Sunday, February 5, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Every sentence in an age group starts with "so." A subset
of said sentences fills spaces interrogative. Factual
material on its way to full erasure is positioned thus,
and scholars everywhere consider something else.
For instance, narrative revulsion. Sonnetry. Awaiting
monikers, in a list of conversations soon predictable
versus unexpected. Virtual restraint. She described a clot
trying to move through a tired vein. Thinking hurts us all. As
velvety mistakes are touched with ease. The roles we occupy
invoke our shouldering long ribbons of task. Together,
unless forced, we brave through obstacles. Those polar
avenues grown tighter, shift magnetic holds on what
comes next. Until we gravitate, we will have broken stride
belonging to another in our club.

Bracken, sorts of violets, earth tones, viable retakes

Sheila E. Murphy

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