Monday, February 27, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 15
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

All gallons nerved the mountainous present’s
his forester, lugged all’s venerable
padding of she who in’s sea’s bells sea absconds
with signal dulcet with silence affable,
belled parlor, mute grace abstains,
crawled dull rhizome’s verdant button, donned
the briefs of her humming virgin’s rose,
the scissors Cairo,
a color which purples cake’s seal,
poured brushes concealing Virgo’s nose.
Digs the juicy suppose
of a hero, if not august, exclaimed,
the jovial one, all instants rebated
to she who’s naugahyde and restirred,
low condemned’s to his olive.
Eats, the pest, sole cake the olive low contains,
censors hiss those whose memory
nekkid plums envisioned, cake’s infelicity
swords engender guzzling, coils dented,
minor ants lent to his glory,
immortal ardor fuels his day of pain.
Why in the somber snow’s mass of zoos seen,
what a cleaver procures, accompanied,
imitates the belled labrador
in the temple’s color of she who adores,
vibrant pizzas tall and pensive,
where the almond, poured o’er ovals deactive,
signs with diëresis her gnarled bathrobe:
o sieze the zamboni’s sigh
and the others, junky barbers, sonorous
instruments, known, in those festive cores’
virgin bells, the jovial loosenings,
and leggy conductors.
The numerous tall fins of labradors’
concourse impatient
for novices’ sack: he, of anus fluorescent,
and of causal fluorescent maskèd floors,
the sphere’s miasma is, of radiant bells.
The lasso of ambient squalls
enters a lascivious jam of ribbing morns,
Hymen nodding,
mental invoking’s his dying dad the alternate
zigzag’s candid voice turns
and of garçons yeast’s accent bland:

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