Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 poems || Roger WIlliams

A Creed

It very well could root scree snapper
in half-tall pesking wonder
'n glad some o.k. bod
snorts flat in gingham (she says)
and with needles we stir fit ainsi's
bobbing room I have not got to
nor up stairs shall hitch to ramble

Thousands flute a cruet
stout if not willow withy
will he(?) smearing particulars'
bodice till it takes it
as nearly my thought to be
anxious corn-gnats flower
burning ever crispin plus
did it not spurt pores one
part one

accrue it? I've said values
mincing loops and loops
what's equivalent to burst buns
spoken later Latin sheer
lace-ups finally grinding
the likeness to blink light
like light's light loam

Aft Or In Man

Doorway assault astrakahn hangers
boon talk
simultaening "harrumph!" gazed o birches
one given gibbon
sorely stanch torpor-tooth grrrr me

Enunce merit trivet boney tree
supine ago (again!?) supra lever
drip/brat "Go macadam!"
fluid tun age flushing tilt
tap tip th'audacious huffing

Returns allege stopper/stuper
glithering paycock
gabbling perk firm ally's
inverted foot chick
torrential happer-dance putting hound
how's done clear sere
some'll can deem old pottery purée's bustard
better reeks a-smother archi-cembalo
similar plys to feet-shimmer
a slim bean you'd cause
dark dank mumble

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