Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 poems || Peter Ganick


as gambol aging rhetoric
alliances throttle inverse politics—the
remotest anchor deluge assembly
frankinsense not marred through
snuffle nor haphazard riddance
the repetitious gibbon—sureness
unveils delimits replicates demands
elaborates serves demiurges shredded
blasting caps cited from before
then scheduled.

assignation reverts dally through no
annexation merrily conduit sniffle
naprous the dilation eponymous
throat nagging surfaces hotels
arrangements delays bathers
ontic rhetoric ultramarine sic horrible
incisor ghostly ontology.

broken—lead uptown thisness
revealing legislation rebuts paradox
comatose the renovator understand
whichever plausible tread
circumstance releases veritably.

contrary evolutions nominal
which streamlined aileron sacral
those palatable bead egg-shell

torches litter the wideness
scan ganache preparation
assert wilderness augury thorough
spaceholder pattern marks unfurled
where inventions leap through
snippet rafter the small talk
answer gag-order placebo sniffle.

recurs aggregates whichever incurs
nowhere first the mostly aprille
onset from agitprop leaves in album
turn signals cygnets breadwinners.

commerce illbient widget nob sitter
annex riptide also—the sephardim defers
almost at therefore’s tinge alien
to elicit orpheus—adept to instantiate
once and formally the placid matinee
walks before talking—the skims through
vistas averting no sanction wielders
offering vacuum think for therefores.

aforementioned conceptual image.

pleasantries exhorted villas
their meteors debut ridden slightly
presentiment awakened.

lossless integers earlier
lapidary glphs later
onsets of pebbles broken out of
these mirrors—etiquette ciliated
from paradoxes nebulate
in remission contrasting eachness
wide foolscap indelible delicate
snag notion.

byte thereof zoned effete gaggle
pilferous rooftop aileron endemic
told hole scrimmage epsilon
politico stalking choice
there offered alight nascent
presumption slight inebriate
snuffle anorexia thoughtful least
neon selfless endarchy stole
trough ensembles deterrents
retardant lossless entanglement

saxophone recruit.

gambit lacerate mumble garages
nighttime lights off versions tolls collecting
escalation from talking streetwise paradises—

vacuums replace errata ounce
by ounce, punditry so capricious deliberates mote
ruffling enounce boss wilderness vacant words—words
all vacancies on the island, every once
through wideness albatross fly by
evident cassette promising wilderness.

camelot burns ladders while flaunting
episodic titles drone matrix snuffle
sanity connotes debonair vermillion
snail-pace nefarious conduit
returnee swimming whither the
yon deluges contours elaborate missive.

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