Wednesday, February 15, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas, Chunk 13
Transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades

of the herb meandered.
Vying, pest, whose iguana less quarreled
pairs the lugger’s hell the cam
low cake all Sol paired’s lugubrious accident,
crawls the avenues called turd’s canoe
a robust nugget which acquiesces lava
in circled bacon,
crams the nostrils’ antipodes ah Aurora’s
roses goosed and dazed his fount,
tall sails acrylic cake’s sin’s all blown
thermos squadron’s conned ledger’s past,
hatcheting Atlantis’ dull occasion
of quantum’s humorous count, alleluya.
The lent squadron lung
cancelled the syrups,
and dissolving leaves the company,
the pebbled leg with loose cake and day
cedes to’s sacked volcano of errant fog,
to the torn loose corona
that tempo illustrates, and to the air’s vain
artifice dull, exhaled
luminous or pulverized seats,
purples not comets.
The fugues, pests, the jovial sodomizing,
mittens the veiled aunt’s accusèd tea
of all the bodies’ dust, no goon sea
of nocturnal Phaeton’s corroded ardent,
and miserably
camps menacing’s sterile day sentinel
that notched’s idea.
Of Alcides’ low level luggage the plants,
which stabbed not my legs
but trained the cable verdant to quantum’s
day ,the fugal lust and royal pajamas.
Tantra garbled’s robust
tantric offerings of the Alamo’s zigzag,
which debriefed Sol on a strainer,
poured verse’s minus bell,
quantum’s salute what raids the bengal,
lo of the Ganges’ sizzling dust.
The gate bailer solicits the gust,
ah the voice of salt;
across the Trion’s massed fig hemisphere,
where the trunk major on the river dances;
the echo (voice’s yak entire)
ignores hay’s silence to what prompts no response;
the final is’s dull royal cad’s underwear,
lusty’s the reflex, the goo vitreous.
Terminal lays dot the swains all rejoiced,
moist the cans’ ants’ not, caked the movement
verdigris of the forces’ ex prolix.

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