Tuesday, February 28, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 16
Transduced from Góngroa's Soledades

CORN 1. “Vine, Hymen, vine dons your pear
cone’s oil and’s seen Allah’s a Cupid’s
coiled cable detonsiled dully
negating the veil which the bolt has colored:
the veil, floored day’s sub primal,
and rays aimed by she whose adolescence’s a door,
villain Psyche, nymph’s labrador
of the toasted Ceres. Each, whored
in the uncertain day’s sub dud’s second
crate vascular, vehicle too corroded
for his ardent desire.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN 2. “Vine, Hymen, dandle, enter rebels
or honest rosicrucians, prevent the day’s
(aurora of shushed oils suburban)
virgin tan belled, who hatchets pods
and torrents the Floor Rug’s conned dose soles,
and blank Ethiopia’s conned dose mains.
Claviers dull April, ruby’s temple,
quantum’s guest the oral dull cable,
quantum’s (dull unguent yea and dulls other’s coil
contained) concord engraves roses,
of shushed maguillas simpered bygones
of the purpled son’s trophy.
Vine, Hymenm, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN I. “Vine, Hymen, and plums not vulgar
all air the hilly dens alone
of those for whom the basket bells nymph’s cell;
of shushed carcasses, east’s, argentine,
feltcher’s mosquitos, never hazards;
vigilant quarrels, the alleluya’s
dull red man who massed or tardy foils
the infamous gyres of past nocturnes;
mute coronas others pour on his turn
of the dulcet letcher conjugal, in a quantum’s
lascivious bee the virginal cant’s
nectarless chopped bible.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN II. “Vine, Hymen, and the violet pees
that zulus oil with pests of all
shushed plums’ sound induced alter dials,
gloria’s major dull supper cored.
Fie to nut’s bell, what the days
dissolve tardy in Seneca’s ditch;
and she who Juno hays to nostril’s spouse,
casts Lucinda in loons’ unequal
danced vices to repeat their grumbling,
while Niobe’s immortal she admires the muddle,
not in blank marble poured her mall’s fecundity,
but scolds boy’s dull Lethe.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine Hymen”.

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