Monday, February 20, 2012

poem || Roger Williams

from Versaludium

Docu XVI

His does not throng a breach
shout "Humus!" blank and
fore-bay silly cones
clang the upper sting-
bine average missed
off course if can teaks
frying the usi-
fructing any way
Neptune's bum slimmer

Last is palpably
hooded hand to "Clamp!"
Reeky glade slithers
back or e-bay meets
cancelled jalopy
purring in its ben-
zine and yak matters
Fair fair fair spooning
clad stays áutumn'lly

(whenever) Do you
stamp it for "good god's!"
brackish hiccup or
it grounds its brutish
"Whoa Whoa!"
" Hail Hail!"
causing some hum

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