Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 poems || John Pursch

Suripy Esteryer

Tagentie daelimer quanef ephreen,
ont counar biemaret and etchyl shaneift,
effer wonderviel emberful hotchy peromer,
whepple ooteram agers henter herinal proo.

Whad scouda wein zeiunteye
eff a maliproseth squobbler,
pentin from de bek of a bleck
ronk mutin ochock,
triedte oxencute a scatole in plaisant,
und efen tortched yer plawn
and superquential donial hemade!

Whelpen moggert, ichy bin stellarye
whudud cheppentie smogwatch:
die xeavans ould oggle
and scrach onliside odebard,
aspe suripy esteryer settin hearye.


Barriers lead to harried ne’er-do-wells, who spend their every merry-go-tale cruising mobile in a dinosaur’s optically graven mode, catching as hatcheries can. Heckled in bronze, futile as carnal eruptions, they press the race, motile and doused in tourmaline lotion of smooth, colored rock, pelted with floral juice outa the boxcar’s ready-made onset of jelly and tasty blue motorcars, contending for a vector’s sidebar to noon. Terriers, candy canes, and trembling wooden amateurs, gaveled to silence, adhere to certain wharves, lunch at flowing bassinets, and preen the tree line’s octagon, ruminating in a quiescent, motley consensus. Imbued with undulating endpoints, parameters of the unicellular wardroom pickle dewy eye shadow with sentimental peerage, vowing neighborly townhouse dances, jesting at coronary kettles. Marinated and flambeed to a nuanced desktop’s immoral iconography, umbral effusion pleats the serenity of a Sunday’s eve with whooping collar games. Did you come away with bed noise tailings, aligned in weekdays addressed to symbiotic rote? Stupors of linear gauges, granted to fluid emergence, hover in mental blurs, speak of wistful windings, and bare their otiose lunacy, prescient and hypnotic. Causal pauses permit the temporary rescinding of empirical charters, freeze a mostly parenthetical rumor, and mill a limited baritone placemat, chopping fresh partners into moody, formulaic gremlins. Clocks down the digital perennials, blemished by slants and basic notches, hammering home tumbling notions of refresh.

Funne Temes

Hai, eben hes xter sendwitchel
mait bekommen reasonous and scrollen,
daun tede etter bend.

Leftempilian sewn,
summayu chartles at merilian octer?

Aim zeroso churly; onklar et bestial rubbenry.
Whod beren heppered tada unphent wordwolf,
hootie nemer mexed sylli balli cudicalsin odgewidth?

Arfye rolly spure dereber vast spooch a trangle?
Praps etsnotso appiobv det wasten crutch
a kindof trang es medeyer mint
atrinken untem qualtie magil,
funne temes gond eropontil.

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