Monday, February 27, 2012

poetry || Andrew K. Peterson

from weather, not ocean

uneven yet enviable, cold. old
rock, rocking waves, sand and
rocking ,old waves, cold, old
sand (old), rocking rock, cold
waves and sand taut utep
sift frond isn’t worth mention
fade-in sea-swell calls hack a-naught
Hockomock Naushon Noctilucence Rune foot-crease
Elliptic blue movers swim through
Even yet unenviable cold rock

members-only dock. River blinks
stripped coverage tucked unit in
“I think of you today . . .
as one cloud less . . . where
. . . one lone sea plane too”
fractus below – conditions go on
an ocean to go. to
ships in paint as to
either. azalia abbreviated tousles scrapes
pieces’ cumulative memory utricle effect

of cloud, but not not
resembling anything else closely seems
tells obligations to “what must
be, has been” – river calm
quelling marsh vellum compost beamers
information’s thousand separate cloud forms:
Pilus Pannus Velum Inca Mamma
Virga (‘fallstreaks’) Praecipitatio-Arcus Arcus Tuba
water engines climactic sea-flat
excerpts altitudes peuterized o-sea loins

cold creep fusion’s “pitch apices
overdub” slow flat faint signal
gull-shadow tow taut pace
neck in brisk Labor Day
at my back → stone
this regiment cap buried to
cloud ‘s desperate carry, balance
“Dreams of a kid, and
but big deep sleep made
of reawakened material.” Whitecaps, green

argument outside fair weather union
street lamp shadow’s blankets divide
car from road from mechanic
faint snaps in tight size-less
to mind, large as night
animal- sloped paths to sea
cable juncture rest-Akilah functions spaces
cakes in a rainstorm bob
Almost Periodic Oscillations and Waves
come not, impatience of clouds

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