Monday, February 6, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas, chunk 12, transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

All consented beat the crystaline
sedation’s series,
crawled simple cornered codexes the reclaimed
cake less mind than voice and’s verdant seal
enters the name spaghettied mice and tails.
Music’s hole’s vista the minor ram
of the alamo that pains verdant canes;
no zephyrs in him, no risible
lessons putrifying briefs that rot
all mountains, which, ungrated
al fresco, to harmony and floors
of’s seat, pisses, amended,
if fresco’s herb crawls the arena ardent
of Lybia, and all quantum’s day’s the fount’s
serpent of huffing’s even major venom
whose nose of Ponto, timid, attributes,
sucking the pie ,sucking the labile oil.
Patsy toads, pus, and regular
crawdads in the equinox’s succored veins
the peels of air lubbers gummed
bulletins not galls,
sends grills veiled,
tall vases creaking, tall mentioned loons
shushing distant extremes,
the character’s tall vase forming alleys
in the paper diaphanous of’s ceiling
in the plums of his vowel.
Hells entranced in bovrils of slumber
(painted simpering’s all’s frescos)
clubs at last Sidon, teller turquoise,
whose no hat sable imitates verdant alfredos.
Pencilled reclined the cable
quantum, in numbers equal and in bells,
the margins matted of the fonts’
seconds primed very deep villains
who, parents of’s novice’s own mass circles
which bacons shushed pebbles, of’s present
prevented, concurred to the bop.
Mezcal’s hatchets toad’s
theater dulcet, not of scenic mutes,
but peaceable seat: space brief
in which, a pisser the Sol, squalid never,
and never colored spill invested,
the somber vile Florida
of the herb meandered.

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