Monday, February 20, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


...avergrown file derisionhiss ed pigtail pawnbroker dyingweaver drumpudding anyone at timesbirth horizonfinish up chemical infinite ethylglo a penny sinner so packet itchm ewell experienced in a cruchyharpoonem infinite ethylglo rye divvit dominate reading fosfated phospit bunatured cauilaffiour

Lessons goomba geo r gie feeder garage dunkin place finger struts figure chemicals breakdown speed infomerciali sm downfall eager dear thus final operation duffle nose rope foal sop roan

Fit deluge precipice tent yawn purpose detail shinycarstuck gald foas grabby duck standing talking principally about mind over some shadow ideatext looked fireow do anything possible froze fire goes out roasted and boy but going live fail small guarenteed safe as shape money fort dier private loanco

waitwill willifno sensed peninsula loots tootin boos ceased longed hung bus hell kors hushed floogers flagpales dot ting helperholes wh ole sord uroy ari kature pin ny weight flo odds he re eyes dryzone alongan clippingcarpet fogharemdeal herethis mouthinnebriatedblink roundwardfall

deemsteelscrewsexscenedoneoveralloverlasting impress ion shadowsguided by buddingpoking

penny sinner publicly made room sensesreplete fogboon doom undoing shirt stays brick to fight thud intolerance of grief vomit pos page ting shadow anto nin aa cuts gray sense fritter threnody flugel gobdins more haveh

Interlude POME[re]wri[etr

follo won


quell kinser]pent

host cup breach

earth[ istle sprinkle

earth s o le[man prop

bondmen shep[ho ban

leet scrum nof]taner drug

buzzrod indifferent teleology

slam t]house rug[mented tail

threadmeaning grug glee once

“silverefles s te e nass three

shouthemoth be fore voicertain

brahirtsassy words followords on

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