Friday, February 24, 2012

poem || Peter Ganick

omit commission commissioner.

the steadfast politic admonish
motion crockery not happiness
without evidence admitted focus
throughput each voice implicates.

correctly the solidarity presumes
scaling thorough listed imperatives
which cannot flounder—convene
through surefire written formless
amidst literal confessional props.

galatea moving through waterfallen
coercions—that there inversely
the propitiated lesser onrush
iotas mercifully the advance
tellingly presupposed wilderness—
omnibus exhorted.

crafty other—annexation propped
insularity etched in altitude—
commensurate that neoprene
silences—the motive aware.

comprehension connotes deleterious
mending index nights formative
well-wisher neat license propped.

diversion errata solemnity another
singer hassle imperatives
delay consentual leisure than
silence the silence there
the silence.

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