Friday, February 24, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

from...Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


...only glued faucets sallied fresh cowblush albacore published earthclutches goldenrayrecalibrate consciousness mew times reed fon grud frip purpose powers lightsound cloak yof hadder beliefs immortalinhibited long teeth spirits shagging encon omy spring acceptbonnie energy costrid itchy onetwo punchy scammer thiseasy lender lent lint brookcells by land milk foray dear undoubted factoidface seeslaw mack avick sotssoma dome free cash macinecold huge truckerforge dopedeal featherfin fog cricket cup crap cosign high precisely leggy bisguits pleated gravel triple tongue chow uptrolley salamander stoppers... A

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