Tuesday, February 7, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


Intellectual return of serve aligns with landfill
on the news, as though the frosted child with sentences
removed appends alertness to the frame. Now the tempo
has been raised, the situation offers foresight,
chance repeal invigorates, while shirking customary dowry.
Syllables strung together fall on harsh gravel. Tormented
fleet of foot young athletes tremple accidental obstacles.
Pull the plug and plug it in again. Privilege is its own
worse happenstance. The live remorse refuses jury duty.
In a pinch, she leaves her humor at the door. Voice
lessons from now, you'll feel yourself beholden to our
mercy. Just around the corner, feng shui domiciles remove
addenda where simplicty would be. We speak hosanna here
apart from facing the tribunal with its shelves of bronzed

Absolution concurrent with ablutions, piety astride some
random norms

Sheila E. Murphy

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