Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 texts || John Pursch

Chauncy Lord’s Villa

Whadya trinket’s madefer, disting caulked peduncle gym; datmon whoranfrum seventeseas wortha derailin, flailin, trimmers o’hairpeaces, preston daslidebarns o’Meester HoeJooker heemselph; an ossifer wance made funo by Bawbly Ree, the mossy rusted mane o’erectronical rebel yaller tall coatrails et dabuttle o’ Chauncy Lord’s Villa. Whome, gilded igreshunal, wantonin mere portsocall den chestaboot emtpyworn eels yaeber cannoun? Twaz encirclin manoovahs datwar Hookie’s undownin, tbeshar, betmebe it warn’t sewbadatern forda Onion; efterall, Wonnystall PeppaJackson, hecameto his martyldemize etdahandsof hisownmated prawns, inda furiest darken waldernest, liefen Bawbly weedout his ritearm, ashehemshelf edmittled. Spoon derafiter war eine debrackle in Penguinalia, fuelish prefrontle asphalts crostic openfelts ontoda teething canyons, ala Phredlewreck’s Borg, un reversion.

Betty’s Gurglin

Ai wuzaspolin lest centurion abootie abuttle datwar scuttled in drein home oda Penguni, on da Sill ofa Vein, ya musta spleen’d it, whoot coulda messed stuch awild und enflamous eventuality, what got mar pressin couvarture dan, well, dan chest amoot emtrytang drat acquired enda oiteenth spinstery; ai whademeye slaying da neinteenth! No chompers naughty with staunch endings, dat big buttle tween da Onion und die schemckers oda Merrymack, yacanoe whootie, zein Rebbie causeway, bled boi RabbleeLee, sumtimial sprocket asda mensch whorhoda harsie nameo Trameler; a mire equine prescience habba nebba wallywalked the polygonal surfeit oships on the Land O’Locks culled Armonica Contumely, Costumed asa Gantry oda Fried, Foam udda Blade, flimflam Fleas ta Pining Queasy Easels und Dealers oused scars, frum lots oparking te lotsundlots olost livery poolshark bleu cordons, tried to araggedy tagteam warringtype ootcast bandowilderness bleaters. Yikian tooly, allodat enky profusion, storked bya minor sideswipin menschen ofa truedli wunderbar equine carnation! Wellit’s sumquat repossible, mebe jest an afterchauncy, detdat harse whespered afew suitened chorazine ideations entada bended oaro RabbleeLee…

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