suzie replied, "yes." "A species gets a drum,
replied, "see." She looked as lovely looking as Suzie, both standing near
"The," Suzie said, "skein." Travis, "Yes."
Meantime, a slow fadeout occurs; the buzzing sensation is slightly a
nighttime wakening, fingers in me, golden metal nuzzling teeth
for "A fun relationship in Every way," the straw hair of Suzanne,
eyes of ruffled cloth, there were moments of gauze, wet, you could see
(gauze stretched to the limit
(torn gauze
(dreaming of gauze again, lips tied into place,
(it's an outline of gauze, stretched to the limit, it's always damp, as
if ringing. How horrid the whirring! The whirring is very horrid! The
buzzing puzzles!

Hangup (1:24:35) "Buzzz...!!!"
i was sent to you. d'eruza sent me. d'nala sent me.
life has tended towards this. d'nala nurtured me; d'eruza tendered me.
death. i would like knowledge of d'nala and d'eruza.
whirlwinds buzz around me, i look at this.

Nikuya nikuyoku nikuyou nikuyoum nikuzuku nikuzyuu -
Your comfort is grabbed by d'eruza, d'nala and you -
to be born a _foundling_ on a moo or mud, dumuzi's dream, oral poetry, the
months...he got scared cuz of the economy. i felt like i wanted to feel
distance, the earphones are picked up buzz from the plasma screen...
Speaker says, "Cyberspatial buzzing .... huge amounts of ..." turn
always to a news station; it helps with the buzz. The bed's to my rear;
when the buzz gets bad, I'll lie on it, setting my account to "biff y,"
The Buzz in My Body, the "biff y."

and dze earth 4 dze prO!OmordO!Ol. Enormouz tempraturez at dze heart
ovoom! bombz. FurO!Oouz uu9ndz. NodzO!Ong remaO!Onz ovoom! ztromatolO!Ote
Enormouz tempraturez at dze heart ov bombz. Fur!ouz u9ndz.!mord!

a abakuz : ahhh alan o :oo
throat o dzuz : uh un!vr
v!deo v!deo v!ruz uet
: ruzt ooo tzartre o tze= o o tze=
o tzuzangra o zvengl! mp o : trroroo
blaSAK ENANNUuzz2/g+;

sinite alienated cosam uzai
assay cry uz
bel davem uzziah thin

suzanne graham was desperate to disappear
suzanne graham spelled her name with a 'z'
suzanne graham would reach into the heaven

Blak3 Wirefly margaretha Hellershanks intrah Quan Novikov scuzzi Jetcity
Siuzy Javan monique Sierot Iris Avedon bacidalucia Podless sim Overland -
puzzle because i so much want your approval.

poured oil luz vowed vow lying rolled rachel roll tidings embraced abode
poured oil luz vowed vow lying rolled rachel roll tidings embraced abode -
s/he spel this way cauz s/he is CUTE! s/he says
& ouuw outwit, outlaw, ouch, ouzo, Reub, ciao

- the truth of the subject,
pain, the dulled wave/emissions spreading
sludge among every living creature, rutted buzzing, on me,
outlaw, ouch, ouzo, Reub, and ciao.

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